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Want to air drop tokens on Hive Engine?

I built a tool that makes it really easy to run your own airdrop for free. This tool was built out of necessity after the official one gave me a lot of problems back on Steem.

You can find it on GitHub.

You will need to install Python 3 and will require the Beem module.

You will be able to airdrop using transfers or issuing directly. You are also able to stake the tokens immediately upon receipt.

I highly recommend using miniconda to install Python 3 if you do not already have it installed. It is the most popular stand alone edition of Python 3.

You will need to make a configuration file, you can copy config.json.example to config.json and edit the information.

For mode, you can use "transfer", "issue", or "stake". Make sure these are all lowercase.

I recommend setting dry run to true until you are sure you have everything right.

Before you can run the tool, you will need to install the Beem module. You can use pip install -U beem to do this, but to be sure this works for future updates, I recommend just using the requirements file pip install -r requirements.txt.

You will need to create an airdrop file, it is a simple csv (comma separated values) file with username, amount. The token you are airdropping is specified in the config file.

Sample Airdrop file


alice, 10
bob, 20
frank, 1

You can run the tool using python airdrop.txt.

I recommend saving copies of your airdrop files and you can make multiple files for multiple airdrops.

I recommend creating a temporary airdrop file and just using a couple of your own accounts to test and make sure you have everything setup properly. The script will give you a 10 second window to cancel prior to distributing tokens.

You will also get a nice overview prior to starting that will tell you how long it should take based on how many users you are air dropping and the delay specified in the configuration. You will also see how many tokens are required to do the airdrop. If you are doing transfer, this is a good time to make sure you have the correct balance prior to turning off "dry run" mode.

Starting Airdrop
Estimated Time: 35 minutes
Estimated Tokens Used: 32,535
Starting in 9 seconds....

This script is provided as is, and no promises or guarantees are made, but it has been used many times and has been integrated into a few other systems to provide this functionality. I highly recommend you use dry run mode first.

Github Repo:

If you have questions or want to contribute to it, just hit me up or submit a pull request.

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A first for everything, good descriptive information for members to test, thanks!

@tipu curate

Have used it a couple of times, can recommend it!

nice of you

बेहत लाजवाब फोटोज़ सर 👌👌👌

Is it give existing tokens ? or it can create a new one as well ?

It does support issue mode, so it can distribute tokens that haven't been minted yet.

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man, you're amazing. I really have to learn some programming pronto. I've bookmarked so I can go get a translator lol.

You are just a stupid liar.

What am I lying about?

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Its a great guide for any one with sound knowledge of python to create the airdrop of existing and also newly issued tokens

Don't even need to know Python at all.

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