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RE: 23 Crypto Projects I follow / Read about the What and the Why

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As you say, there are many projects... on Coingecko alone they list over 8000... and I have quite an extensive list which I have invested in... and only AGI is the same as yours. And I do not even like it ... was just a speculative punt. I do not believe AI will be a big player in the future , neither will Machine Learning projects. My reasoning is that AI is linear and only as good as the human logic coded into the algorythms.

Gaming I have ENJ and have invested in a few Gods Unchained chests from the initial launch
I really like Zilliqa although they perform poorly financially but I believe their tech and sharded chain will outstrip most existing blockchains. Scilla their SC language is easily understood by coders with Json, C++, Python and mnore. So larger skill set and cheaper skill set available
Others...BNB the NASDAQ of crypto, CRO ... Crypto.Com.. trying to rival BNB... definitely here to stay.
Civic, AGI, QTUM, 1INCH (just a punt) ...
Too many to mention actually as I have been active for 4 years


My reasoning is that AI is linear and only as good as the human logic coded into the algorythms.

Interesting view. My view is different to that for sure. The algorithms we putting into AI are not lineair at all. Uncertainty and Probability are part of these algorithms making these algorithms not determinstic anymore, at least not to humans. The idea of absolute randomness will enter these algorithms, if not already today.

You've mentioned a few other tokens that I have some handful of as well. Didn't list them in the list above, since that list contains tokens I track at the moment: some I have some, others I'm only tracking. In 2017 got myslef into a lot of differents ones and never monetised those, hence all became almost worthless. Maybe some of them are picked up in this bullrun we are in. Let the Altseason start :)