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RE: What Would You Do If You Didn't Need To Work?

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I think the incorporation of AI and automation could usher in a job shortage. A lot of people thought this during the automation era at the start of the industrial revolution. However, I think AI is the factor that changes the scenario. Machines were unable to think or make choices in the past. They needed humans to operate properly. Once that no longer is an issue, then everything changes.

We may see some form of UBI (universal basic income), It will probably be needed. We're already starting to see some gaming income in many of the games on the Hive blockchain. Hive is a great example of information fueling a side hustle as well. I imagine we'll see much more of this in the future.

I think people will always find ways to entertain themselves. Some people may be drawn to alcohol and drugs with too much free time. That's just how society is, there are always those people who enjoy those outlets. I for one am one of them, but I limit my exposure to that type of activity.

More family time. Growing up in the 80s we were the first generation of latchkey kids. Both mom and dad worked and returned home from school to empty houses. You might see a return to a more traditional family in the way of parents being home and available to their children. Could actually be a good thing.

People always find a way to entertain themselves though. We'd probably see a huge increase in the arts, music, painting, writing. It could actually usher in another renascence era.

For me, I'd probably travel if possible. In some ways, I'm already at a point in my life where I trade for a living. Not exactly a traditional job and frees up a lot of extra time for myself.

As long as people have some form of financial support I think this concept could actually be very liberating. However, without financial support systems in place we could see the development of huge financial ghettos or a devolution of developed nations falling into third world conditions like massive flavelas. Hopefully that's not the scenario that plays out!