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RE: The Merging Of Man And Machine

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I agree with so much of this. I think the merging of man and machine is really going to be the next step of evolution. That's really scary to a lot of people.

What scares me is not the technology but the people "in charge" of the technology. Current systems of government can not be trusted. Our current systems of technology can either enslave us or free us. Those in charge seem very intent on enslaving humanity with tracking systems, limiting privacy, and controlling the flow of data and even cultural narratives. This has to change before we move forward, if it doesn't we'll be headed into a dystopian future worse than anything we can imagine.

I say it almost daily. I wish I could live another 100 years to see what direction we take. This is such an incredible time in history. The choices we make now will affect the future in ways we cant even comprehend for hundreds of years to come. I sincerely hope humanity makes the right choices.


What you state is why I am all for technology. It is going to be marvelous.

I, too, have the same question: who is in charge of it?

With the likes of Zuckerberg becoming more powerful, no thanks. He and people like him are psychopaths in my opinion. This is why I feel decentralization and ownership is vital. As the technology gets more powerful, the ability to control, dominate, and kill is even greater.

We need to defend against this.

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