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RE: Will Hive Follow LEO and Steem?

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SBD is at 4$. It has been at about 2-3$ for a month now. Maybe we see the same thing as last time just with a larger windup :). I hope we get it here on Hive or at least LEO too, I dont speak Korean nor Chinese that well.

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Yeah that platforms annoying honestly lol its all Korean and Chinese and some new super mega whale earning like $300 per post

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I actually like the koreans. When I started on Steemit I made like a Korean Language class for myself and the koreans were really helpful, they upvoted me a lot, reviewed my progress and even built me small lessons I could learn with.
It was me who abandoned the project because korean is not an easy language just the letters are easy.

If exploring was made better on Steemit we might never had all this trouble but I wasnt really around when the Justin Sun Drama hit.

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Wow it is ! 3.400 USD right now.

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unlucky I dont have any SBD atm... Guess I will wait for the next spike in 4 years.