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RE: Amazon Buying MGM For Whopping $8.45 Billion

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You can count me as one of the happy(ish) Amazon Prime customers... I've been looking to pare down the number of things I pay for though, so Disney may have just gotten the definitive chop next month. Netflix is still the king at my house too, and Amazon has been a solid #2 for a while. My daughter is asking about Funimation as well, so it really does become a matter of weighing the constituent parts of each streaming service.

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Definitely good to look at all the subscriptions once in a while and pair down where needed. So many subscriptions, it's getting easier to forget about the ones seldom used. Thanks for pointing out Funimation, will check that out. If Anime and cartoon are big in your house might want to check out one of my favourite websites - An absolutely astonishing amount of animated content there including Anime.

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Holy Japanese mackerel equivalent!! :P
You have just instantly made me a drastically cooler dad... you are the greatest wingman ever! A million thanks.


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