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RE: Build Your Hive Bags First....

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Hive will help us build our million-dollar business

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Hive IS the million-dollar business. :-) Hive, Leo, Cub, STEM, SPS, ProjectBlank, HAF, 3Spk....they will all join to get us there if we can just stack and HODL.

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That is what he means. We are each our own million dollar business on Hive. This means that if we keep working on our "brand", we can keep growing it.

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what is HAF?

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What is your million dollar buisness idea, I might set up one of its branch in my country😂

You are your own million dollar business.

Simply look at your account and keep your "brand" growing.

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Aye captain

Is their any place where I can get a description of what a particular hive token do?

What do you mean what Hive tokens do?

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The tokens which are listed on hive-engine. Archon, spt as such things I broadly understand a few but didn't understand much about most. I tried using the search feature but didn't landed anywhere. I thought you are an old user you can point me in any direction.

The first thing I would do is go to LeoDex (click on Leo Apps in the upper right corner of the page). Once there, click on "Tokens" along the top. This will list all the tokens available on the H-E markets. Find one you're interested with and then click on the little "i" button to the right of it. This will open up a screen that will give you a short description of the coin/token. In many cases, it will also give you a website/link to the front-end that uses that token.

Like I said, that should be a good place to start digging. From there you may be able to find discord channels where you can go learn and ask questions of people who obviously are familiar with the coin and probably like it since they're in its Discord channel.

Best I can give you right now....

Is it necessary to join discord groups, I thought there might be easier way to find them on hive itself.

Well, like I said, the info tab on LeoDex will give you front-ends and other/or other links to check them out for yourself. You can also click on the "Our Dapps" button on the top of the page and look through the communities there....

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