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RE: Could Stemgeeks Be The Next Hive Tribe To Excel?

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@themarkymark good luck with this project, @taskmaster4450 is right it's got potential. One thing I made point of elsewhere is that an untapped way of gaining interest on this Hive platform would be by rewarding SHARING (or simply implementing it as a feature). To rely solely on ORIGINAL CONTENT limits the growth so much.

Obviously plagiarism has existed as a big no no so I don't mean rip off someone's work and post it here. What I mean is discovery of content outside of this platform that is then shared on a type of 'NOTICE BOARD' could really drive attention. Because even though it's out there on the internet, it's not like we can automatically become aware of it. That's why SHARE is a fundamental of social platforms. The collective acts as ONE set of eyes.

So by creating a cache of those finds you deliver more to your READERS (users) and build a greater DATABASE of knowledge that your users can then essentially expand on with: opinion pieces, extra research, inspiration, etc. THEN... by having those external works on here, you can attract those outside authors by granting them "GUEST" status where they can contribute to the platform and receive rewards.

The long game would then be a symbiotic system where discovery generates audience and then that audience influences greater amount of contributors which see value in posting on this platform. The negative of Hive is that I see it as a niche, which then creates smaller niches. To simply want to grown from that means you limit yourself greatly. It's like purposefully handicapping yourself. So even if it exists as a GEM of knowledge, it remains relatively hidden, which ultimately ends up needing it's users to become the marketing slash shilling team.

Anyway that's my view.
I see great ideas here on Hive..
But the system... it's so limited.