When All Content Is Generated By AI

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The Internet is going through many changes. We often discuss how Web 3.0 is going to radically change the way people engage online. This is something that is hard to dispute considering how things are already unfolding.

However, what is often overlooked is the role AI will play in our lives. This is something that, outside the techie pages, we do not read a great deal about.

That said, it is quickly approaching and is worthy of a discussion.

GPT-3 (On Steroids)

Have you heard of GPT-3?

This was a development by another company founded by Elon Musk called OpenAI. If you are an Elon detractor, have no fear, he has nothing to do with this company.

What should be of concern is the fact that the other "partner" in the deal was Microsoft. This is running on their servers so the idea that it is all open is not quite accurate. It is a situation that is very possible with future AI systems: totally centralized.

GPT-3 got people's attention regarding its ability to generate articles from just a few lines of text. The software is designed to scour the Internet and pull the infomation that is relevant. Also, by having 175 billion parameters, it was the most advanced piece of natural language software ever developed.

Of course, like any arms race, this was usurped. Wu Dao 2.0 supposedly has 1.75 trillion parameters. This is making GPT-3 look like it is in elementary school.

Nevertheless, what happens if even GPT-3 was unleashed on the world? Would we be able to distinguish human created content from that of the software? What if the Internet was full of AI bots out there creating content design to cater to our needs and desires?

These are questions that some are wrestling with. The reality is we do not know the answer. What we are sure about is those entities with a lot of data (clean) will be able to better train their networks.

For this reason, some feel that the majority of our future content could come from a few AI sources.


The most obvious outcome is that we are going to have an abundance of music, video, art, and anything else the AI is able to develop. We can also be fairly certain that the ability to create will far surpass what humans can do.

For example, how about Brad Pitt in Casablanca?


Here we have an image creator that is able to input Brad Pitt into the scene. In another few years we will see this translate into films.

And this is the crux of the entire discussion: how do we deal in a world where there are no boundaries to what can be created?

On one hand, it is great to be able to think of a film and have another actor/actress integrated into it. The challenge is where is the line? Where does this stop?

Many who study this believe we will see most of the Internet content created via AI by the end of this decade. The amount that humans put out is going to be dwarfed. At the same time, getting visibility will be impossible simply due to the amount put out by the machines.

What happens when GPT-6 is out and requires only a few words to generate an entire article?

This is a path that we are heading down. Could blockchain be a solution? Some have proposed the idea of generating NFTs for the human content creators, that provides access to the posting ability. This could, perhaps, be tied a search which only pulls human generated content.

We could see many possibilities emerging in this situation. However, to get there, we have to start thinking about what things will look like.

The software is only going to more powerful. That much we know for certain. How we respond is what is up in the air.

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Hmmm competing with an AI to generate content. It will be interesting to see if an AI can be as witrty and creative as a human and if it can grasp humor, sarcasm and metaphors.

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Humor is impossible, there‘s no pattern behind it

My thoughts exactly....
One point for humans...

haha, yeah, humor is a weird beast.


The thing is, though, it doesn't even really have to grasp the concept of humor because we'll find all of it funny, like watching a toddler failing to do a simple task or a puppy tripping over her own feet.

Good point.

Shutterstock with their project Shutterstock.AI announced creating stock images by AI. Also they plan to reimburse artists whose photos were used to train models for this purpose.

That is absurd, they try to sell AI generated content as monthly subscription... makes me really angry. Free the fing art!

Yeah there are a lot of interesting projects out there.

What happens when there are hundreds of billions of AI generated content out there?

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Lol I guess there are many Elon detractors eh? Hahaha

He is a lightning rod. So he has people who like him and those who cant stand him.

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It's getting harder and harder to spot out fakes. From what I have seen, it's definitely possible as deep fakes are hard to catch and I do think it's possible for them to outplace a real human. That makes me wonder about the curation and author rewards process on Hive in the future.

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That is true. Hard to decipher. This is not just another photoshop situation.

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It could have its advantages for sure but it’s also likely to be disadvantageous for people. I think there’s something to be said of the flaws of humans and how we do things. Generating things with AI will likely have very few flaws and then be flawless. I don’t like that, as with art and stuff I don’t mind and often enjoy there being a flaw or two.

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I don't want to see this from the humor side of it t wait and see how it goes later

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I see a lot of positives in the AI development. Many creative people that didn't have the means to express themselves will now have access to tools unimaginable just 5 years ago.

They can think a movie or a painting into existence, develop a video game on the fly, create architecture, and hopefully start a modern-day renaissance that we so desperately need. All forms of entertainment are struggling to be entertaining these days and this seems like a perfect fix IMO.

It does suck that we will have garbage piles of useless and low-quality material but I'm sure some new curation mechanism will emerge.

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That is true. The ability for an average person to create software is very interesting. The future is development without coding skills.

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Is content created by AI good or bad for Hive?

I have been personally exploring GPT3 for a while now and have plans to bring them to Hive . What do you think?

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Hive is permissionless so it is an interesting experiment although it could be a problem with the reward pool. Of course, like with LeoGlossary, the decline of rewards alleviates this.

Here is an idea: why not use hive as a repository for AI generated content, like an AI wikipedia. If one isnt going for the reward pool, then posting multiple times during the day could be an interesting development.

DM on Discord if you want to explore this idea a bit more.

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This is exactly what I am trying to do .

Train GPT3 with Hive content [ selective content since the data is too huge ] and then use that as a knowledge base .

Will catch you on Discord.

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Funny how humans never thought it will come to a time when AI will eventually render humans redundant in the labor force and in the scheme of things . If I’m correct Humans brought AI to life in other to make life easier,mhmm! Ironic!!

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Dafuq, your conclusion hits pretty hard. There‘s a lot of AI generated content on STEEM and HiVe already. If you read closely, you will find it. It often reads like a political speech, very little content by many many words and basically no distinguished character.

Several months, maybe a year ago, I dropped a shit post about music that reflected on similar thoughts.

Here is a playlist of songs that were written by a bot given a criteria of bands to emulate.


The lyrics are noticeably off, but the music is spot on. I foresee a day in the relatively near future when we have an app on our phone we can just tell to write a Nickelback song with Metallica's guitar player, Buddy Holly singing, and maybe throw Mozart in the background somewhere to get an unholy amount of pure garbage that a little cream will float to the top of.

Brad Pitt could also be A WOOKIE, in Casablanca...

Good post! I was writing way too long comment and I clicked somewhere by mistake with my fat fingers and now its gone ffs. Really fascinating topic by the way, also super scary for anyone who's creative.

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