What Would You Do If You Didn't Need To Work?

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Automation is coming hot and heavy. This is a point that, outside the most ardent deniers, is basically accepted. Since COVID-19 hit, we saw this only accelerated.

In our retail stores, automated machines are cleaning the floors. The number of self-checkout lines have increased. Warehouses are seeing a lot of projects meant to automate them. And RPA is entering offices all over the world.

Many believe this is going to put a great deal of stress on the job market. As more jobs are automated, less people will be required to fulfill our basic needs. That is the theory anyway.

This is not a new concept. Many felt this way over the decades, only to have that vision unrealized. Technology fulfilled a lot of promises yet it did not reduce the number of hours the average person is working, especially in the United States.

Hence, many believe this time will be no different.


There is one thing that is different: the pace and level of sophistication of the technology we are dealing with. In the past, automation meant getting rid of physical labor. Today, white collar jobs are finding themselves in jeopardy. This shift could be even more destructive than what we saw in the blue collar world since software is easier to develop than robots.

So what happens if we do get to that magical point where many people are without work? Leaving aside some of the financial issues, there are going to be a host of other issues that society has to deal with.

On an individual level, how will we psychologically embrace this? Many people have tied their value/self worth to what they do. In the United States, for example, one of the first questions we ask people when meeting them is "what do you do". Thus, our identities are interwoven with our professions,.

How will people adapt where what they do is no longer a part of them? Will they be able to psychologically embrace it and garner that from other areas?

We also have the idea of what will people do all day long. Some like to theorize that people will do nothing but sit on the couch and drink or do drugs. Certainly, there are some who do this but the majority will not. How do we know? Simply because we have an example from the retirees. Sure some people retire and spend their days drinking or watching television. However, the majority, after some time, end up finding hobbies or other areas of interest.

If the idea of abundance being created is upon us, then this is a realistic possibility that we will be confronted with. Today, most people work for sustenance. They exchange time for money which allows them to pay for the basic necessities to survive. Thus, for most of humanity's lifespan, we simply operated completely in survival mode. Our hours are spent trying to simply provide the basics for our lives.

We could be within a few decades of entering a post-monetary society. This seems outlandish to us today yet it could be nearing. If technology enables us to generate a lot of the basic necessities at the atomic level, then we are suddenly in an entirely different realm.


In the meantime, we see concepts such as "player driven economy" cropping up as a new model that is being forged. As we progress towards the Metaverse, economies will more resemble games as opposed to what we see now. Each "world" could have is own economy, no longer being 100% dependent upon geography.

Picture how all of this changes the job market and what people will do. What will we be drawn to? How will be spend our time?

Essentially, we are looking at having to review our entire value system. What is important to us suddenly becomes vital. This will be evident in how we opt to contribute and where.

Massive technological progress will result in a large amount of deflation over the next few decades. Hence, the cost of living in going to decline across the planet. Just like the smartphone is now a nominal amount across the planet, many areas that are now high cost will no longer be that way in a decade or two.

This will further pull the income statement into equilibrium. The base amount required to sustain ourselves will be lower. This will give people more options.

Therefore, a lot of the drudgery we experience in the economy today should be removed. How will this impact you? What do you think you will do if work is not longer a requirement? Will your identity be affected?

Cryptocurrency is a forerunner to all of this. Those whoa are active and involved already see some of what is taking place. Many of us are getting dozens of tokens on a weekly basis, some with great value.

Over time, this might head to higher levels as the Network Effect kicks off. What all this means is financial freedom is spreading to more people each day. Whatever the number is that one needs to hit, we see it before us. Even if it is far away, we can see the path to get there.

Ponder some of these concepts. They are unfolding before our eyes. Therefore, consider this main question (in the title) as something that you will confront at some point in your life. Take if from someone who is a bit older, a decade or two can pass very quickly.

We could be in this position a lot sooner than any of us realize.

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I always joke that I would get more done if I didn’t have to work. But, there is some truth to it. I feel stifled and not free by the routine of it all. There is the part of me that wants to experience and create.

I think we might see an increase in artisanal work and the arts if we didn’t have to work. People could perform and express themselves through art. It’s not the same to watch a movie versus a stage performance.

The ease of mass production might leave us with a taste for more custom work. That may be where our talents are poured.

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I would work on self-improvement and passion. Being able to do your passion without worrying on how you can put food on the table is heaven. I can work with projects and research I want to embark with. I will also do voluntary work.

it would be nice to be able to study and write code

i got 30 wasted years of banging nails and fighting for disability to catch up on

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This is an issue of distribution. Automation can't really take off because it completely obliterates proper distribution of resources. We need crypto to allow citizens to own small fractions of the product in order to move forward. There's going to be a lot of people out there looking for communities that can provide this kind of distribution and security. Hive is in a great spot.

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At this point in time, Hive derives its value from speculators using the HIVE token as a way to accumulate more BTC. I wonder how long that game can continue.

But sure, if we had 100 million active users who were rendered obsolete by the economy, each of them might not be able to create a lot of value. But the network would still be quite valuable.

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At this point in time, Hive derives its value from speculators using the HIVE token as a way to accumulate more BTC.

Do you have any stats to back this up?

If that were the case, the value of Hive might pump, but it would dump as soon as they selling occurred.

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Do you have any stats to back this up?

It is the general altcoin dynamic. There exists little in the way of external cash flow other than money from new investors to be derived from holding Hive Power. Altcoins are much more volatile than Bitcoin, which makes them perfect tools for swing traders to grow their stacks. Bitcoin has a strong macro narrative driving interest in it among investors. Fiat currencies are being printed left, right and center which is keeping the bond market from collapsing, which in turn causes investors to maintain interest in risk-on assets such as Bitcoin, which is the ultimate speculative vehicle at the moment. The altcoin space derives a direct benefit from this.

If 14,000 users can make up a network worth $256 million, it means that there is over $18,000 of value per user in this network. Web 2.0 social networks hold orders of magnitude less value per user.

If that were the case, the value of Hive might pump, but it would dump as soon as they selling occurred.

That's exactly what I predict will happen when the bull market comes to and end. That's what happened at the end of the last bull market.

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Not really true as the value is in the stake and what you can earn from staking. Some do sell but the majority of the community that has been working for the last 3 years in a bear market is thinking long term.

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Automation can't really take off because it completely obliterates proper distribution of resources.

This is not necessarily true. It depends upon who owns the automation.

For example, a basic automated trading app in the hands of an individual could rival what Goldman or JPM do. The numbers will be different but if that app was used by a couple million people, it would offset the raw number difference.

You are right crypto changes a lot of this. That is why something like SingularityNet is so important. It seeks to decentralize AI instead of putting more of that in the hands of mega corporations.

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We actually started to work drastically more the last 50 yrs. You need in many countries 2 incomes as a couple to life decent..

I see this slowly changing

That's more the result of devalued money. People work longer and harder for less money than they did in the past. Inflation. It would be nice to see this trend start to reverse.

Money devalues but that has nothing to do with your hourly wages.
The wages devalued because society doubled the Labour force

That isnt true. The US actually has gone the opposite direction the last 40 years. It has seen a deflationary supercycle.

You look at the number of hours required to work for particular things such as food, shelter, etc...it has gone down.

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Yeah, I guess I meant the dollar buys less. We earn more but can buy less.

Once again, that is exactly true either.

Consider how much more you get today in terms of software, music, video, and communication compared to years ago.

How many roadmaps have you bought recently? Do you pay for long distance phone service? Commodity prices have been dropping for more than a decade.

The idea that the dollar is buying a lot less is a fallacy that people espouse wihtout actually looking at the data.

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That's a good point. I know I get a lot less food in my grocery cart though (don't mean to meme), rent is higher for same sq footage, automobile prices are much higher.

How many roadmaps have you bought recently? Do you pay for long distance phone service?

A lot of things definitely are cheaper or outdated too. Not to mention cheap imported goods. That's true on many levels.

I still think we work harder for less bang for our buck. I suppose it averages out on many levels though.

I know I get a lot less food in my grocery cart though

Yes because we tend to load our carts with junk that is high margin for the food companies. Look at the price of grains and other commodities and you see that are not going up.

rent is higher for same sq footage

Depends upon the area. In the major cities right now, it is plummeting. So that cycle might be reversing.

automobile prices are much higher

To try and compare a car now to one even 20 years ago is misguided. They are not even the same. Did the older cars have back up cameras, auto lane changers, or phone connectivity? Also, it was not too many decades back that a car was basically dead at 125K miles.

So people truly do not look at things, instead just embracing the mantra of what is espoused.

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So people truly do not look at things, instead just embracing the mantra of what is espoused.

Honestly that's not the case here. I pretty much by the same foods. I rarely shop in the middle aisles, and rarely by processed products. Milk, eggs, fresh veg all on the pricier side these days. What used to cost me $50 for the week easily costs me almost twice as much now.

Rent is lower in the city because of the plandemic and a lot of people no longer commuting to work or wanting to live in heavily populated areas.

Gas has come down considerably but looks like they're fixing that again 🤣 I suspect we'll be back to $4 gallon gas prices soon enough.

I get you're point, but I'll agree to disagree. Regardless, that's why I crypto and invest. Another reason you're seeing big companies add crypto to the balance sheet.

As our thirst for consumerism grew, we had to pay for all of it. So when we went from 1,400 sq foot homes to 2,300 on average, more money is required.

The same is true for financing a new car every 5 years, getting a new smart television every could, upgrading out IPhones, etc...

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Also all true. (2nd hand VW golf, 35m2 apartment in Poland don't finance anything)

Although you can feel comfortable, unfortunately it is a very bad idea.
Despite the troubles you may face at work and fatigue, it remains the soul of life when you feel the pleasure of accomplishment.
When you feel you have achieved something
Automation ..
You press a button or you type an order and the work ends
I think I'm going to get bored

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Despite the troubles you may face at work and fatigue, it remains the soul of life when you feel the pleasure of accomplishment.

So you think the only way to get a sense of accomplishment is from working?

I think I'm going to get bored

Perhaps you need to work on your imagination some more.

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I guess I would learn more about certain topics and play games. In fact the idea that games could generate money wasn't new as I changed in-game money for membership requiring fiat in the past. So the people who work and have plenty of money can trickle down the money to those willing to do the mindless work of generating money via crypto or games. I am looking forward to it.

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It is going to be hard to distinguish from gaming as opposed to reality. In the virtual world, the line is completely blurred (if not eliminated).

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I'd still work except I'd go for volunteering roles establishing community groups and initiatives.

Working to address the inequality in my area and help grow skills of locals to progress their careers and live fulfilling lives.

Also Throw a few community events each year

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I think the incorporation of AI and automation could usher in a job shortage. A lot of people thought this during the automation era at the start of the industrial revolution. However, I think AI is the factor that changes the scenario. Machines were unable to think or make choices in the past. They needed humans to operate properly. Once that no longer is an issue, then everything changes.

We may see some form of UBI (universal basic income), It will probably be needed. We're already starting to see some gaming income in many of the games on the Hive blockchain. Hive is a great example of information fueling a side hustle as well. I imagine we'll see much more of this in the future.

I think people will always find ways to entertain themselves. Some people may be drawn to alcohol and drugs with too much free time. That's just how society is, there are always those people who enjoy those outlets. I for one am one of them, but I limit my exposure to that type of activity.

More family time. Growing up in the 80s we were the first generation of latchkey kids. Both mom and dad worked and returned home from school to empty houses. You might see a return to a more traditional family in the way of parents being home and available to their children. Could actually be a good thing.

People always find a way to entertain themselves though. We'd probably see a huge increase in the arts, music, painting, writing. It could actually usher in another renascence era.

For me, I'd probably travel if possible. In some ways, I'm already at a point in my life where I trade for a living. Not exactly a traditional job and frees up a lot of extra time for myself.

As long as people have some form of financial support I think this concept could actually be very liberating. However, without financial support systems in place we could see the development of huge financial ghettos or a devolution of developed nations falling into third world conditions like massive flavelas. Hopefully that's not the scenario that plays out!

Engage in my hobbies. Spend time with the family. Simple things like that. It wouldn't be a problem.

I guess a lot of people would have trouble adjusting to the reality of them no longer being useful.

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I should send this post to my dad, but he doesn't understand English. I had a conversation with him in this regard a few weeks ago and this one would probably give him more detail about the matter. I believe UBI will play an important role in this equation.

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I think we are going to see UBI as an inevitability. Of course, it will likely be short lived as nation states are going to diminish over time. However, this will be a way for them to stay relevant for a while longer.

Crypto is going to have a huge role I believe in what people experience over the next few decades.

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Hopefully what will develop are "communities" again. It used to be (and still is to some extent in small towns) that the "village" banded together and helped their own in times of need. I could see the world moving back towards something like that. Without big government bleeding the people, there could be a lot of communities that would be able to become self-sustaining for the most part. And if they start tokenizing themselves...? Things could really get interesting. So many possibilities.

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That is true. We need to get back to that.

I think we will see that in the digital/virtual world. Teams of hundreds or thousands will bond in their little areas, all of them creating mini economies. It is through this activity that they can all benefit.

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I'd probably spend even more time on here than I do already! I would need to pick up some kind of hobby to keep my busy. I would get stir crazy if I was just sitting at home alone. I was just thinking this morning about how I wish I could just do Hive as my job all day, but that would take so much, I can't even wrap my head around it right now. It would take Hive at $100 for me to feel comfortable doing that.

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That is what I did. No job but Hive is like my work.

Yet it is a passion.

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Yeah, I would need at least $50 Hive to be able to get to that point. I am fairly close to retirement though, so who knows what might happen in five to ten years...

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In crypto, it can happen quicker than people think.

We are still very low but a few breakthrough applications and we could see thing explode higher.

Look at ETH and BTC over the last year.

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That's funny, we were talking about that too. He owns a bunch of different cryptos, but he feels like it is mostly just speculation right now until that one app that can be installed and used as easily as something like Clash of Clans comes out.

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I would love to retire early and just spend my time traveling and enjoy nature, hope that hive and leo will help make that a possibility :)

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It certainly could help in that endeavor. As your bags fill, coupled with the expected price increases, the value in fiat jumps a great deal.

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yes, we need a completed redefinition of what working means.
With 40 % of bullshit jobs, we are almost there.
It is time time to work on what really matter.
Get you UBI on Telos at https://www.acorns.fun and do what you want.
Fill up the pool:
https://hive.blog/hive-120019/@chrisaiki/are-you-doing-a-bullshit-job ?

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I think it will be a sad day for many as how demoralizing as one would feel worthless. The only problem I see is the huge discrepancies we will see in what Governments hand out. the only way to get ahead is by doing crypto and such things otherwise you will be trapped.

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I believe I'd travel a lot, volunteer more and maybe dedicate more time to music.

Oh, and of course, I'd think of ways to go to space too hehe

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This is a very important topic, what will humans do as AI takes over in most domains. And the idea that we will sit on our asses all day long doing nothing isn't plausible for the majority, because humans are not 'vegetative' as a species.

Also, at least our current mentality is to be useful in some way, we can't live partying or bossing robots around. Although I see even today there are some around us living in a constant vacation. I wonder if such a mentality shift is possible for younger generations. Those who lived most of their lives being productive, I doubt can adapt to a life where they have nothing productive to do, even as a hobby, as you also remarked.

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If I Didn't Need To Work I would be so happy. I'd dedicate to my hobbies, and to share more quality time with my family!
But regarding money, I'd support and invest business projects that it seem interesting to me. Greetings!

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