Things Are Moving At A Very Fast Pace

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The title of this article is the message that I want to convey.

It is something that I feel vital for everyone to understand and try to grasp. We are in times that we never experienced before. Basically, what we know is likely going to be of little use going forward.

Simply put, many ideas are outdated. Whether we are looking at politics, economics, finance, or business, what held true in the past is no longer (or soon won't be). The disruption taking place right now in mind-boggling.

I know, this is something that is said over and over. After all, it is a true statement no matter what the time period during the last 40 years. Technology keeps advancing so, whenever the statement is made, it is faster than the past.

However, what we are dealing with now is completely different. For the past 20 years, I watched various aspects of the technology world. My interest started right after the turn of the century when I started to monitor what was taking place with hydrogen fuel cells. Certainly that was something of interest yet was way ahead of its time. Two decades later, we still are not utilizing that technology.

That said, there is a lot more taking place that is going to radically alter the future. For example, most are aware that quantum computers hold enormous potential. Just the processing power alone will make classical computing blush. This says nothing about security and the potential to create a quantum Internet.

Physicists have this all mapped out. The problem is going from theory to actually working products. Quantum computing is still in its early stages.


Anyone who knows a bit about the basics of quantum mechanics and entanglement knows how big a deal this really is.

In a substantial breakthrough for quantum computing, researchers at the University of Chicago just sent entangled qubit states through a communication cable linking one quantum network node to another, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature.

The initial results of this study bring us closer to making quantum computing a reality — laying the critical groundwork for future quantum communication networks.


Then we have GPT-3 along with Google's Pegasus. These are part of the NLP race that is taking place. Last year, GPT-3 shocked everyone when it came out with its general approach, utilizing 175 billion parameters. This dwarfed the previous version, GPT-2, which was 1.5 billion parameters.

Google, although using an ungeneralized approach was able to reach 1.6 trillion parameters. Since it is more limited in scope, it could drill down much further in the subject matter as opposed to what OpenAI's GPT-3 system does.

Quantum computing and machine learning (AI) are two areas that could take humanity to far out places. This is where the Science Fiction stuff begins to get real.


For example, the aforementioned Google, was able to use its machine learning to find a critical path for AI chips. This is critical to optimize architecture in chips.

Of course, all of this is tied to the idea of AI, which brings up autonomous vehicles. This is something that has captured the attention of many, even outside the technology arena. Where does the technology stand? Simply put, we will see it before the end of 2021. In other words, the technology will be available, although not street ready. The later will likely take a few years as regulators deal with a host of issues relating to this.

Another area we are starting to see some life is in the longevity movement. As artificial intelligence improves, we are seeing a direct correlation in that area. Synthetic biology is growing at an unforeseen pace. While we are likely still a decade away from therapies being available to the general public, trials are starting to come out hot and heavy. With AI leading the charge, the time to development is being reduced a great deal.

The other day, I wrote an article about how 3D printing is at the onset of affecting the construction industry. In fact, it is my hypothesis that the entire real estate sector is going to be completely disrupted over the next 10-15 years. There is no way prices remain elevated when the cost of a new home will likely be 90% less than it is today.

Of course, regular readers of my articles know my optimism related to the technology of cryptocurrency. This is something that is advancing at a tremendous rate. The infrastructure is being laid. What this means is we have a technology that is going to extend into most industries. While the focus is on banking and financial markets, the reality is that most everything is going to be affected by this.

The reason for this is because of the Metaverse. This is something that we are racing towards, although it will take us a while to get there. Nevertheless, when we talk about convergence of technologies, this epitomizes the Metaverse. It is going to be the merging of all the different technologies we see discussed on a regular basis.

With that in mind, we are going to see a radical transformation in humanity in the next 15 years. If just a portion of these technologies reaches their potential, we will see a complete altering o how we live, work, and play.

In the end, anyone who is 50 years old or below might want to take a look at what your life will be like in the next couple decades. You can start by figuring your lifespan will be much greater than the average of today. In fact, for those who are in this range, I would say that 100 is going to be in the cards.

How does that change your outlook on things?

Technology is racing ahead in so many different directions that when it comes together, it will be a massive explosion.

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Although the ancient achievements of the light bulb discovery and the laws of physics remain engraved in our minds as the greatest discoveries and inventions in human history.

However, we are walking in silence and presenting a lot of achievements now in a wonderful way, especially in the field of technology that appears wonderfully, whether at the level of hardware or software.

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yeah, I agree @natalia-irish we have faced more innovation in the last 20 to 30 years than we had experienced in many centuries now we are in the age of technology and we are moving too fast for a normal person to keep track of.

I dont think it is a pace that even someone who watches this can keep up with. I monitor as close as I can and still there is a lot missed. It is simply amazing all that is taking place.

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yeah I agree so let us go with flow

Well said!

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so true if we see today's lot of thing has been changed by tech but we are running on century-old ways and system like there no use in printing cash because I cosh more then what it is worth we also see a lot of things that need to be changed and I'm looking forward to the development of AI

There certainly is a lot that is in our society that is more than a century old. This is especially true when it comes to our thinking, beliefs, and ideologies. We see things through the lens of decades in the past when things were completely different.

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so true I try to learn from the new generation because I think their thinking is different from us old folks

Without a doubt. They bring something completely different to the table, a point of view that eclipses us.

This is where we can melt the two to try and grasp what is going on.

We cannot underestimate what experience brings to the table. Helps us to pick up on things the younger ones miss.

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Maybe when these quantum networks are set in place, we can actually see some of these cable companies lower their prices. I am hoping that the 5G space disrupts the monopoly that they control. If everything is going to turn virtual, we definitely need to make the internet cheaper otherwise people might not be able to use these features.

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We are going to have to see entirely new networks (and providers) created.

That said, the cable companies do not have the power they once did. The likes of Apple are starting to get into their game, providing competition.

We will see some of the platform providers emerge as more powerful while the traditional companies fade. Do not forget, they had power because they ran bazillions of miles of cable. Now, with wireless, it is a new ballgame.

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With that in mind, we are going to see a radical transformation in humanity in the next 15 years. If just a portion of these technologies reaches their potential, we will see a complete altering o how we live, work, and play.

Decentralized finance, virtual reality, energy saving transportation , change of energy source, Internet of things and many other tech not reach the maturity but they are born today.

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They have not even starting to penetrate the mainstream.

What gets even more interesting is when some of those are combined to generate even greater impact.

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Sooner or later, quantum technology and deep learning will boost existing technology. I can't wait to see where these technologies brings to humanity.

Yeah quantum certainly has a great deal of potential.

Of course, even before we get there, AI, even with its existing path, is going to make a significant impact. The way things are going, in 5 years, we will see tremendous power in these systems. The breakthroughs could be incredible.

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When technology aligns with human ingenuity, it will result in massive development.

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That is true. Of course when many of the different technologies merge, then things really kick off.

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Quantum computing and machine learning (AI) are two areas that could take humanity to far out places. This is where the Science Fiction stuff begins to get real.

Those things which we do consider as film trick in those hollywood movies will soon start becoming reality or it is already becoming a reality,the technology is growing so quick and at a fast pace,mind blowing developments are happening and lite will get very easier when everything is finally In place...@taskmaster4450le thanks for this wonderful post...

This is a very optimistic outlook on what's going to happen in the future. The advancements in technology will really affect everything in our lives. Great post to read with my morning cup of coffee. :)

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It is "scary" to see how things can change so quickly. There is a good side and a bad side to this, but the common point is that it is inevitable.

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As long as the good side have more benefits which can over-power the bad side then we are on a right track...

Technology always provides more benefits than not. That is why society keeps moving forward with each passing generation. Now we are at the point we see progress within generations, something that did not take place before.

When something takes decades to roll out and make an impact, that goes unnoticed. However, when something like the smartphone reaches mass adoption within 7 years in the US, that is hard to miss.

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There is always the double edge to technology.

As they say, fire allowed us to cook food yet also burn down towns.

Same technology, two totally different outcomes.

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@taskmaster4450le an interesting analogy...we really need technology in our society because it is really helping the way we live our daily lives....

Regarding lifespan things are way more complicated that just finding miracle cures with AI, disease prevention is something way more simple and achievable in theory but just look at the obesity epidemic with all it's implication ( heart disease, diabetes, etc ) that is happening in the States. It should be a no brainer to just get people to eat less crappy, sugar filled food, but it's never that easy.

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That is true people are lazy. They resist change and do not take action to alter things.

That is why things such as gene editing carry so much potential. It is a no hassle (little hassle) solution to problems that do not require people to cease doing what they are doing. Plus, when finding out "defects" earlier that can lead to disease, prevention takes on an entirely new meaning.

Healthcare is going to switch from being reactive to being proactive, much of that coming from enormous amounts of data. AI will help because it can put people on "autopilot" especially when it gets to the point there our fridge is ordering out food.

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When it comes to health data I would be very weary of it falling into the wrong hands, maybe blockchain will be able to help secure it

Blockchain coupled with a digital ID system.

I agree with you completely and not only about health data. I dont want my digital personal assistant controlled by Amazon or Apple. That is why I feel Alexa and Siri very dangerous. One is inviting those companies into all aspects of life. While they are not the worst with data, still do not trust them.

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I would want an Alexa or Siri even if they gave me one for free, it's like having a spy in your house

your lifespan will be much greater than the average of today.

You are right, anything is possible with current researches in every area of life and science.

Humans kept building the base for 19 centuries and in the 20th century we started getting the results. In the last two decades of the 20th century technological advancement were faster than ever before, this speed got more fast and expanded to other fields during the first two decades of the 21st century. Life expectancy is already increased so that would be no surprise if most of the earth population start hitting hundred in coming decades.

One thing I read somewhere about using human (or other living beings) DNA as the storage device, I'd appreciate if you write something about that if that's really true and not a hoax.

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Microsoft was working with that. I read a few years ago where they wrote data to organic material. It cost about $400K.

So it is in its infancy but organic computing is a viable path to pursue. We are also seeing some research being done that believes the human body can be used as a battery.

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O,kay. I don't exactly remember what I read but one detail is left in my mind that that would provide thousands of terabyte in only a millimeter.

It's a little crazy how when I spend a bunch of time in here (Hive) and don't pay attention to what's going on in the world around me, the pace of the innovation seems to be happening at the speed of light. But then when I go out into the "real" world for a while, it still seems the same old place. :-) Nothing's changed. Still cold outside and spring is weeks away.

That said, I don't think there's any question the momentum is building world wide as these "breakthroughs" keep happening on a regular basis. From 3D printed houses in Texas and ribeye steaks in Israel, to more Rovers on Mars, to over 1100!!! satellites in space for Starlink and Elon Musk, self-driving cars, deliveries by drone, not to mention all the infrastructure progress in crypto and AI, the advances are almost becoming too numerous to actually realize how BIG they really are. And, as you say, when they all start to converge under the new technology of trustless, decentralized systems.....who knows where it leads. Crazy to think about.

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It is the smartphone on steroids. That was the convergence of three technologies and look at the impact it had on society, in under 7 years.

We are going to see a number of what you mention converge to provide an even more powerful explosion.

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An explosion that will change the way we think and make us think in a greater way and embrace new feats that technology will offer us...

I do believe a completely new way of thinking will be required. Of course, this was always the case. 8 or 9 years ago, people were still getting use to the "app world". Now, people are very accustomed to it. If you have a problem, see if there is an app for it.

We will see the thinking change about newer technologies.

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I'm glad you're on "our" side. :-) I can't even imagine what things will look like in ten years but you seem to be able make the pieces fit together somehow to paint a picture most of us can understand. I appreciate it.

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In not so distant past, elements from sci-fi were picked up and slowly became sci (no fi). These days, I feel reality (sci) is going at a faster pace than sci-fi. Maybe it's just my perception and haven't watched/read enough sci-fi lately.

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