Starlink: Helping To Pop The Artificial Urban Real Estate Bubble?

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It is fascinating how different technologies tie into each other. When we step back to seek them out, we can start to see the connections.

We are going to delve into how SpaceX's Starlink is going to help alter a 70 year trend that started after World War 2.

The real estate market is going to undergo a massive shift in my opinion over the next couple decades. As spelled out in the The Layout For The Globalization Of Real Estate, we are going to witness the reversal of the move towards urban areas. Instead, we are going to see people fleeing the high cost areas, first within their country and then by moving outside their borders.

A lot of this is going to be predicated upon the breakup of the monopoly the urban areas enjoyed. Since the end of WW2, and especially since the early 1990s, urbans areas had a monopoly on the high-paying jobs. This is now going to end.

Many look at the remote work situation as a temporary phase. This is not true. We have to keep in mind that this is keeping in line with longer term technological trends. The ability is only being offered because of advancements in technology.

This is something that keeps expanding.


Starlink To Accelerate The Process

For those who are not familiar with this project, Starlink is a global satellite system being constructed by SpaceX. It is the first major project of the Elon Musk led company. The idea is to initially provide high-speed internet service to rural areas that were previously overlooked.

The reality for these areas is the cable companies simply did not bring broadband to them because of the cost. Since they tend to be sparsely populated, the cost-benefit model does not work. This left these areas struggling to remain connected.

Starlink seeks to eliminate this problem. By bringing high-speed internet via satellite, the communication system of these areas is instantly upgraded.

This is a major disruptive force within the telecommunications industry. Starlink is giving rural communities the ability to operate on a similar level to urban areas while reducing costs. Since most communities were served by only one provider, the costs were elevated.

Obviously providing a cost savings is only going to enhance the appeal of this system. It is probably why the target is initially rural areas where prices are high.

Thanks to Starlink, Ryeland said he’s been able to cut his cable TV and telephone service, as well as his previous internet service. As a result, he estimates he’s now saving roughly $300 a month.


A $300 per month savings is significant. This is something that we are seeing all across Canada (where this subscriber is located).

Internet service is as vital in this era as running water. If people are going to operate in rural areas, especially with remote work, they need the tools to get the job done. Telecommunications infrastructure is vital.

Starlink is assisting in the process.

Real Estate Changing

There are many reasons why one would choose to leave, or not leave, an area. There is going to be a multitude of factors determining the migrations that is going to take place.

Nevertheless, when looking at things from the broad perspective, a service like Starlink is only going to enhance the appeal of certain areas. This might play a key role in the 3rd stage of the globalization of real estate, the one were foreign countries become more appealing for those living in developed countries.

Starlink is not limited to any geographic area. It is estimated that it will blanket the entire world by the end of the 2023. Being a line of sight service, it actually works better in rural as opposed to urban areas.

Having a price tag of $130 for Internet service might be a bit steep. However, if it enables one to move from a high cost areas where living expenses are out of control to one where the cost of living is 20%-25% cheaper, then it is a bargain. Substandard internet service simply will not work at any price when the remote work revolution is taking place.

All of this is going to totally change the face of real estate over the next two decades. Many are not aware how technology is feeding into this yet this is one example of the changes that are being made.

If we start to extrapolate this around the globe, we see how physical location is, once gain, being diminished. With Starlink, one can be in a cabin in the middle of a remote area conducting business online. Again, as long as there is line of sight, the service is available.

Could this help to pop the artificial urban real estate bubble? I believe it will play a part. Over the next 5 years, knowledge workers in the developed countries are going to figure out they do not need to live in areas close to where the jobs are. Most of these can operate remotely and this is something that workers are going to insist upon. For now, the move was from the cities out to the suburbs. The next step is going to be picking up and moving to another areas completely.

Eventually, the developing nations are going to see the opportunity and start to target these "digital nomads". The key here is the number who fall into this category is going to grew enormously.

All of this happens when technology advances. Starlink is one of the baseline communication systems that is going to open up a lot of possibilities for people.

It will also have an impact across a number of industries.

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Starlink is definitely a great innovation to solve the network issues and accessibility. Now we don't have to worry about cables any more haha

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Now we don't have to worry about cables any more haha

No cables coming from least until they invent space elevators.

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Don't give Elon some crazy ideas lol, he may take serious.

I think Starlink will have a lot of benefits just by gouging out the cable companies. I know the cities where I live don't have an issue because all the lines have already been laid out but I heard from a few people who live out in the rural areas, that it's a huge issue. They have to wait weeks for the company to go out and even lay down the lines so they can have internet.

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The rural areas have been fighting for 20 years with the cable companies. It is an endless battle that might be eliminated by Starlink.

Perhaps the Telecos are about to get slapped hard.

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I saw this myself when I was considering signing up for Starlink over a year ago. With tall buildings nearby, the former "advantages" of living in a city evaporated for this service due to line of sight issues.

Those living in the boondocks are loving their Starlink internet speeds. Many of them are finding that for the first time, they have an equalizer to their urban cousins. What this will do for developing countries, will be even more impactful. From now on, work can be wherever you are...

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I am curious what they do with the price. So far, it is a bit costly. That could be offset if the services keep increasing.

For example, it is a bit high for internet service. However, if the Tesla phone is capable of using the system and now one can eliminate that too, it makes sense.

I havent looked at telecom pricing outside what I pay to know how competitive it is and what it all can do. However, it is certainly making a difference already. I expect the impact to keep growing.

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Good to know it works so well.

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It would really be nice to enjoy good internet in rural areas and it's not even limited to Americans but all over the world.

That is a big problem that starlink is going to solve and I hope they hit their target before the end of 2023.

Getting internet from anywhere around the world would definitely enhance workers to work remotely and help tech companies to grow at a high level without considering their location or internet being a setback for them.

It will provide many areas with updated technology. Global high speed internet is almost a certainty. In addition to Starlnk there is Blue Origin, Bezos company, that is also seeking to do something similar.

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In addition to Starlnk there is Blue Origin, Bezos company, that is also seeking to do something similar

Wow 😳🥺

That will make things even more exciting. We'll see which of them gets to give out the best customer service and bring in
more value to the internet space

Interesting, Belo’s too, it’s really heating up..

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I think it great project but the price for installment is high for the rural people it would be great if the phone inbuild receivers are so strong that they don't need router

Yeah I am not sure how they are going to adapt the technology in the future. For now, it seems like the old "dish" system is unavoidable. From the videos I saw about the Tesla phone, it seems the intent is to have that capable of using the service.

We will see what unfolds over the next 24 months with it.

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Agree 😌

It would be awesome if I could get it, lol. They keep pushing back the release time for my area. I can sign up but won't get it until sometime next year. It was supposed to be this year.

Wow it’s available already?
I will research it in my area.

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They may say that, but then keep backing up the dates so take it as you will

Delays are a pain in the ass but that comes with the territory. I can only hope they keep pushing things forward on a regular basis.

No different than on Hive. We just keep showing up each day and pushing things ahead. Hopefully they are doing it at Starlink.

Of course, Musk forewarned about the company going bust so there is that consideration through this quarter.

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Yeah I heard that too, why I haven’t paid my deposit yet. Guess I have to stick to cellular and comcast hotspots lol

This article is very interesting, I also believe that remote work will develop further in this decade, actually urban areas could lose interest and begin to depopulate a little

...actually urban areas could lose interest and begin to depopulate a little

I feel very certain the migration trend from rural to urban will reverse this decade. While I cant predict how fast it will be, at some point, probably the second half, it will accelerate.

The cost of living difference is simply too great to ignore.

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Reading this post makes me realize the important of starlink to the rural but the most disappointing thing is , starlink is not yet In Nigeria,I would have love to use it

I think they are focusing upon the northern hemisphere first since that is where most of the developed countries are. Their goal is to have them fund the expansion for the southern region.

The costs still are a bit steep so they are going where the money is to keep operations flowing. That is my guess anyway.

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I hope this comes soon, over here in Nigeria we pay a very high cost when it comes to internet service, where you are poor or rich the company offering this service don't give a dame and the government doesn't even care how much cost. with the amount for internet above I think it's okay for many Nigerians considering that I send alone spent that amount in less than 2 weeks.

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Wow that is shitty. I didnt realize it was that expensive.

Fortunately, for Nigerians, time online now can be spent helping to offset that cost by contributing to Hive.

For the sake of costs, I hope that Starlink does expand rapidly to those areas that need it.

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I hope so too, Sorry I didn't reply days ago my R.C was 0% and it takes 5 days to fill. I don't Hive enough Hive yet. Thanks for the like and cash.🤑

Starlink will bring about major change to the world internet especially Africa where this is one of our major problems. I hope it works because it will help in many ways

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The question is which countries will approve it. I think that is where Starlink is focusing upon first. It wants to get a massive userbase so other countries cannot say no to it.

Telecos are very powerful and will pay governments to keep Starlink out.

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I hadn’t thought of that, but realize now that elects are considered protected monopolies in many jurisdictions for investing in infrastructure to provide services. I am sure some will fight to keep Elon out, but I wonder if Satelites fall under regional jurisdictions. I think there maybe a technological way around the telecoms, but we will see.. grab your popcorn these could be interesting fights LOL!

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It will, even if the process will be slower than people estimate.

Why, because the families with kids will stay longer in an urban area, that is developed, has good roads, mass transit and different perks of life.

One of the things families look into, is healthcare, at least in Europe, where everyone pays for it, people will want to have it as Doctor Google is not reliable on this, especially on diagnostics.

Also, the better the schools in an area, the more people will want to stay there. Yes, we have online schools, but one of the perks that people neglect from good schools, beside the different structure is the network, that people are willing to pay for it. In my case, the networking from school and university has a major impact.

3rd, for young people, cities with bars and party where they can mingle and find fun are a magnet. The more fun, the better. Getting out is a little antisocial for youngsters.

Either way, the things are changing, that is for sure.

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3rd, for young people, cities with bars and party where they can mingle and find fun are a magnet.

This certainly changed the last 2 years and does not look like it is waning at all. So this "benefit" might be lost.

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Depends on the culture as it is different in most part of the world. There was a different party scene in NY compared to DC, places where I lived.

In Central and Eastern Europe, where allowed, bars and clubs are full at the moment.

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This is a fascinating coincidence. I have had two careers, Military and IT.
Now that I am 51, retirement and settling down is a pressing issue.
I have been looking at Canada, The Netherlands, Norway, Australia, and Malta to retire in. The high cost of living in the USA has me searching lol
I did not know I was following a global trend lol
If anyone can make Satellite Internet work it is Elon Musk, because the current Satellite Tech is sad and depressing.

I think this Revolution is already started, and you illustrate the causes well.

I moved from a rural area to urban to get an education. Then stayed in urban areas to get better pay.
Then I moved to the suburbs to escape urban unpleasantries.
Then I moved out of the suburbs to the country to escape suburban sprawl.

I was not alone, and what I thought was a small trend has been greatly accelerated by Covid. Land prices in my area have doubled in the Covid years and many homes are bought sight unseen.

I think you are also right about the impact of technology. I also work two jobs, one online one in person. The online job was really hampered by poor broadband access and kept me from going full time online due to unreliability. Starling will change that for me and others.

Technology directly impacts and changes lives. Covid has accelerated all of this. Change is upon us, if we just step back and look.

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