SpaceX Starship: Another Fiery Landing

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The Starship is going to revolutionize space travel. That is the intention of SpaceX. The leading space company has already revolutionized the industry with its reusable rockets. Now, in the quest to get to Mars, it is building a rocket like no other.

In December they did a test to see if they could land Starship similar to how it does other rockets. That did not end so well.

This week, the company was at it again. This time, the goal was to send the rocket up 7 miles, rotate it, have it come back down horizontally, and then have it land vertically on the pad.

Here is a video of the entire test.

As you can see, it did not go so well. In fact, it ended in a fiery mess.

Please bear in mind these are unmanned launches so nobody is actually at risk.

SpaceX is an important piece in the Space race that is taking place. The United States and China are locked in a battle for domination of the upper atmosphere and our neighboring bodies.

The Chinese want to control the orbital paths, something that if accomplished, would weaken the U.S. military. At the same time, the People's Republic wants to strip-mine the moon. Finally, it wants to touch Mars before the Americans.

This is where Musk and SpaceX come in. He has long held Mars as his target for first civilization off the Earth. He feels that is where humans need to ascend to first.

While the Chinese government is going full tilt after space, the U.S. is depending upon the private sector. With innovators such as Musk and Bezos, it is primed to wage the battle on a much different level. Innovation trumps the government largess, which is what NASA provides.

In fact, it was just announced that Bezos would be stepping down as chief of Amazon. It is thought that he is going to spend more time on Blue Origin, his own rocket company.

The key to the space race is multi-faceted. Obviously, domination of the space above us provide huge military advantage. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The true goal for many is the wealth that is presumed to be out there. Neighboring objects are thought to have trillions of dollars in raw materials. An entire industry built around asteroid mining is being erected.

Another factor is space manufacturing. As we colonize things out there, the ability to make products in zero gravity becomes available to us. This is something that many felt is vital to our push into advanced manufacturing techniques. There are simply too many obstacles when making things with gravity especially in fields such as biotech.


Over the next few decades, we are going to see trillions of dollars invested in space exploration, colonization, and travel. At stake are potentially quadrillions of dollars as entirely new industries are created.

In the investing world, we talk about 10x and even 100x gains. When it comes to the potential of space, we can be talking about 1000x+ opportunities based upon the money invested. It is still in its embryotic stage but there is a great deal that resides "in the heavens".

Colonization, throughout history, has always netted major windfalls. This endeavor is no different. Part of the payout is the process of development that takes place on the way to reaching these destinations.

For example, a great deal is going into researching construction. There are many projects that are looking to automate the process. While this pays dividends on Earth, the main goal is to have automated construction in space. After all, it is not likely that your local construction company will be contracted to build a few buildings on Mars.

Science has always benefitted from space. This should continue as we put more experiments out there. Having a colony even floating above the Earth will result in a lot of breakthroughs that can be applied on Earth.

As with anything regarding technology, the numbers can get insane very quickly. When coupled with space, things are taken to an ever greater level.

Another example is Starlink. Never before has a communication system with a single company had the potential market of 7.5 billion people. Yet, with this system, every person on the planet is a potential customer.

The proceeds, of course, will be used to fund other ventures for SpaceX. This is how progress works.

For this reason, SpaceX will keep literally burning up money by faceplanting rockets into the ground on their quest to get things right. To engineers, each setback is simply a learning experience.

So how many times will SpaceX keep setting Startships on fire? As many times as they need to.

The potential payout in the end is simply too great.

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The Chinese want to control the orbital paths

The Chinese want to control everyone and everything.

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So does the US.

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LOL, yeah, now that you mention it :)

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The US has the same goals as China.

Just the West views the US as better than China. The same isnt true in China who view the US disfavorably.

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China has been working hard to deserve its bad reputation. I'm wondering for how long they can keep up the level of internal control over the population and the level of terror they are pressuring people with.

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A rather rough landing! 3rd time is a charm.

oh and it was 10 Kilometers into the atmosphere :p metric system for the win.

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They can only hope 3rd time is the charm.

But they will keep at it until they get it right. Too much at stake not to.

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The boundary of the "impossible" being broken (again).

How amazing is that?

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People are only beginning to realize what is possible. We are starting from such a technologically advanced starting point that we are going to achieve some huge ends.

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The space race is alive once again! I believe we will get it and I really hope people see the potential and the worth of doing so. Being able to get to space and the search amount of resources but also the tech and things we will learn from doing so will be never ending. Its wars and space races that have the biggest tech advantages and honestly China is hitting us hard. It's time to stop rolling over and start fighting back by taking things like this seriously once again and believe in our country instead of being divided all the time.

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It's time to stop rolling over and start fighting back by taking things like this seriously once again and believe in our country instead of being divided all the time.

Not about to happen. It isnt only the US, it is the West. They are losing the battle on all fronts. The leadership is mired in the mentality that is giving the East all the power.

Just watch how Biden, Canada, and the EU all unite for the demise of the West. The later two were already plummeting hard and now the US is going to catch up on the decline scale.

It already blew its chance to be the leader in blockchain/crypto.

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Thank for the video and your report on the financial and technological importance of these projects.

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I have always been a fan of SpaceX. In the early days I would drop down the projector screen in the media center (library) and watch the launches on the big screen. The students looked at me like I was nuts. I am actually a bit surprised they attempt the landing so close to the other rocket. It seems like you could really be shooting yourself in the foot if things go wrong.

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They are obviously confident in the placement of the rockets as they pound them into the ground. LOL

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Yeah, I guess so! They will get it eventually. They have a great team and the ambition to follow through!

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They are rocket scientists after all. LOL

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In fact, it was just announced that Bezos would be stepping down as chief of Amazon. It is thought that he is going to spend more time on Blue Origin, his own rocket company

This is news these days and it would be interesting to see who step up with amazon and how does it take it up with another entity.

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He already has a successor in place.

Amazon is going to continue on its own. If there is anything that has to do with another firm, it will be Amazon swallowing up that one.

It is growing at an incredible pace.

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That wasn't so bad with all things considered. Think of where the Germans were during the war when they tested their rockets and how far they got. Things happen and turn around quickly as they have got 2/3 rds right and now it is just the landing to perfect.

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Yeah I think this is the second attempt at sticking the landing. They will get it. The fact they turned something that big around is amazing.

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I definitely agree that they will burn as money as it is needed to improve their technology for resources on other planets. They will burn hundreds of rockets if it improves their technology enough for them to take the resources ahead of their piers. All of them want to be the first person to succeed because it would validate their claims to sources of revenue. The so called "first dibs" on specific planets and areas.

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They certainly are playing the long game. Of course, Starlink will be a cash cow for SpaceX when that is fully deployed.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 42 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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