South Korea Moving Towards 6G

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Yes you read that properly.

Presently, we are seeing the move towards 5G. The wireless networks are trying to build out their systems in an effort to offer the new services. At this moment, there are not a great many products even available for sale.

That is how new things are.

Of course, we have not even settled the health ramifications, which always take a backseat to financial considerations.

None of that matters when it comes to technological progress. We are about to embark upon the next generation of communication services.


South Korea, who was one of the leaders in 5G technology, is getting a jumpstart on the ensuring era, 6G.

Testing is set to start in 2026 with commercial services hitting as soon as 2028 or 2030. This is in keeping with the tradition of upgrading our communication system every decade.

The government of South Korea has confirmed plans to carry out a 6G trial in 2026, according to a report by Business Korea. The South Korean government is anticipating the service to be commercially available as soon as 2028 or 2030.

The price tag to this Asian nation: an estimated $169 million.

Increasing the capability of our communication system is vital to the continued progress. We keep adding more nodes to the system, requiring greater bandwidth. At the same time, the data we are sending gets "heavier". No longer are we sending simple text. Between audio, video, and, eventually, virtual reality, we can see how this puts more stress on the system.

For the last 3 decades, the advancement of our communication systems was almost as important as the progress made in computation. If we were still operating on a 1G or 2G system, much of what we have today would not work.

Unfortunately, our needs are growing so fast that we are almost to the point where our communication systems are outdated the minute they are erected. As mentioned, 5G is just going in and we are needing to look ahead to 6G.

So what will be the difference?

Additionally, the trial aims to achieve 1Tbps in data transmission speeds, which amounts to roughly five times faster than 5G and latency reduction to one-tenth of current 5G services.


We are going to add trillions of nodes to our networks over the next couple decades. Most devices will end up being "smart" meaning they will have sensors as well as a processor in them. The idea of creating a digital layer over our entire physical world means a great deal of bandwidth will be necessary.

What is interesting about 6G is the parameters have not even been spelled out yet. That is how it usually works. People start developing and innovating, leading the technology to evolve in a manner where the parameters become clear.

As we are nearing the end of 2020, we can see how, if the new system is in place by 2028, the lifecycle of 5G only devices will be about 7 years. Of course, most upgrade more frequently. However, it can be estimated that one might have only 2 or possible 3 5G devices before 6G becomes available.

South Korea will not be the only ones who are working on the next generation services. While most have not come forward, we can expect the same players who were in the 5G game during the development stages also involved with this one.

Technology keeps surging forward and our communication networks need to keep pace.

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 last year (edited)

here in Pakistan we only have 3g 4g in the city's with low speed
South Korea is moving to fast toward future

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This is huge, I basically think 5G and all the rumors about it is still making waves, but then 6G? Most countries don't even have 5G yet. But then one the other side it's Pretty much been a good thing, the advancements are getting faster

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It is the natural evolution of the communication systems. It will not be too long before we start hearing about 7G.

As more things are added to the networks, more bandwidth is required. At the same time, latency becomes an issue as we evolve into more sensitive procedures such as self driving cars and robotic surgeries.

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Well I'll be damned, the process is becoming too fast and well it's like nothing is holding it back. It excites me anyway and I'll be looking forward to it.

This is the state of is always accelerating. Lots of interesting stuff taking place.

Each new layer builds upon the previous one. That is how we keep advancing forward via technology.

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Wow, here in Brazil practically 5G arrived recently. Yes, here things always go slowly ... For 5G that has a connection about ten times faster than 4G, it is surreal to imagine that South Korea already sees 6G as something to improve soon.

Technology never stops and we will always see more and more innovations to overcome.

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No technology does not stop. It keeps on plugging along. We are going to see amazing things coming out the next 20 years. The communication system is the infrastructure that is required to build on top of it.

5G will serve many purposes for the next decade but will become insufficient by 2030 with some of the things we see come out then.

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5 times faster than 5G... Well damn. What a time to be alive and on the internet. We're slowly moving to some awesome futuristic technology. Well, futuristic to our past selves maybe.

This will probably start another race for who does it first though. Hopefully without negative impact this time. And let's not forget to brace ourselves for the conspiracy theories. 😅

The problem with conspiracy theories is that, from time to time, they are right. It is just sifting through the garbage ones to find out what is true. Sadly, it is usually not until decades later when classified data is released (or withheld like in the case of Kennedy) that we start to see that the nutters were so wrong.

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Each joke has some truth to it. Makes sense that this applies to conspiracy theories as well. As they say, where there's smoke, there's probably fire.

I believe certain information and advances in technology is being held back deliberately by large companies to benefit their bottom line. For example alternative sources of energy compared to oil in the past.

The Kennedy story is an interesting example. It has so many sketchy plot holes, that we will probably not be very surprised when (if ever) the data gets released.

Without a doubt major corporations hold back technology to protect their business model.

I am convinced that autos could have gotten over 100 MPG now but the car companies are in bed with the oil industry.

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That's one of the big ones. Our capability of computational power is another. Being released at a steady pace, to maximize profits from each continued iteration.

I think the steady release over so many decades shows technological limitations. For example, it is hard to outpace Moore's law, for example.

We do see major jumps in some areas such as AI chips which are far outpacing the traditional ones at the moment.

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 last year (edited)

That is true. I think the eventual next step to surpass the predictions of Moore's Law will be a completely new system that redefines the composition of chips and their materials, if that new system would even use chips as a concept. Just like blockchain/DLT redefined decentralized systems. And how IOTA in some way redefined our blockchain way of thinking with their "Tangle".

Each time when humanity thinks it outsmarted itself, some random genius comes along and proves us wrong. 😅

Here is a very interesting article by one at Intel on what that company is seeing as the future of chips. They claim it is not over but actually about to be reinvigorated for another few decades.

I often wondered what the future is of 3D chips.

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Ir is so avanced technology, here we are very slowly we are in 3G yet imagine the difference between 3 and 6 well I think in the year 2050 we are adopting this.

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Do not overlook Satellite Internet stepping in also. Starlink is going to be global in a couple of years. That will have an impact on areas lagging behind.

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Quite shocking that this is already being discussed even. I mean, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the 5G thing, as I really fear the health consequences that will follow once fully rolled out. I know many people don't believe in it, but I do and although I know I won't be able to change anything about it and best to just accept what's coming, I still feel a bit strange about 5G. Good to read that this 6G thing is still "far" away. ;)

No way to prove or disprove what you are saying. The reality is the health consequences of all this cannot be shown until decades later, after long term exposure.

But you could be right, cancer rates might just be waiting to explode in a decade or two due to the use of electronic devices and all the signals around us.

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I know, that's the thing, we will have to wait and see (or experience) until it's proven to be bullocks or too late as many already suffered from it. What to do right? I promised myself that instead of feeling annoyed/angry/whatever irritation that I should just try to not think about it too much and hope for the best.

Very true. Cant change it, only do what is safest for yourself.

That is the limit ti what we can do.

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What is South Korea smoking!!!! I want some of it😂....

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5G promises to change the world as we know it and new emerging industries might make the most of it and autonomous driving is one of them. Holograms will take shape, surgeries from a distance will be possible through controlling robots and everything will be able to be performed remotely. And if there are still high speed demanding operations surely the 6G will get that job done.

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