Society 5.0 Is On Its Way

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Have you heard of Society 5.0? Perhaps you heard it called by another name, Humanity 5.0. Either way, they both mean similar things.

The idea is that humanity is entering another age in the progress of society. We can clearly see the 4 previous ones and the progress that took place.


They are:

  • Hunting and Gathering
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Information

All of these eras progressed humanity (society) forward. It is interesting to note the speed at which they are changing though.

For example, the H&G age covered most of humanity's existence. The next era, that lasted a few thousand years. We see the industrial age was around for a couple hundred. And now, we are exiting the information age, something that started 40-50 years ago.

What is up next?

Here also, we see numerous names. However, the idea is that data, combined with AI, can create a personalized age.

Essentially it is the age of Big Data.

This is going to encompass all the different technologies that we see being developed. In short, everything is data. When coupled with AI, individual experiences can be generated. This is true whether it is dealing with a product, an online activity, or a trip. All can be personalized to the individual.

It ultimately is going to bring together the digital (cyber) and our physical worlds. Everything is going to be digitized.

Obviously, in addition to AI, we are going to see robots make up a big part of this transition. This was already seen in the manufacturing world and now it is spreading. A lot of this is motivated by the fact that we are seeing many countries about to enter a stage where their populations are aging greatly.

The leader in this is Japan. Thus, everyone is going to watch and learn from them.

We are already seeing this country jump into the digitization of their entire economy. While it is piecemeal right now, it will only expand over the next decade.


Companies are seeking to fill this void. One is Hanson Robotics that built the robot Sophia. Many of Sophia's videos went viral on the Internet. Next up: Grace.

Grace is a healthcare robot that is designed to take care of the elderly. This is exactly what Japan needs. Companies like Softbank are also looking at this problem and investing in what it believes to be solutions.

As populations age, there are two shortages when it comes to elder care that are immediately seen. The first is healthcare workers. Due to a lack of younger workers, robots are going to have to make up for the shortfall.

The other is companions. Since many of the elderly are alone, a country without much youth is going to also lack the people to help offer these people some companions. Here again, lifelike robots are thought to be the solution.

There are already reports about people getting emotionally attached to their robotic companions so it is not as far-fetched as one might think.

“Sophia and Hanson robots are unique by being so human-like,” he added. “That can be so useful during these times where people are terribly lonely and socially isolated.”


Healthcare is not the only industry that Japan is looking at recreating. The country is seeking to alter every industry through the digitization process. Since it is short on people, and is not a country that has a lot of immigration, the only way forward is through technology.

Countries such as Germany, Spain, China, South Korea and Brazil are also going to face similar circumstances in the next few decades. They will be forced to make adjustments in the same way Japan is.

All of this is going to change how we live, work, and play. None of this is going to happen instantly yet it will transition over the next 10-20 years. Unfortunately for Japan, that country is on an accelerated time schedule since their demographic crisis is already here.

Other countries best take notice since they are going to follow in its footsteps.

While we might not know how it all will look, we are certain to see that society is starting to transform before our eyes.

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It is a natural evolution and at least I hope that with Society 5.0 we can repair the wrongdoings that we did in the past.

Most Western countries have the ageing problem combined with the thing that youngster don't prepare for needed jobs but study some crap that follows their passion, but it will not help the society and themselves in the end. So here an accelerated shift to a technology driven society is needed.

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I guess the elderly will feel even more alone with robots running around them. It's part of the progress though. The young ones will get used with them from early ages.

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I guess the elderly will feel even more alone with robots running around them.

Actually the opposite is happening. It is incredible what humans will get connected to, emotionally. Many feel the robots are a valid companion.

I guess they are going to replace cats.

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Skynet = Genesis. Important if the Terminator comes.

And I agree countries need to adopt this trend. The slower ones will be the poorer (with decreasing wealth) ones for the next decades. It should be a race, but only a few do something, most countries (special industries ones) are watching and do nothing.

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I've never heard of society 5.0 but I could use one of thoe robots to roll my joints..

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Boston Dynamics needs to get right on that. It will be a serious winner.

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Never heard of Society 5.0 but I can definitely see us heading towards digital world. With technology evolving, I wonder how society can keep functioning as robots and AI take over more common jobs.

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Yeah it is going to take over our models of forward progress in all areas.

Things are moving very rapidly and having a larger perspective helps to understand where we are going.

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I must admit I have been following Japan and their negative population for some time and hadn't put two and two together with the robots. The next 10 years will be make or break for many countries as there are new problems that need to be overcome. Germany was all for taking foreign migrants as they saw it as a lifeline to the country itself which for some was a rather extreme measure.

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It is a problem that many countries are looking at. Japan is an interesting case study for everyone else.

Whatever the outcome, we need technology to push forward so as to offer solutions.

It will be interesting to watch China and how they deal with it. The number of deaths predicted there is enormous. Losing 50% of their population in like 30 years.

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Russia has a problem different to other countries with an imbalance. That is 2/1 in favor of females due to the heavy toll of men in the Second World War. Robots you would think would be needed to help fil that gap as they haven't achieved it in all this time. China does seem to have some serious issues ahead of them and never knew it was that high being 50%. Depopulating the planet does have some benefits but that is drastic.

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Yes China is heading towards a demographic catastrophe as is Germany. That is two of the leading economies.

Russia has a lot of problems. I dont think they ever got passed the fall of the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, that set them so far behind on the global stage that they are now trailing in all areas.

Other than natural resources, AK47s, and Vodka, what do they export.

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You are right I can't think of anything that Russia exports besides the obvious. I know they export loads of steel and machinery but I wouldn't call it a balanced economy as it is top heavy with Natural Resources leading the way with gas and oil accounting for 70 or 75%.

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That is why they are changing their population policies and are encouraging people to have more kids . Majority of the population in China is above 60 or will be above 60 in coming years . India learned from this and didn't implement the 1 child per family only policy .

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Hard to legislate more kids. Russia tried to do that a while back as did Japan. It didnt work in either place.

The problem is an aging population means less people to have children. Thus, there is a smaller pool of fertile women.

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@tipu curate

Thanks for the beer.

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Thank you @taskmaster4450le for your posts which are always interesting
the speed of technological progress is impressive and until a few years ago it was only possible to imagine a robot like sophia....
I should also have some !WINE 😂

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Very interesting!

I think this will change the military industry as well.

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Great post.

I am interested to see how the hunter gatherers that still exist in few places on Earth would react to Society 5 if we can explain them in a way they can understand or is it impossible to make them understand no matter what?

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Yeah they will have a huge leap forward...skipping ahead by a million years or so.

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For sure but is it a boon or bane for their particular community? I have read stories of tribes who when explained about mobile phones disliked it ( not everyone but majority ). They are happy the way they are ( I am not talking about being conservative , it's peculiar )

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Super Smart Society? lol more like super disinformed society, fake news spreads faster than real information ( I think there is at least one actual study about this) and we haven't seen deep fakes being use as weapons of disinformation yet. Sorry for being a Debbie Downer and I hope I'm wrong, but the future has some Orwellian vibes to it every time I think about the direction the world is going in.

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