Serious Question: Is Tesla "Amazoning" The Automobile Industry?

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This is a serious question.

I know many feel that Tesla is way overvalued and that Musk is a charlatan who is apt to present a better story than actually performing. Nevertheless, there is no doubt he is a visionary who is disrupting an industry that has stood pat for 100 years.

For the last half decade, many of the Tesla naysayers, even when giving Musk credit, point out that Tesla is operating without competition. "Wait until the competitors show up" is the basis of their argument.


The problem with this is that we are half way through 2020 and the competition is still non-existent. Where is a viable product to compete with what Musk put out on the market?

In short, to win in the EV game, companies need to bring out reasonably priced vehicles that are sleek looking, have range, and can scale.

Thus far, the legacy auto industry failed to achieve anything close to this. Is there any wonder why the Tesla Model 3 is the best selling EV in the U.S., outselling all other ones combined.

Presently, the only EV that could compete with the Model 3 Is the Model Y, Tesla's latest introduction.

There could be some sensibility to what is perceived as Musk's madness. Looking at Amazon's profit chart, this is what we see:


It took two decades for Amazon to start to kick their profits into high gear. Presently, they blast it out of the park every quarter. However, it was only 3 years ago that they started to really accelerate.

Tesla is expanding their operations every year. More lines added, new gigafactories going online, and more software is being offered.

It might be a situation where being the leader in a new industry (or remade industry) could put Tesla too far ahead. Just like Brick and Mortar could not catch up to Amazon when they finally woke up, we might be witnessing a repeat in the automobile industry.

COVID-19 only put the legacy automakers further behind. BMW and Mercedes, two companies that operate in Tesla's sweetspot, announced the ending of their partnership. The existing models on the market are not exciting buyers while the rollout of new vehicles is slow in coming.

Yet, over the next year and a half, Tesla will begin production of the Semi and the Crybertruck while adding more lines of the 3 and Y.

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Yes, they are! They are in a monopoly situation. I would recommend Peter Thiel from Zero to One, which has some interesting thoughts about Tesla. They are a tech company with its main product being cars (also sells red satin short shorts).

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They are doing a lot of things other companies appear to be unwilling to do.

I would expect one of the big players to declare bankruptcy in the next couple years.

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Perhaps I have old information. I thought Tesla was open sourcing their products? If this is the case, it should not be too difficult for a challenger to come up with a better product, or even cut out some of the extras, producing a more affordable version.

I think there is something extra that Tesla has that makes them tough to challenge.

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Considering that pledge was made in 2014 and it is now 2020 with no viable competitive EV from the other automakers, I think there is a lot more to it than the patent technology.

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Although Tesla is doing great in EV automobile but we want to see more competitors in EV automobile industry. It will help to control the price. Nice sharing.

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At the moment the only one who can confront Tesla is simply himself, because without promises of competition to compete with Musk's company, I would not be afraid to see the monopoly forming.

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