Robotics In Construction

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Technology is affecting all industries. The ones that have not changed much in the past few decades is ripe for disruption.


Construction is one that epitomizes the idea of basically doing things the same as in the past. While there were a few advancements, the overall industry is still very much like it was 3 or 4 decades ago.

This is going to change and, perhaps, rapidly.

Much of the talk regarding major construction technology centers around 3D printing. This is one of the main ideas that can move home construction closer to manufacturing.

Despite the progress being made, this is not the only area where we see major advancement.

Hadrian X is a project that caused some news a few years ago. Now, in spite of the Coronavirus, it is showing a major upgrade.

The company was able to break a new lay speed record.

Here we see the exponential growth that is typically accepted in the world of information technology.

The first generation of Hadrian was able to lay 86 bricks per hour. The second run of the new generation is over 200 bricks per hour. With a software upgrade, the first Hadrian will hit 240 bricks/hour.

They are already working on a model that can top 1,000 bricks laid in an hour.

Here we are seeing how technology can advance much quicker than humans. The exponential growth rate is starting to apply to brick laying.

In contrast, a human mason can lay 300-500 bricks per day

A few years ago, it was a major breakthrough when another project was able to triple the number of bricks laid in a day.

Hourly speeds are already approaching the lower end of what a human can lay in a day. If this company can achieve the 1,000 bricks in an hour, that would more than double the daily production of a human.

What would this do to the cost of construction? It would send prices down a great deal since time is always a major element in the cost of construction projects.

This is one of the many ways that we can expect the world of automation to change life for all of us.

Every industry is under threat. The robots are coming.

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COVID-19 has been a curse in many ways as companies are realizing they can get equal or more done with's scary what the world will look like even in 12 months from now.

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Very true. I think when the economy does recover, it will be with a lot less people.

The age of automation is upon us and only pushing forward at an increased speed.

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