Ridesharing: The Next Stage Of Space Development

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We all heard the term "ridesharing". This is epitomized by the success of Uber. Now, it is a part of our everyday vocabulary.

This could extend off our planet. In fact, ridesharing looks like it will be the next stage of advancement in the quest to build out space.

SpaceX recently sent up a rocket with a number of satellites for its Starlink program. However, instead of the usual 60 satellites, there were only 58. The spots on the rocket were occupied by a San Francisco company called Planet. The launch carried 3 satellites for them.


Planet is not the only company who is interested in the SpaceX service. Since it announced the programs, more than 100 companies as sign up to reserve space on future launches.

This is going to allow smaller players to get into the space game. The company charges $1 million to send up 220 kg with each additional one costing $5,000.

A lowering of the cost for companies is only going to bring more players into the industry. With the advancement of cube satellites, we could see a lot of interest in the next few years. Start ups will now be able to affordably put their innovations into space.

The present state of SpaceX makes this accommodating. However, the big push will come when the Starship starts flying. This behemoth can send up 150 tons at a time.

We are about to see a lot more capability in our satellite systems. It is important to remember that many that are in use, such as weather satellites, are 30 years old. Can you imagine using a 30 year old computer and the performance increase the second it is replaced? This is what we are looking at when some of these older satellites are finally retired.

SpaceX gets a lot of attention in the space race and for good reason. The company is dropping the price of launches. At the same time, it is seeking to manufacture rockets at a much lower price point.

Of course, it is not the only game in town. Many start ups are turning to newer technologies such as 3D printing to help drive costs down even further.

The benefits of space development spreads out wide. With billions being invested, we see numerous other industries eventually benefiting from the breakthroughs.

It is an industry worth watching simply because it seems so far moving. We are likely to see 4 or 5 industries form over the next few years as compared to today. Space tourism will be just the start.

SpaceX looks like it will be a company that is in the middle of it all.

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Yeah, we can see the future is closer than how we think it is. Technology is advancing everyday and things are changing. "SPACE TOURISM" I really love the sound of it.

This is a really interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

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