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RE: Klaus Schwab And The Great Reset

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I believe it is acceptable for most of us to have been asleep when Google, Amazon, and Zuck took over the internet. We simply were not advanced enough to follow what they were doing.

The cat is now out of the bag. That was phase 1 of technological progress.

We are not at the next phase with much more powerful technologies. What will humanity do? How will we approach this? Will people simply accept what they are told believing it is in their best interest?

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We're wiser now and these huge companies made wealth at the expense of people, to allow them extend their control or have the technology to do so will be fool hardly. Hopefully we can take it out if their hands

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They are a lot more obvious today than they were in the past. This makes it easier for us to be "wiser". LOL

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Yeah, I'm guessing this is because they want to even gain further control and expand their reach.

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