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RE: "The Pieces are in Place"

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We are seeing things start to align. It is wonderful to see. This is really going to change things around here for both Hive and Leo.

To start, even the witness attempt at pegging the HBD is a big step. This will help if we can get a stable coin going.

But the development is sensational. It is wonderful to see what is happening. Leo is setting the pace but not the only one. We are going to see more activity from other tribes I believe. They are starting to get excited themselves.

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What would be really nice is if we could get Leo far enough out into the cryptoverse to attract some attention and move the price. Not just because I'd like it to be worth more, but that would also make it much easier to help fund some of these other projects. I want to hold LEO long-term, but it would be nice if selling off 50 Leo could get nice stakes in other up-and-coming projects. Then the whole Hive ecosystem could virtually become self-sustaining with organic growth from within, incubating new projects before releasing them out into the world.

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