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RE: The World Within 5 Years

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That might be true but the technology is still buggy, even though more advanced, and is still rather expensive.

Plus the idea of getting involved with Facebook is very unappealing. Thus, until there is another inexpensive competitor, we are going to wait a bit.

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Oh yeah it's buggy as hell which I think is mostly down to indy devs. But the hardware is mind boggling, $300 for something that doesn't require a gaming PC (at the expense of performance) is a huge leap.

That was one thing that really put me off at first. Before buying my Oculus I decided to completely stop using Facebook and Instagram (my FB account exists only to log into oculus). I've also vowed to never use the in headset browser (yep, no VR porn for me). And as for FB techs potentially watching my play through? Enjoy watching me burp, fart and piss in my sink through the IR cameras.

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FB is subsidizing the price. They know that people are not going to lay out $1K or more so they reduce the price to keep feeding people into the system. Of course, people are doing this, placing them behind FB's wall.

Of course, anything you do on the Oculus is subject to their approval. If they disapprove they can wipe it all out by closing the account. When people start having wallets and buying NFTs they will realize how dangerous that is.

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