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Over the next decade, we will see the healthcare industry changed a great deal. It is one, like construction, that hasnt change a great deal. Thus it is primed for technological disruption which will end upon pushing prices down.

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In the past 30 years it has changed a huge amount. A few examples: imagining - MRIs were being developed in the 80s and not available for diagnostic use, now they are common place; much much better CT scanners than anything available 30 years ago, medical implants like pacemakers and defibrillators have a evolved a lot in that time, cancer treatment and life expectancy for most types of cancers are not even similar to what was going on 30 years ago. I could go on :P

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I myself cant wait for the healthcare industry to change it's way of thinking. I have a client who had gotten covid, and the first thing the hospital wanted to do was see if they could make the client a DNR( do not resuscitate), as the client's guardian I said that this client wants the health industry to do CPR. Those he is still alive and is now do well. The health industry seems to be to quick to end ones life, rather than save it. Just my point of view. So I would love to see some big changes come in the health care arena.