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RE: The Quest For Trillions

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There is only so much energy that it can produce...

There is? Estimates are we are hit with 10,000x the energy from the sun on a daily basis as compared to what we consume.

That is just one example.

How much energy comes out of a volcano, all of it completely wasted at this time?

Certainly there are a lot of things that might be limited but it does not appear that energy is one of them. Perhaps if we only look at things from the fossil fuel perspective, you are correct. But there are many other means of energy production we are just starting to explore.

By the way, how about the energy that is generated with each step a person takes? That is a lot of power when you think about 7.5 billion people walking around.

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Touche! all very true. I am really just thinking from the perspective of how the world consumes energy today by burning fossil fuels but I have heard that even to make the change to renewables would require more fossil fuels than we even have available. I just hope that we are not too late for the bright future you Envisage.

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