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RE: Financial Freedom Will Be In Everyone's Grasp

in LeoFinance5 months ago

You obviously have to be comfortable with what you are doing.

I've read over and over "not your keys, not your crypto"

Well the advantage to CubFinance is the track record shows that the possibility of the rug being pulled out is nil. That is often the biggest problem in DeFi.

I would say you are looking at more of the impermanent loss associated with yield farming. That is okay because you make it up on the paired token and it is usually temporary. The idea with farms like that is to get in early and just reap the rewards as they come.

Perhaps it is best to sit and see how things go for a while. There will be more opportunities for gain as development takes place. The Kingdoms are next so you will be able to expand your position when you feel the time is right.

In the meantime, collect and accumulate those CUB tokens.

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