Job Automation Is Happening

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Technology is replacing more jobs than people originally thought. The pandemic only accelerated things.

People still are clinging to the belief that somehow we will magically going to keep the "job con" going. The reality is the threat of automation has hindered workers for decades. Now, the threat is no more. People are no longer with automation replacing their jobs, they are being replaced.

For example, toll workers in Pennsylvania were furloughed due to COVID-19. Now, they are finding out they were replaced by technology.

This is a situation that is happening across the board. While few are talking about it, the labor force is being drastically reduced in the United States. This is something that is not reflected in the unemployment numbers since that provides an incomplete picture.

Here is a short video that does a good job explaining things.

Over the next couple years, even if things are cleared up, we are going to see a completely new situation. The labor rates across the country will be down and they will not return. People simply are going to have dropped out of the labor force.

In the past I spoke if a couple of people I knew who fell into this situation in 2008. They had decent to good jobs. When the recession hit, they were laid off. One guy made about $80K selling roofing supplies; he ended up driving a cab and bus to make ends meet. The other worked at eBay only to be let go. He had to take Social Security early since he couldn't find another job, most likely due to his age.

A decade plus ago was still the age of the threat of automation. The early 2020s are seeing that reality here. There is nothing that is going to stop or slow this down. In fact, the worse things get economically, the more the pace accelerates. Companies are finding they can do a lot more with less people. Of course, due to COVID, they have the cover they need. After all, employees (people) are dangerous and at risk.

Many in the futurism/technological world came out against the idea of technological unemployment. After all, they claim, technology always created more jobs than it destroyed. The challenge with that is that it is over a longer term. In the present decade, if more jobs are created, it will be down the road. Couple this with the fact that technology is advancing at an accelerating rate and we can see the dilemma.

By the end of this decade, you will see most driving jobs gone. Whether it is truckers, cabbies, or even Uber drivers, they will all be gone. Automation is certain to be going full tilt by 2030.

It is also safe to say that most warehouses will be near fully automated. The pace of automation in that area is rapid. Call centers will no longer exist anywhere but inside a computer since chatbot will be "smart" enough to handle most problems.

This is just a sampling of what will be taking place. How will society deal with this? That is something that nobody in the mainstream political spectrum wants to deal with. We just had a President who thought it was all the fault of China and Mexico. That was a sentiment that was on point, just a decade and a half too late. Now we have someone in the White House who, honestly, has little idea about what is taking place. But then again, how many near 80 year olds can tell you about the impact of technology?

Ironically, not even the automated are safe. Here is a short video of Tesla's new stamping machine. This reduces the number of parts used from 70 to 1. It also eliminates 300 robots from the manufacturing line.

But hey, at least the robots do not go file for unemployment. They simply can be broken down for parts.

It is not going to be a pretty situation going forward and our political "leadership" across the world is completely inept in this area. They are clueless in general in my opinion but when it comes to this matter, they are completely lost.

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well, at least shitposting and memes won't be automated any time soon :D

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That can be. We saw a lot of bots on Steem.

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no, I mean quality stuff that makes you laugh not spamming actual crap

That makes the case for an organized pandemic and a long time planned UBI. Call me conspiracist, but it all has been planned. We're just consumables for these guys.

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The WEF is very open about the "plan" to implement the Great Reset so I dont think it can be called conspiracy theory anymore. The push is to have people "own nothing and be happy". These are their words from their own videos and articles.

The IMF and a number of other entities are following the playbook.

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Yeah because of pandemic it's coming to light and changing faster than before

It accelerated things, that is for certain.

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Yeah I think we won't have most manual jobs in near future

It was popular a while back to say that coal miners could learn to code. There have also been suggestions that employees can be retrained to do other jobs, such as maintaining the robots that replaced them. I don't think these ideas are entirely wrong, except that the Bell curve distribution tells us that there is a certain segment of the population that simply do not have the capacity to learn programming or automation. I haven't seen any ideas on what to do with these workers other than offer a UBI. COVID has been a merciless catalyst for change.

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Couple that with the fact our history of retraining people is awful. We retrain maybe 10% of the workforce so it is not a very optimistic view on that end.

As for coding, there is already self writing AI out there which means coders are going to likely be in less demand in the future.

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Politicians are not loved by the people, very often rightly so. However, this problem with those who will have nowhere to work is very difficult to solve. Does anyone have a global and applicable solution? Was it proposed to politicians, with all the guarantees that it will work and it is not just a utopia and was it rejected?

In most SF movies, the future is presented in two ways. One presenting an advanced, super-technological society where, of course, only robots do all the work and the other way around, a dark society that lost all its benefits and returned to the Middle Ages.
I think both options are possible.

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That is true about politicians.

As for what was proposed, there are a ton of them out there. Are you trying to tell me that politicians dont have access to the people to find out about different solutions? Hell have you ever seen them even hold a series of hearing about it or bringing it up as a problem?

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Maybe you're right, but politicians are there because people voted for them. Why vote for them if they are not satisfied and if their demands are not satisfied?
What I mean, in fact ... This political system of governing society has been implemented for hundreds of years, is consolidated and cannot be replaced suddenly. Except for some cataclysms or world wars, but I don't think it would be any better after these events.
The transition to a different society, I think, is slow and long-lasting, much slower than technological and social progress. The proof is that although the masses could change politicians by voting, they are not doing so now.
Those who are manifesting now, who are visible and growing in number, thanks to social networks, are still heterogeneous and without a clear ideology (just claiming total freedom is not enough and can never happen). These people are easily influenced by charismatic leaders who have never been well-intentioned in history.
I apologize because in my comments I bring arguments against maybe your vision for a decentralized future, I don't do it for the pleasure of denying, I do it because that's how I think things are going and because no one seems to have other ideas. , arguments. When everyone agrees on one thing, they come to believe that it is the ultimate truth and may later have unpleasant surprises.

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Why vote for them if they are not satisfied and if their demands are not satisfied?

Because most often you are voting for the same person regardless of which one you select. They are the same. There are promises made but in the end, they both operate the same way.

One promotes smaller government yet under every administration, government grows. So those who were touting it ended up lying.

As for the centralization, that is the push. However, the lesson of the EU should resonate with everyone. It is an abysmal failure. Power was consolidated in Brussels and now the Eurozone is falling further behind on the world stage. The economy is the worst in the West and the ECB is in worse shape than the US Fed.

It is hard to deny how the idea of your centralized future is following a path to failure.

As for the speed, you can opt to want to take things slow yet technology simply is not going to allow it. The pace of automation is only speeding up. So you either deal with it or stick the proverbial end in the sane. That is what is being done now.

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There are promises made but in the end, they both operate the same way.

Unfortunately, you are absolutely right about that. I had the same outbursts after each election cycle.
You know better about the EU economy, now it remains for the UK, after it came out, to demonstrate the advantage of being outside the European common market.
The EU, this communion of different states and with such a diverse economic development, has had a great achievement. It prevented the outbreak of any war, after we had two world wars in the last century.

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