Hundreds Of Trillions Under The Ocean Floor

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No longer do we speak in billions of dollars. Instead, we talk in trillions since that is the unit that many take notice of.

That said, we are living in an age where the global economy is nearing $100 trillion. This means that to move things requires significant power. Thus, the mindset has to be in creating trillions of dollars for ventures to be of great impact.

Drones are also discussed regularly. Companies such as Amazon are investing heavily in them, looking forward to a day when they are the "last mile" delivery system.


While much of the world is looking up to drone implementation, there could be an even more profitable area: the world's oceans.

How profitable can it be?

The amount of gold alone that is under the ocean floor is estimated at $150 trillion. Of course, there are many other minerals. As a comparison, the global real estate market is estimated to be about $225 trillion. The amount of wealth that is beneath our oceans can alter the path of human economics.

There is a challenge. To access these resources, one needs to be able to find them. Being buried under 15,000 feet of water makes it very difficult. This is why we see most of what the ocean has to offer still in its resting spot. It is very expensive as well as mostly beyond our capabilities at this time.

Drones could change this. Investing in underwater drone technology could mean that we start to access some of the wealth that is just sitting out there. The race into space offers great promise but sometimes it is best to go within. For the payout of, perhaps, $500 trillion, it is well worth it.

Many of these minerals are precious resources that are needed for our advancing society. A mineral such as cobalt which is used in batteries is in high demand. The present location of this means companies have to deal with some nefarious regimes. Uncovering some of what is at the bottom of the ocean would provide an alternative at a minimum.

As technology expands, the amount of money generated will only follow. There is little question that we will see the greatest period of economic growth in the history of the world over the next 20 years. Of course, this will replace the existing greatest period of economic growth which took place the last couple decades.

With technology, what was previously not possible suddenly becomes the norm. Thus, while the ability to pull trillions of dollars in resources out of our oceans might be out of reach at this moment, the same might not be true in 5 or 10 years.

It might be advantageous to watch those companies that are working in this area. They are certainly dealing with long term projects yet the payoff can be enormous.

After all, there are hundreds of trillions of dollars out there.

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The amount of gold alone that is under the ocean floor is estimated at $150 trillion.

At current prices.

But right now, there’s less than 200,000 tons of above-ground gold. At the current price, that works out to a bit under $10 trillion. But it’s highly valued because of its rarity. Would it be profitable to mine gold from the ocean floor (or asteroids for that matter), if doing so would bring vast quantities of the metal to market, making it much less rare?

I knew if I read enough comments I wouldn't have to say it myself :D

That is crux of measuring things by market cap.

It's simply not an accurate measurement at all.

To give a relevant example, if Satoshi Nakamoto transferred even a single penny of his premined stake, the Bitcoin network's market cap would flash crash pretty spectacularly. Simply the THREAT of a million tokens being dumped on the market is enough to move mountains. You'd be doing the same thing with underwater gold: dumping supply and vaporizing liquidity.

However, I think it's safe to say that the Ocean is indeed the last undiscovered country of this planet. There's no question that it contains hidden wealth. Semantics about market cap and the numbers given aren't super relevant to the message being disseminated in the OP.

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The company SailDrone is very interesting. They are seeking to build a network of autonomous drones to canvas the ocean and provide valuable scientific data.

That would be a start. I am sure there would be a tremendous amount of information/data provided by something like that.

Realistically, it is only a matter of time before quests like that are successful.

It might take a couple decades but we will get there. Once something like that is completed, the data will be a gold mine (no pun intended).

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Interesting post as I didn't even think what treasures could be in the oceans beside what treasures were on sunken ships.

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I read there is gold in saltwater, thus our oceans are full of it. The problem is that it registers parts per trillions meaning it will take really sophisticated technology to extract it.

There are people working on it but nowhere close from what I can ascertain.

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I believe that humanity didn't even explore 10% of the planet's oceans. In addition to riches and minerals, we can have up to thousands of species that we don't even know exist.

I think it is quite valid beyond the space exploration that we could put our attention in our seas. I found it very interesting that drones can do this service and in the future we can have great discoveries.

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There is a great deal of exploration being done for the oceans, at least from the technological perspective.

We are looking at a dual approach that could yield enormous benefits.

It will be interesting to see where the investments and resource go.

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Oh Mermaids... I can only imagine the devastation that will come from trying to extract precious metals from the ocean. Some things are better left alone.

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very promising future for underwater drones and many other industries, amazing what they can help us to do already