Google Deliveries By Drone

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We are literally entering the period of Sci-Fi.

A great deal of our world is going to change very quickly. We are going to see the rapid advancement of technology taking place right before our eyes.

Google announced that they are going to help deliver library books to children who are unable to get to the library due to the coronavirus.


The catch is the delivery is going to be done with drones.

Christiansburg, Va is the area where Google has technology bringing services to more than 600 students are who presently cut off from books.

Details of how the service operates were not released. However, Google has partnered with FedEx as part of their future delivery program.

The coronavirus has only sped up companies interest in being able to automate the last stage of the delivery process. Amazon pays a fortune to have its packages delivered from its local distribution centers.

For this reason, the company filed a patent a couple years ago that pertains to having a drone hive in the sky where drones would all dock to get loaded and then deliver to the end user.

Online shopping is well established. Retailers are trying to figure out easier ways to get customers what they buy. Amazon is one company that seeks to automate the entire purchasing process. The goal is to have few-to-no humans involved in the operation, from start to finish. People order online and receive the packages via automated delivery services.

Other companies, such as Dominos, has tested robotic delivery in Germany. The idea is to have the food delivered to the customers front sidewalk, then notify the customer that it is there along with providing a code to gain entry.

It is no surprise to see the likes of UPS and FedEx interested in what is taking place. This could drastically affect their place in the market. If a major retailer like Amazon could gets the products to a particular city and let drones handle the rest, then there is little need for their services.

Often people miss what is happening with technology. If they wake up one day and have drones delivering products to them, then they will awaken to what is taking place.

It is literally something out of a Sci-Fi fillm.

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New jobs are being made! Dron operators!

I can't wait to experience it all. I have always been fascinated with the advanced technology. It is important that companies like Google take these initiatives.

I remember that once I read that 5 years from now the smartphones we have will be something "retro" for the new generations and that smartwatches will be the fashion of the future. Well, let's see if that will be it.

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