Be Careful Of The Shift In Energy

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So you have researched renewable energy for a while and you are now getting up to speed. This is the way things are heading. After all, renewable energy is going to replace that dirty fossil fuel. Solar and wind is where the future lies.

Thus, you have your sights set on a few different companies. This is going to be a homerun in your book.

This is a time to be very careful. The world of energy is changing very rapidly. What people spent decades researching and building will be torn apart in a short period of time. This is the future of the energy market.

Most are convinced solar and wind are the future. This is true, in the near term. However, these are just transitionary solutions. They are not the end game.

Why do I say that?

To start, it is unlikely that they will be able to provide all the world's needs going forward. The thirst for energy is growing exponentially. This is happening in both the developed and non-developed countries. As society gets more advanced, energy is required.

Another reason is because of technology itself. We all saw the impact of informational technology on the world. There are similar strides being made in chemistry and the material sciences. This is radically altering the outlook for the future.

The "selling" point of solar is the idea that the sun provides more energy in a day than we can consume. This is true by an order of magnitude. We just need to harness this and convert it to electricity.

Of course, that requires a lot of raw materials and is expensive. While the costs are decreasing, it is still tens of thousands of dollars to put solar on the roof of a house in the U.S. That is a large chunk of change that needs to be recouped over the course of a lot of months.

However, if we point to the sun as an unused resource, how about the energy put off by 7.7 billion people? There is a good chance that people, through just their existence, produce an enormous amount of energy.

What if we were able to power all our wearables simply through the energy our body produces?

Energy harvesting is something researchers are looking into. They feel that there is the ability to utilize our own bodies as a power generation enter.

A joint research team from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Seoul National University said Tuesday it had developed a new elastic thermoelectric element that features high power generation performance by maximizing the element’s elasticity and heat transmission efficiency.

In recent days, numerous research reports have been published with respect to elastic thermoelectric elements that can convert waste heat from various types of sources into electric energy.

If such elastic thermoelectric elements are attached to human skin, they can power wearable devices without the need for batteries simply by using body heat.

This is an interesting turn of events. Certainly, powering the devices that are on our person (or attached to it) through our own bodies is a step forward. Sure, it sounds like Star Trek but there are obviously breakthroughs being made.

The research team succeeded in maximizing the elasticity of the thermoelectric element by using a high performance organic thermoelectric material for the elastic electrode.

By using a compound material that forms heat transmission paths on a selective basis, the research team also improved the heat transmission capacity of the elastic substrate by 800 percent.


What outstanding results. An increase of 800 percent. Now, we have no way of telling how much power is actually being generated and how close we are to seeing this in operation.

However, it does point out how there are a lot of avenues being pursued when it comes to energy. Some are working on taking energy directly out of the air. Others are working on making our bodies into a living breathing battery.

It is tempting to think that the path being laid is the one that we will definitely follow. Companies are spending billions betting on technologies that can be obsolete in less than a decade.

The energy sector operated without much fundamental change for decades. This makes it ripe for disruption. Obviously, what we are seeing now is the first stage of upsetting the norm. However, we can not be fooled into thinking this is the end.

Just like the word processor was a major step up from the dumb typewriter, it was only a phase in technological development. Basically, we were looking at a digitized typewriter. Nevertheless, in a short period of time, the computer came along and blasted it out of the water.

We will likely see the same thing happen in energy. What will be viewed as the next "savior" might only have a shelf life of a couple years.

This is why monitoring what is going on with technological research is critical. It can alert one to changes that are taking place which will wipe companies out, seemingly overnight.

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Wearables shouldn't need too much energy, meaning your bodies temperature would easily power it is you produce plenty. What would be ideal with solar and wind power is having your own grid and such to store excess amounts, if you can get them setup so then you can take from that if you really need it like during the winter and cloudier days.

Self-sufficiency would be excellent, though I am far off my own property, let alone the bunker I want.

But it will be interesting to see just how quickly the use cases for using energy will come and what will be used in our even advancing technological society. Then who knows what the governments have and won't share, no doubt even more advanced than most think is capable.

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The Internet of energy.

It is coming. The concept you described, at least in part, is what Musk envisions with his virtual power plants.

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I've been teased many times because I do indoor cycling and many says I should produce energy while pedaling.
Now here it is this new way of producing energy.
Let's see how fast they can implement it as it seems a revolutionary idea. And also let's see how much it will cost us.

I'm also expecting new ideas to appear as the possibilities are many.

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It is in the lab, so I would guess 3-5 years before we even see a workable product demonstrated.

From there, we will see where things go.

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Yes, that's a promising new thing and will certainly allow devices to be thinner without needing a battery inside. A few years ago, I read something about nerve pathways also being looked at as an energy source. With the 2045 inititive, I'd love to see the healing process one day be sped up to the point where if you slice your skin, it immediatly begins to repair itself in seconds. I believe that 20 years from now, we're going to see some incredible new inventions.

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There really are a lot of truly innovative (SciFi) ideas being worked on. It will be incredible how things change in the next 20 years. People do not realize the upswing we are on with technology and the impact upon society.

This will radically alter the way we work, shop, and live. All facets of life will be differnet.

It is truly an amazing time.

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I believe I will continue to experience new technologies that will change and improve over the next twenty years.

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My brother loves to tell me that we're from the future.

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Well compared to where we were 25 years ago, I think you can say that.

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I agree with what you are saying in terms of new technologies being researched. But, do not discount solar and wind power yet. With the advance in research, scientists are coming up with new options each day. They are trying to maximize the production, generation and recycling of produced energy and materials used. Yes, the raw materials are expensive and produce as much pollutants as fossil fuels but that's where innovation is required.
I am not discounting other options but I think solutions that are yet to hit the consumer markets will take time to accomplish what solar and wind power technologies have achieved. There could be miracles. But, again, I agree with you in saying new technologies will transform the energy sector.

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Could be. My point is that by the time solar, especially, starts to spread, it might be usurped by new technology.

Products do not have a 20 year life cycle anymore. I would say that 10 is the only safe bet. Much beyond that is pushing it.

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I agree. Things are moving rapidly and products seem to have shorter lifecycle. I still believe that technologies will merge together and will not compete with each other when it comes to clean energy sources.

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Energy produced by the body? I get a strong "The Matrix" vibe from this technology. Still, it's a very interesting concept, and it would be very cool if we could pull it off. Stay safe and have a nice day.

We might not be too far off from the Matrix days in many ways.

Although many will claim we are already in it and looking to break out.

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I bet we end up having to wear suits like in Dune. Full respiration suits that manage body temperature and recycle our own bodily fluids.

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I am still waiting for the nano factory like on Star Trek where anything can be produced instantly.

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We may have a little longer wait for that! 😉
Some of the outdoor clothing they make these days comes close. A tweak here, some reinforcement there, and wala. We may need them by next summer. 🤣

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You are right. I'm not getting that anytime soon.

Nevertheless, we are getting to see technology move at a rapid pace. It is amazing when we ponder it for a little while.

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Hehe. There are a lot of funny plays on my username. I'm sure I'll hear more, in a little while. I chose the name based on the song that Joey Ramon listened to in the last moments of his life. 😁

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I would love to never have to charge my apple watch...

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Cold fusion could be the key for our problems. Also the byproduct coming out of it would be Helium, which is kind of scarce, this would probably bring humanity to a whole new level if it is achieved.

In terms of wind and solar energy there is a very big hurdle to it, namely storage. Batteries are an environmental killer and this way electro cars are more damaging for the environment than diesel for a certain mileage. If we manage to store the energy coming out from wind and solar in a different form, we hit another jackpot. A solution would be hydrolisation on peak energy production with using the hydrogen at peak energy consumption. The hurdle here is the storage of hydrogen which is the smallest atom/molecule.

Of course, this two solutions are global changers and the small solutions like body energy are local solutions which can improve our life standards and cost a lot. There have been ideas to use roads as kinetic electricity producers or solar tiles in roads. Still far away as the production and maintenance cost is much more higher than the benefit, nevertheless. by continuous improvements the costs can be driven down.

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Imagine being able to charge my laptop by just keeping it on my lap 😄

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What you share makes me more knowledgeable.
Thank you.

If we can use Phone battery with our body's energy, it will very good.

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Have been the believe we are having in this energy might later have effect on us though in the future

Your display of writing range is impressive!
I invested in solar ten years ago and although the product and science looked solid, the market had other plans. Many lessons in investing are learned attending the school of hard knocks :)

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... although the product and science looked solid, the market had other plans.

That is the key to technology. The timing is crucial. Too early and it falters.

We go through a lot of hype cycles. I remember trading a company that was making oils from algae. They were starting with cooking oil and hoped to move up to fuels.

Great idea, never went anywhere. Might be revisited at some point, who knows. If I was an investor instead of a trader, I would have been cooked.

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I remember that sounded good, but apparently it was half baked LOL

Turning living bodies into batteries? now, how is that possible?
I have seen cases where some chips are implanted into human bodies.
Is it going to be one of such technological inventions?
Well, let's just be alert about the happening and changes in the world.

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Turning living bodies into batteries? now, how is that possible?

If I could explain it to you, I would not be on here blogging and commenting; I would be off starting a company to change the future.

It is just one of those technological ideas that is floating out there among some real smart people who are following it down the rabbit hole.

We will see how it all unfolds.

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Hmmm, I guess you are right in a way.
Let's just see what the future will unfold then

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Hmmmmm Energy produced by the body? How will that be done? Does that mean we will have to put on two or more cloth to be able to produce energy from our body?

Indeed, technology comes and changes everything that used to be and gives us an entirely new thing. As for solar, not everyone can afford such so only the richest get to use it on their roofs because it is way too expensive for all to buy and I hope whatever new invention that is coming around should be affordable

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I gave this post a like and re-hive not because I love the post alone but because it's an eye-opener to me.

I have always believed that solar is the best way of converting the sun rays into electricity but I think it's expensive too.

I for one once believed that setting up. a solar panel in America will be very cheap but I was wrong and I got to know that from your articles. The setup cost of the solar panel is cash draining and that has resulted in its consumption and adoption to be traced only to the rich in the society.

The transformation of the energy being produced by a human to electricity will change the way we think of energy. While research has been successful in theory it will take a longer time to actualize in the real world.


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Very interesting and informative blog! Of course, energy is the most sought after resource. I remember the last century, when people started asking about the depletion of oil and gas reserves. Many were already thinking of a collapse on earth and now look at new perspectives, green and clean and so unexpected, as this possibility to produce energy with our own bodies. Incredible!

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I think people should start producing there on electricity by solar or any other clean energy to decrease fossil fuel used in making energy. also I have four solar panels planted on my roof and only need electricity for refrigerator or oven other than that I am self sufficient