Automated Lawn Moving

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The world of technology is moving quickly. Many contest the idea of technological unemployment and that it will be a problem. After all, technology always created more jobs than it destroyed.

In the long run, this is usually the case. However, that does not mean that there were not intervals where technology obliterated jobs.

The Luddites are the poster children for this concept. They fought the idea of technology and tried to slow it down. This was a fruitless exercise, one that they quickly lost. It is a parable that many who discuss this subject like to point to.

What is overlooked is the Luddites were right. They did lose their careers and life turned pretty crappy for them. In fact, the first 70 years of the Industrial Revolution was awful for most people. In other words, it was not all sunshine and roses. Sure things took off around 1940 but, before that, times were rough.

This is the place we could find ourselves in now. With so many advancements in technology, jobs are going to be obliterated. We all heard about drivers losing out due to autonomous vehicles. Cashiers are being automated away. So are people who work in restaurants.

One that that hasn't been widely discussed is the idea of lawn mowing services. This is something that many feel is protected since it does require manual intervention. They are wrong.

Most have heard about Roomba, the automated vacuum that runs around people's homes. Now we see its sibling but for outdoors.


Mowbot is an automated, electricity powered lawn mowing system that takes care of one's lawn without much human intervention. The devices operates via GPS and comes standard with AI which enables it to learn the lawn.

This particular system is rented out by the franchisee which charges $100 per month. The device has a powering station and mows the yard a couple times a week. A wire is laid on the exterior of the yard, similar to an electric dog fence.

A charging station that looks like a large computer mouse pad with a slight overhang for the Mowbot to poke its nose in is placed somewhere out of the way and plugged in to the customer’s electrical power. Mowbots are programmed to know when they are getting low and to head back to the charger on their own to get reenergized.

The robot takes the first few weeks to learn the lawn, Tim Church says, using GPS to map it and concentrate on spots where it’s needed.

It turns and pivots and moves slowly enough for someone to walk beside it. The sound is akin to the low hum of a dishwasher.


Here is where the imagination can start running. Obviously, this device is not going to replace thousands of people who make their living from cutting grass. We can see that things such as edging must be done with human intervention.

However, this particular device we can call V.1.0. What will things look like 5-7 years down the road when there are more advanced models? Could they go up in size to take on larger projects other than residential lawns? How about gold courses which employ a number of people to mow the greens and fairways? The same could be true for universities and corporate complexes which tend to have a low of grass.

Automated pool cleaners at into the revenues of companies that took care of people's pools. Now, they focus upon the chemicals and if the heater/pump are operating properly. At home pool service really changed.

As AI improves, there is a chance that the applications for a device like this can increase. Being aware of the surroundings is one of the biggest priorities. AI certainly can take care of that as it is better able to process the data of the environment it is working within.

Of course, like most technologies are is a large benefit to something like this. Think of all those who are out in their yard on Saturday morning running the lawnmower. Now, that time could be spent doing other things if the Mowbot takes care of the law automatically. Perhaps, all that is required is getting out there to pull a few weeks and trim near the edges.

This is just another example of how automation is affecting the world around us.

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People who lived in the 20th century had lawn mowers, they called them cows 🙂
Well, things could change a lot when they adapt this toy to slightly uneven surfaces and to handle bigger surfaces as well.
Just as this service, many more appear in the near future. Development can't be stopped.

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...they called them cows

Or goats.

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Why don't we just grow shorter plants?

Just mow all the plants down...screw it, let it mow everything.

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Perhaps weeding could be done at some point too through computer vision. I think some farms are already using technology that pushes weeds down into the ground when the system recognizes them. I think that is a whole lot better than putting poisonous chemicals on the ground.

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It would not surprise me if that is the case.

Few realize by John Deere is one of the leading AI and autonomous driving companies in the world. While cars and trucks get the attention, the ag world is now very advanced technologically.

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Hello! How interesting this publication. I think I have spent the whole afternoon reading about technology and other people's experience with the initiative of how blockchain changed your personal finances, and I have been very surprised by all that I have been missing that happens in the world as I do more work daily.

It is true what you say that it will not leave jobs tomorrow for those who make a living from this job, but history shows us that the future is heading there. Our destiny is to continue perfecting what we have already started. I particularly like that technology advances, I just hope that humanity also improves other qualities than growth in all areas. Thank you for sharing this... ✌

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First time I will be hearing about this
Mowbot though I guess it is not yet widely circulated all around the world and to some continent

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Yes the statement you make here " Many contest the idea of technological unemployment and that it will be a problem". This seems like the setting for an end of the world sci fi thriller where everyone is debating if the world will end .. or the planetary orbit will shift and be destroyed lol. It just reminds me of something crazy like that.

So i was in walmart today. Walmart is my favorite example of this to use now.. I'm always looking at that last remaining cashier which i hardly ever go to. Usually do self checkouts. So i'm having this conversation with some random person.
This machine speeds pass us in Walmart that's cleaning the floor i have no idea what this is. I never seen this before but what it looked like was a machine that once had a seat for a human driver. .Now it has bands around the steering wheel and i guess some programming and it automatically is going around and around Walmart cleaning the floor. The odd thing is it seemed rigged up to do this lol. So not sure if this was augmented or if it was just a cheaper way to repurpose the floor cleaners. I thought it was interesting and it was so symbolic to me looking at this thing of how many workers will be displaced.

Ideas like the Fourth Industrial Revolution come to mind. Here's an interesting bit of information. Do you know that many people don't fully understand why we have Labor Day? That Labor Day was established due to automation displacing workers as well. We're often times familiar with the establishing of 40 hour work weeks and safety agencies. We're not generally aware of the massacres that occured due to automation and work conditions. Job loss and the chaos that was created as a result of it.

The National Guard had to roll in and actual ended up killing like 12 americans about job related stuff. So it's interesting that people just push pass that and go oh we got nothing to worry about". We will have a complete new industry of jobs like we always have.

So let me ask this question. Does this mean then that robotics and artificial intelligence will always be a step behind human beings? Is there any reason for us to believe the progression of ai should move relative in direct relation to the human worker. As to say, human beings are more like an advanced chimpanzee is it somehow reasonable to believe that a creature's who's brain capacity is limited by the size of the cranium lol. Is it reasonable to believe that the capacity of a machine in not just repetitive tasks but jobs of high cognitive association can't be replaced by a machine.

If we believe in the near future we're going to have artificial minds beign feed by data banks all over the world. Is it somehow reasonable to believe we're going to be able to compete. I think we overestimated the capacity of human beings. We're not that smart to the point other technological tools can't do many of the things we do better. They do and they more than likely will.

What type jobs are they speaking of will be left.. There are now ai programs that are moving to replace lawyers.. psychologist its not just the repetitive tasks anymore. It's not going to be just be the burger king worker or cashier or garbage man more. Are we all going to be Zoomba instructors.. Some say the arts will be left. I don't even know about that. We got ai that can not only compose and make better music in some cases.. It can paint works of art. They can even cgi generate pretty believable human actors in movies. I don't think in the near future they will even need actors and actresses.. i think they'll just be able to create a ai person lol.

i feel like addressing this problem over the blockchain in crypto is a softball pitch. It's totally unbelievable to me that this space doesn't see this clear and present danger. So i have to conclude several things. Either they aren't aware..or they think we'll navigate through it.. or they are impotent to do anything about it. In any event this will be a severe problem that needs to be addressed.

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It's totally unbelievable to me that this space doesn't see this clear and present danger. So i have to conclude several things. Either they aren't aware..or they think we'll navigate through it.. or they are impotent to do anything about it.

To this point, I think they lack the ability to see what is going on. After all, people who are technical could be too close to the problem. It is one thing to code, it is another to understand how it all fits together. Plus, in the crypto world, most of the people are just looking at the financial factor, waiting for the moon, and not seeing the big picture.

As to the rest of what you wrote, I agree with it. We are on the same page with that.

The examples you provided show how the first decades of the Industrial Revolution was not great for many people, especially those 12 who were killed in a labor dispute.

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@nonameslefttouse if you have Big heart /
then see this planet is not Shorter

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Only around two years late to the lawn mower bots party. :3

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