Are You Aware Of How Technology Is Affecting Your Life?

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This is a question most people will answer at a rudimentary level.

They will say something like, "Of course. Technology is affecting everything and is changing the world".

It is always nice to throw out a canned response like that but do you think most could answer a few follow up questions? How is technology going to change the world? Which technologies? How is it going to affect your industry or career?

Here we see a multitude of questions that will likely garner a blank stare. Few thing in these terms. Instead, they toss out what they heard someone else say without much thought.

For most, this is the common situation. I once had a manager who swore up and down that the industry we were in was not dying and was not mature. Of course, I stated it was since I knew the metrics as well as the general trend with information. He was convinced people would keep using people at an increasing rate while I knew the exact opposite was happening. I also had near a decade worth of stats that told me that.


At times, I make bold claims about different industries. Why do I do this? Simply put, I am able to look at industries that have not been disrupted and judge the pass at which progress is being made. Over the years, I touched upon 3D printing in a general form. However, I was watching it, specifically, as it pertained to construction. Within the last year, things really started to heat up.

Now, we are at the point where we can proclaim it a done deal. The real estate industry is going to be totally upended by technology. In addition to 3D printing, we are seeing AI and robotics moving heavily into that space.

Do you think real estate agents, renovators, or individual builders area aware of this? More importantly, are real estate investors onto what is taking place?

The answer is most likely not. They are all like the CEO of Blockbuster who thought the solution to declining video rentals was putting in Kiosks. The technological change wasn't a consideration, only the location where people would get their DVDs from. Turns out, people stopped getting DVDs from anywhere and Blockbuster ended up bankrupt.

Technology is rapidly changing how we work, socialize, and entertain ourselves. We saw a great transformation over the past decade and, in my view, this is minor compared to what we will see over the next 10-15 years.

Most importantly, this is going to affect the financial state of most people. Being woefully unaware of what is taking place, they will be caught completely off guard. Not only will people lose their jobs, something many are aware of, but multi-billion industries will collapse almost overnight.

This means business owners and high level executives will find themselves with their financial packages going down the tubes. At the same time, investment funds that invested billions in these industries will also find their account dwindling.

As mentioned, construction and real estate is going to change completely. What does this do to the Re/Max and Century 21 franchisees? How about some of the smaller home builders? The financing end of real estate already saw a great change and it is about to see some more. What happens, though, when real estate prices in many markets drop by 70% and never recover?'


How about upper level education? We had a discussion about this today in @leomarkettalk. What happens when kids opt to take their courses online as opposed to going away to school for four years AND corporations accept the certifications the same as a four year degree? How will that affect all those professors, administrators, and other high ranking personnel who have large salaries? What will they do with a 20%-40% consolidation in the industry within a decade?

Do you think the average bank teller realized that he or she will be gone within a decade? Banks are going to start closing branches at an unforeseen pace. Their business is under attack from all sides meaning the money spent on branches is needed elsewhere.

How about institutional bankers? If the mega tech companies get into banking, they are effectively not needed, at least in the numbers they presently are. Thousands of those high paying jobs will disappear as an application starts to take over and handle many of the tasks they perform.

At this time, a decade ago, few heard the term "retail apocalypse". It was not something that most of us were aware of. Hell, even in the retail sector, most were oblivious to what was taking place.

What was happening, unbeknown to the majority was that online shopping, primarily Amazon, was gaining momentum. People were starting to change their habits, opting to purchase online as opposed to going to to a local shop. While we were unaware of it in 2011, we were well aware of it by 2015. By then, it was mainstream news.

The point here is to ponder what could possibly be taking place that we are unaware of that will be mainstream in 4 or 5 years? I can guarantee you there are a number of things right now that will have severe impact on a number of industries within just a few years.

Are you working in those industries? Is your investment portfolio made up of companies that are going to be obliterated by what is taking place? Do you own a business that could be worthless with the changes that are occurring?

Understanding how technology is truly affecting your life is vital.

By the way, do you own a car dealership or work at one? You might want to consider where things will be with that by the end of the decade. Does anyone believe that people will be buying cars the same way they do now? Will the majority of us even be buying cars by 2030?

We can ask these questions of every industry.

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Yes technology is changing out lives and at a rapid pace. In fact even Jerome Powell said he is looking at the labor force participation rate before saying the economy is recovered. I doubt it will recover anytime soon because the lock down has destroyed jobs. This means permanent jobs lost.

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This means permanent jobs lost.

There is definitely a lost generation just like in 2008/2009. I think we will see millions who will never work again simply because of their age and skillset.

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and won't that be really disastrous??

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It obviously will be for those who are in that category.

It will also hurt things in general.

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Yea I think that's the worst part. People will probably give up on the normal job market and it will be super competitive for the rest of the labor pool. There needs to be new jobs created but this will be in a different spot and I don't know how many people are willing to start over and learn from scratch.

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@taskmaster4450le : "How is technology going to change the world?"

As someone born during this transition I have become aware that my education was a product of a variety of attempts every year of my schooling to adjust the curriculum from previous years and try something new. I was a smart kid no doubt but every year from 91 - 04 it was something new. I was fortunate to have this opportunity but it was not conventional in the way it was for my parents. Nothing about how they saw the world was accurate for me, and due to my interest in technology I was always at least a few paces ahead of them.

I remember using a pencil sharpener, a typewriter, hours of practicing cursive (something they insisted I would need to know, even though I still have never needed it), being given a calculator for the first time in grade 4. Every year new computers were added by the schools and we were given time to 'play', but it wasn't long before I knew more about how it worked than the teachers did. At first we were given freedom to use this new device and discover what it could do, but after a few years it became something that we had to do specific things on, and certain things were not allowed. I learned at a young age how to create folders and save files, we used floppy discs and I discovered that ever student had his own folder for saving files into.

I taught myself a variety of misunderstood skills and by middle school earned an undeserved bad rap when it comes to computers, due to perceptions of a generation that lived in a time which has long since passed. My introduction to technology was in a time that everything was in constant flux and changing by the day, and I learned early on that I could educate myself using the tools we have at our fingertips. Since college I have endeavored to learn as much as possible and soak up all the information worth learning in this world via the internet. Wikipedia was one of the most important developments in the history of the internet, but I believe the most important was Hive, for some of the same reasons as Wiki and even more.

Hive is the new 3.0 data layer as I have previously suggested; just as we began mapping the web using http pages, we can now remap the decentralized web using Hive-posts if we choose to link them together in creative ways. Technology is changing the world in a multitude of ways that would take novels to explore but I can touch on a few more momentarily. Firstly technology like Hive will allow us to save the internet from the grasp of insecure outdated centralized organizations. It will but the power in the hands of the individual user who now has choices. Will we build the social networks of the future on lycos or geocities, in 2022? No, we will be using Hive based dapps like Ecency , PeakD, LeoFinance and more that are being developed today.

The technology that is being created right now will also alter the landscape as new possibilities open up. Every individual is a node in the creator-spaces of the web, and Hive levels the playing field so that anyone can sign up and hopefully make at least one web page post on www3. This technology is in my opinion the most important, which is why I am here. But there is other technology that is disrupting our spaces. There are advantages and disadvantages to every technological innovation, and we have to weigh the costs and benefits to make educated decisions. My last point will be that with regard to social media we have come to that point of decision. We were forced to choose once again to agree to terms that changed, and the benefits of bookface are held ransom; you agree to be banned if we do not like what you post, if you continue to use this platform after October 2020.

Do you agree? Coerced consent is not a joke, not to be taken lightly. For a while it was just fine on social, and then after the election, past attempts at fact checking I took last year turned against my interests and my account had experienced 5 consecutive 90 day livestreaming bans, now in 2021 previous violations are being used to justify another 90 day livestreaming ban and "no advertising" either. Why would I want to advertise on such a counterproductive website? Younger me would just use a different website.

Login somewhere else. The old message boards were good but the data was not archived and would disappear every once and a while. In middle school I used FortuneCity to upload my html web pages and they didn't censor me or prevent me from broadcasting my simple gif pages. No! It was a different time, and now we are in different times again, and tomorrow it will be different also. I am used to these changes because they have been constant in my life, nothing ever stays the same, and I refuse to ever stop learning. I have continued to study all that I can every single day since I left school, thanks to technology that allows me to connect to the internet.

Hive is my last hope for the web, web3 as Hive might be the next most important innovation that I have seen. 3D printing is also cool, I am collecting objects and once it is affordable and perfected then I can begin replication of the most useful designs. I have believed ardently since high school that we need to seek out the best ideas and build the kind of future we really want to live in, for the next generations but also for ours.

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All of that is true. You seem to have come behind me in schooling, although I identify with what you are saying. The world most grew up in is outdated, no matter when one grew up. This is the main message. Change is happening all around us.

It is interesting to get your view on Hive and how you feel it is a central premise for what is being created for tomorrow. Most look at it as a failed experiment; or a token that simply is not going anywhere.

I tend to agree with you. What is being developed here cannot be overstated. We are building the tools for people to use tomorrow. The likes of Facebook and Twitter will not know what hit them.

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If people only knew what we knew. I am straight up telling people now, copy paste your website into your first Hive post. Put your things for sale on Hive, and just link it all together. There no reason why people should hesitate to get started.

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It is an interesting concept. I love forward to reading more of your ideas about tying things together with Hive as the centerpiece.

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!WINE There are so many reasons why Hive should be the centerpiece of the new web, we are already seeing successful front end use cases like LeoFinance but also games like Splinterlands, show how the materials we are using for web3 can be applied. Personally I am working on a use case for my own niche market, live theatrical events. More on this later!

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People do not know the value of technology very much because they have not lost it or live without it
But with a little reflection, we find that it changed our lives 180 degrees.

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Technology has changed the course of life, so reliance on it has become very large compared to only 5 years ago.
The downside that we can look at is that it made people more lazy

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Did technology make people lazy or where they always lazy?

The question is it making people any lazier?

My dad use to come home from work, plop down in front of the tv and fall asleep.

So how is it different now?

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You Are Right

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I agree, life will look very different in a decade already. Covid has accelerated the process and has proved how many things can be done online or in a different way than before. It's going to be painful for some for sure.

Lab grown meat, vertical agriculture in a controlled environment, everything digitalized. We're going to make a VR tour in supermarket and order online, maybe through Hive. It is possible, we have all the potential.

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@taskmaster4450le this is why great post like yours should continue to be seen by alot of people so that they can be aware of what to expect in the future when technology continues to take over the world and the kind of things to expect when it happens...

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It's a shame to see so many people's livelihood's threatened by change, yet it feels inevitable for the most part. Technology is a dual-edged sword. I am curious to see what types of innovations spur to create more jobs with tech replacing some traditional ones.

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I am curious to see what types of innovations spur to create more jobs with tech replacing some traditional ones.

I am not sure that will happen, not anytime soon.

The jobs that are being destroyed, for the most part, add little value to society. It is sad because the workers in those jobs depend upon the income. However, at least in the states, we did a good job generating jobs so people have a place to work but we were poor at creating jobs that actually had an impact. A number of years ago, there was a report followed by a book called Bullshit Jobs that really summarized what was taking place.

Things are moving so quickly that most simply cannot keep up their skills. Those who are engineers will be okay. Those who go to school and get a general college degree are probably screwed.

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@rob23 you are right though

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Incredible post! There are so many "layers" of impact on society that the various technologies have already brought and what a lot can still happen. Many good questions! We are witnessing a technological evolution that is getting faster and faster. In higher education, as you cite, in the area where I work which is medicine, virtual reality -VR will bring a revolution in theoretical and practical teaching. Learning becomes much more real. I hope to buy an electric auto car that doesn't even need to be driven in 2030! Or 2025? :)

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That is very true. We will likely not driving by the end of the decade, maybe before.

We will be seeing a lot of people being caught off guard which is amazing since there are signs that are all around us. You pointed something that is evident if one is paying attention in the healthcare industry.

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we cannot allow the negative sides of technology to discourage us from taking advantage of the massive number of benefits that comes with technology in all sectors in our society,technology has helped our lives and will continue to do that...@taskmaster4450le

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You certainly have to have an open mind to try and read where things are going. For myself right now it is still personal contact and building relationships but can see that going as youngsters today struggle to even communicate with other people unless it has a keyboard. I still think there is room for someone with a personality as lives will be ultra boring otherwise. Serious money will be made by industries or businesses that can keep up with the changes as it will leave others reeling.

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the March 1st Hive Power Up Day

Here are a few more area that will/may be disrupted:

  • the judicial system (both penal and civil) - AI development will force some changes there both at the legislation level, but also in terms of how much human personnel is needed (like clerks, auxiliary or support personnel)
  • pharmacists - AI will probably replace many of them; drive-through pharma with pharmacist AI ATM? ordering your prescription online with the whole process till arriving being automated?
  • diagnosticians maybe next surgeons
  • as much as I don't like to say this: programmers, because code is easily learnable by AI
  • etc. (you already mentioned many other fields to be disrupted in other posts, I'm not going to repeat them here)

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@arslan.leo well yeah many people now spend more time on their mobile phones more than they spend time with their friends and family,,but i totally disagree that technology is making us dull,infact i believe technology is making us become smarter and become more careful and more alert might have its own negative side but the positives is far higher and higher than whatever negatives it has....

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There is a negative side to technology that is true. Like the old saying, with fire we cooked food but also burned down villages.

I am not sure it is making us dull. In fact I see more creativity now than before we had all this technology.

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