Will Blockchain Bring About Techno-Fascism?

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Most humans are going to be economically useless.

How does that reality sit with everyone?

While there might be some contention to this, it is the future based upon where technology is going. There is little doubt that technology is going to destroy a large number of jobs, moving into the realm of the majority of them lost.

Sure, technology will create new ones which will offset the destruction a bit. However, the jobs that are created will be fewer in number and require ever increasing levels of education. In other words, entry level keeps moving up the scale. To those not trained or schooled in those areas, the economic usefulness diminishes to about zero.


We already see the mega-technology companies gaining in strength with each passing year. The most populous country in the world has around 1.2 billion people. Facebook, on the other hand, has over 2 billion users. As we move deeper into a digital/virtual world, these companies will have more influence than governments.

Blockchain is a wonderful innovation. Like all technologies, it is neutral. Thus, the impact comes down to how it is applied. If nefarious purposes are sought, then the technology can generate a state of dystopia.

As more people become less economically relevant, those in control are going to seek to ensure civil unrest does not take place. This is true whether it is government or mega-corporations running the show. A population that misbehaves does not sit well with those who seek to control.

One of the features of blockchain is immutability and transparency. Of late, we are seeing discussion about a move to digital money by governments that are posted on blockchain. While this can appear to be a step forward on the surface, digging down we see how this could have negative consequences.

The proposed move by central banks and their associated governments is not taking place on a decentralized blockchain. Instead, this will be on a system they control. Thus, not only will all transactions be monitored, anything can be stopped by the freezing of the wallet. No court order required.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. As the next decade unfolds, we are going to see an increase in the technological power that is created. With advancements in AI, robotics, and bio-technology, it is possible that a small handful of people control the companies that "own" these technologies. In this instance, the plight of humanity is basically in their hands.

If you think this is not taking place, look at Blackstone's recent acquisition of Ancestry.com. This puts the DNA of over 1 million people in the hands of a Wall Street firm. Think about that for a second.

This is the goal of Google, Alibaba, Facebook, and the rest of them. At the same time, governments, whether it is the EU, USA, or China all seek dominion over their populations. Mass surveillance is about the only thing all governments agree upon. On this one, they appear united.

There is debate as to whether Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is possible. While that discussion rages, there is no doubt that AI systems are getting more powerful. Over time, even if AGI is not reached, the construction of enough ANI (artificial narrow intelligence) will achieve a similar end. String enough algorithms together and systems start to appear to be "intelligent".

Could this mean we are looking at our future overlords? Some with the dystopian view believe that. Regardless of one's outlook, there is no denying that more of our global transactions are being handled by computers. We also see, over the last half decade, the use of algorithms in all our affairs increasing. With the impending roll out of the "Internet of Things", the trend if pretty clear.


Fortunately, blockchain is also what can be used to combat techno-fascism. Decentralization and open source get a lot of publicity inside the tech community but little discussion takes place outside of it. Nevertheless, this is vital to the future of humanity.

Open source algorithms (software) is essential. This is one of the best defenses against the techno-takeover that the likes of Facebook and Microsoft want to achieve. At the same time, blockchain features applied in a manner that benefits all and provides less control to centralization is imperative.

The evolution towards more automation and rising AI makes decentralized blockchains even more imperative. Having these technologies tied to open databases enables the coding to carry with it the ideals that humanity wants to maintain. This will not happen when the ones putting that forth are techno-psychopaths intent on controlling and pillaging the human population.

Projects like SingularityNet and Ocean Protocol seek to decentralize and open source AI projects. Through the use of blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency, it aims to have individuals creating AI offer their projects out to the rest of the world. Thus, instead of it being developed for a small group of companies to utilize, most of humanity will be scaled up as the technology advances.

At this point, the path that humanity will take is not clear. Ultimately, we have a choice in the direction this is heading. Blockchain and cryptocurrency focus is presently on the financial side of things. This is a short-sighted view.

When we step back, we see that this is a rather large picture that is being drawn. The tentacles of this reach far and wide. There is a lot more at stake than a few tokens mooning to generate a fantastic return.

Instead, we are looking at the establishment of a defense against the techno-fascists who seek to automate and control most everything.

While it might not be obvious, we still do have a say in the direction things head.

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This is why I'm buying land and going off-grid, it's something I've always fancied anyway, so rather than being economically dependent on the hi-tech system it's rather something I can just play around with, while I meet by basic needs with physical labour in a local context.

I think it's quite a nice mix, local off-grid with blockchain global connections.

Hive is really leading the way there too I think!

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Well, the reality is, in the near future, techno-fascism and techno-anarchy (no rulers) will exist side by side.

Those that do not want to live in little cubicles stacked on top of each other with cameras everywhere need to start growing their own food.

Become really self sufficient.
Become a halfu: half farmer / half something else (like half programer, half technical analyst)

What is going away is the ability to trade money for food.

There is always lots of work to be done.
Lots of work that robots can't do.
What is going away are the economically (in the old system) viable jobs.

So, move out of the system. Its old and dying.

The corporations will be gone in as little as 50 years.

The corporations will be gone in as little as 50 years.

This is a really great point that does not get enough attention @builderofcastles.

We are seeing something that most feel is a permanent part of life yet it is a human creation that can be stamped out at any time.

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Interesting set of questions. My first thought was 'TechnoFascism? Are you kidding me? I'd have more thought TechnoAnarchy.'

But reading your post I get what you are saying, and per normal, agree.

I heard some expert on the local NPR station talking about future jobs. The interviewer ended the interview by asking 'is it hopeless, are we doomed to chronic unemployment and more wealth inequity?'

His answer was no. He cited trying to explain auto manufacturing to somebody in 1865 or Communications in 1920, He feels we can't even imagine the big job market in 50 years.

That is true and over 50 years, you will see new developments in "employment". However, in the near term, it could be tough for people.

In the end the Luddites were wrong except what most overlook is the fact that it took 70 years for that to be true. The first generations of workers did not fare too well in the industrial revolution.

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I'm guessing centralised cooperation wouldn't want to have a system that allows all their transactions to be accessible by everyone and transparent. Like you said banks, government and all, all they want is to control because there's so much going on that they wouldn't want to divulge. At the end the masses and populace will have a win this debacle of ceaseless control by these bodies.

It was really illuminating to read. Cheers.

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The blockchain technology indeed might be used by AI to gain more power, but also for humanity to put it at good use. Now if our tendency is towards self destruction that will happen sooner or later as there is an immense power unleashed through all these distributed applications. Not only that but this might ensure AI survival regardless of one or other power.

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TechnoAnarchy sounds better and more realistc for the future, haha!

I don't agree re: diminished economic usefulness. I don't employ anybody at the moment, but with a big stack of money I'd hire a gardener, a live-in cook/maid, and a tutor for the kids. Zero jobs becomes three jobs. Some or all of those roles might gradually be automated out of existence, then I'll be looking for an archivist/biographer, to study diaries, friends social media and records, past employer's payslips etc, and write a comprehensive study of my entire life, what I did, where I was, every single day so far.
Maybe a devil's advocate who's job is to study up on every social, political and religious position I hold, and try and debate me out of them.
Somebody who knows all of my preferences; to travel ahead of me to competing potential destinations, and then report back on which one I should choose; and what I should do when I get there.
These all sound outlandishly decadent; but any of them would be a pretty good job to have, and I'm sure there are already people doing these sorts of things for billionaires now.

With the future movements of central banks and their governments, they will clearly show that the best way for people will be to use their centralized network and although we change from physical money to a digital currency their control will remain the same and this film we are tired to owe.

I hope that more people will understand this "Matrix" and be able to see their situation around. In the coming years we will have more and more technological innovations much more quickly and depending on the next government, I hope that the paths chosen will not lead to serious consequences.

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