Why The Internet Is Giving Us Exponential Times

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The Internet is one of the greatest innovations in human history. It is now providing us with the basis for living in exponential times. Over the next couple decades, we will see advancements in all areas of life. The changes will likely be so major that we are stunned at what takes place.

There is a sound reason for this. Most problems can be broken down into information, atoms, energy, and time. Engineers, of all types, deal with these basic components and manipulate them in different ways to arrive at new solutions.

It is also what explains technological deflation.


Obviously, time still passes at the same rate. The number of atoms on the planet also has not changed. Energy, although generated differently, still breaks down to the core components of joules.

What has changed is the information we have. This is what allows for us to remodel our world in ways that were unimaginable a few decades ago.

Most of our advancement is because of the implementation of new information. For example, we saw massive expansion in oil production as greater information because available. We were able to better locate the oil, reducing the dry wells. A technique such as fracking, which is not new, was able to apply mass data for improved efficiency.

The same is true with solar, battery, and wind technology.

Information allows us to better use the atoms around us. Obviously, we cannot alter the physics that deal with skyscrapers and the fact they will sway due to wind currents. For most of human history, this was not known. However, today, we can build monumental structures due to the information we have. It allows us to design building that "move" in a controlled manner.

We also are moving, in many ways, from atoms to bits. It is said that the entire universe is just information. Our digital world is starting to show this. We are taking what use to be physical and turning that into bits of data which are sent around the planet at increasing speeds.

Sensors are appearing in everything. This is providing up with an increasing amount of data. Coupled with more powerful computation, we can see how things keep moving at an accelerating pace.

Take the idea of tail landing rockets. SpaceX did not invent this concept. In fact, it is more than 60 years old. That said, it was not possible to achieve until recently due to the lack of information. Without the sensors and advanced computation to control the device, it could not be achieved.

Today, there is little that happens with a rocket that is not monitored, controlled, and under supervision.

In fact, that is rapidly applying to all of life.


As our world becomes increasingly digitized, we see how information is causing massive growth opportunities. Innovation comes from experimentation (finding new information) which is also accelerating. Transitioning away from atoms means we can manipulate things with less difficulty. A world of bits is simply easier than one of atoms.

Yet, that does not mean we should overlook the extension to the physical. Digital technology is allowing us to expand the capability of atoms and, thus, energy. Think about solar panels which keep improving, providing more energy per unit than previous generations. This increases the output utilizing less resources.

We also see the same thing with time. Here compression occurs as faster computation allows for more rapid production. Consider the idea of medicine. Digital advancements are known to reduce drug discovery by more than 20%, a number likely to increase.

Communications is another area where this holds true. The time to download a film is a fraction of what it took only a decade ago. With the implementation of 5G, more information applied, we will see this only pick up speed.

Information is what always allows humans to improve the use of energy, atoms, and time. All of civilization contains these core components.

With the Internet, we are seeing a more powerful mechanism. Artificial Intelligence is taking off, in large part, because of the information that is available to feed into the networks. This was not the case 20 years ago.

Information yearns to be free. It spreads out like wildfire when unencumbered and is copied. It is said the Internet is the biggest copy machine ever created. Whatever is placed on there is copied without much friction.

The processing power of the planet is growing. As we more efficiently use atoms for computation, we end up with more information. The fact the components get less expensive while doing more clearly explains the exponential growth curve.


Software, which is also digital in nature, adds to this by continually applying better logic to the information provided. Hence, we are running more efficient software stacks on more powerful machines.

Using Hive, anyone can remit money to anyplace in the world in 3 seconds. This shows how much faster bits are than atoms. Think about how long it would take for that transaction to occur in the physical world. Sending cash (or a check) would take days to weeks to complete. Here again, we see the compression of time.

Hence, we are confronted with an interesting situation. It is easy to see how technology is both exponential AND accelerating. It is not only growing in bigger chunks, it does so at a faster pace.

What is not so well known is that our economics are the same way. Today, our metrics of measurement are not able to capture what is taking place since they were created in a world based upon atoms. However, due to the nature of technology, we see how this impact is filtering throughout the entire economic system.

Therefore, the global economy is also exponential and accelerating. This is due to the fact that, each year, more transactions are taking place in the digital world (the Internet). Since this technology is rapidly expanding, our economic circumstances are following a similar path.

Information just keeps growing. This is central to the progress of humanity.

It is what is allowing us to manipulate the entire world around us.

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I wonder how life would have been for many of us without the internet information technology in place. Thanks to the intervention of blockchain technology and kudos to Leofinance community.

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I can tell you since I was alive before it.

We didnt know any different. Simply put, it is impossible to know what we don't know.

Thus we communicated by writing letters and mailing them (with a postage stamp), called people on the phone, or went to see them. There was no zoom, email, or instant messaging.

We also kept records on paper, stored in file folders. Bills were paid by writing out a check (and mailing it). Shopping required going to the store in person, or buying out of a catalog.

In short, it was an analog world.

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🤔That's very true @taskmaster4450le. To be candid, we should have every reasons to be grateful for this digital dispensation. I know many youngster and kids of nowadays might not even see the need to appreciate what we have at the moment because they were birth in this digital age. Really the Internet has really done a lot great job by liberating us from the analog regime. We now feel so refreshed as the digital technology system gradually gets better by the day and as well, we feel so optimistic towards more inventions and technological advancements with time.

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yeah that's just the fact. Since most of the younger people already got what they want on a plater of gold, so they see no need to appreciate the worth of the new digital age since it's already a template they met. For me, I can't stop appreciating the brains behind this digital transition. 😊Thanks for your support and i really do appreciate your time @taskmaster4450le.

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No problem. I always appreciate good conversation and engagement.

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yeah i see, that's very true as confirmed from the statistics @khaleelkhazi gave few days back here. You're really doing a great job amongst other curators on this platform and this really is a source of encouragement to me and many in the Leofinance commumity. That reminds me, please i need your support on this post i made yesterday. Thank you once more🙏.

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Without a doubt. Those who went through the transition realize how much things have changed.

The younger people take many things for granted which were not around a few decades.

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Well, since it took off, the internet has treated us very well, especially those of us who are in critical currencies that allow us the illusion that in the future we will be able to have better opportunities to live better, as a result of our returns.

If we have no idea how much this will grow a lot at levels that we have never imagined already with devices incorporated into the body already massively that will facilitate and monitor life, we hope there will not be much invasion, with the internet of thing, it will provide us with a great development.

but hey we hope to be alive to be able to witness and enjoy the great thing that comes in our development.

Most of us cannot imagine future devices. The leap is just too great for our linear minds to comprehend.

It is why, in the long-term, we often underestimate the potential impacts of technology.

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Yes and we are inside with a Little know about. How it Will be evolutioned to our benefit sr., when people comming in mass, they say why we did not know about this before.

We also are moving, in many ways, from atoms to bits.

I fully agree with this, @taskmaster4450. This evolution is something very incredible and being part of it is even better.

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Seems like we are on a runaway train sometimes barreling towards some unknown destination. I guess we should just sit back and enjoy the ride! I was pretty floored when my wife bought a new toothbrush a couple of years ago and the dentist was telling us how it had bluetooth connectivity so you could keep track of your brushing I guess. We have never connected it. Some things just seem silly to need a sensor like that in them. You are right though, pretty much everything has one in it these days!

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There is a lot of silliness with first generation technology.

However, what is the same toothbrush was able to give your dentist an idea of problem areas while acting as an X-Ray machine?

My dad has a defibulator in his chest and it is connected. His cardiologist receives regular updates as to what is going on.

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My father in law has a pacemaker and they can get information from him as well. I could see how that might be beneficial for the tooth brush. The sad thing is the people who can afford that technology often aren't the ones that actually need it. I mean, if I am spending $100 for a toothbrush, there is probably a pretty good chance I take really good care of my teeth to begin with. Not sure where I am going with that... just something that I realized.

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The sad thing is the people who can afford that technology often aren't the ones that actually need it.

Do you recall when cell phones were only in the realm of doctors and lawyers? Today, anyone over 6 in the US has not only a cell phone but a smart phone.

The curve of technology is such that what is expensive and lacking in features today will be dirt cheap and feature rich down the road.

We see this over and over.

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As a matter of fact I used to sell them when I worked at Radio Shack. I miss my bag phone, that three watts of power was killer.

The Internet is the greatest achievement of mankind so far and I think we should be glad that we are contemporary with it. But the law of permanent progress will make something else appear that goes beyond the Internet. You talked about macro, industry and technology and the impact that the internet and scientific research have had on accelerating processes. This speed that we perceive in everything makes time seem to pass faster. Many people have this perception.

That's right, information is everything, whoever masters information rules the world. You say that the atom has turned into bits and it seems easier to understand. And yet ...

With all this information and speed, it was enough a disorder of nature and a mutation of this virus, Covid-19, for the world to be so much deregulated. When this virus appeared, I thought that as well as now, due to advances in science and research, we will be able to protect ourselves very effectively and quickly. Well, it's not like that.


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As our world is getting digitised one thing that worries me is how we are going to store these datas ones they get to plutonic rates that would require Incredible storage device. In reality I believe the way we can now move information faster and better, is really amazing, with the possibilities that are around us, people might stay in their living room and everything without moving a muscle. The internet is indeed a blessing one of the biggest gifts to humanity

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Organic storage devices will solve your problem in an instant. The amount of data that can be stored on genetic material is incredible. The problem is it is very expensive to write to and read from organic material at the moment.

That will likely change in the future.

In the meantime, the cost of memory comes down at about a 33% rate per year. So we are getting a lot more memory for the money. Hence why there are huge server farms.

Plus software stacking is getting better where they can store more data in smaller bytes of memory.

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Cost of memory is another thing, I expected it would go higher as there's more need to store data arises but then might even cheaper like you suggested.

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It will plummet. Memory is under the laws of IT meaning it is extremely deflationary.

The need for more storage has been soaring for decades. Do not forget, we have multi GB USB drives. There was a time, 20 years ago, where a large USB drive was 4 MB.

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4 TB not GB.

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It will plummet. Memory is under the laws of IT meaning it is extremely deflationary.

I do not know about this until now, that's great though

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Man that was a lot of information to absorb but I get it Internet is the biggest revolution To me you can connect to word bus sitting on your couch and you just me and internet device today's world is totally digital your data is monitored that can be helpful and harmful both have its benefits and downfalls but you need to improve this technology because security is the most important in digital era