Where Is The Dystopia?

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Hollywood likes to give us the end of the world scenarios. This helps to feed into human's biological tendency towards negativity bias. Of course, we find that most of these scenarios are not even remotely close to reality.

One area that we see this being the case is with technology. There are many out there who talk about our "AI Overlords" and how technology is going to destroy humanity. They paint the picture of a world where the few are in control of everything whereas the masses are nothing more than redundant.


The reality is that technology has always enhanced humanity. In fact, all progress forward can be attributed to the advancements in technology. Whether it was the discovery of fire or harnessing of electricity, each event pushed us forward a great deal.

It is worth nothing that technology is mostly neutral. The purpose is determined by the users. Hence, technology can be a double-edged sword depending upon who is using it.

For example, fire could be used to cook our food. That is a positive. At the same time, people learned they could burn down the towns of other people. Here is the negative side of it. The bomb on Nagasaki exhibits the downside to atomic energy yet the homes that are powered by it is the upside.

In spite of this, people are still looking for the doom and gloom scenario to arise. This is something that we see splattered across the Internet. In fact, this mindset, online at least, is in its third decade.

My only question to this is where is the dystopia? In fact, isn't it ironic that people are able to espouse a view to more than 5 billion people with simply the touch of a button. And yet we think things are getting worse? Presidents and world leaders in the past had an impossible time reaching that many people. Nevertheless, anyone with an Internet connection has the ability to reach billions with a post on Facebook or YouTube.

Of course, technology is not without its problems. We do see many issues arising that require solutions. However, most often technology improves upon what it replaces. This can cause issues for those being disrupted yet, over the long term, helps millions (if not billions) of people.


Presently, we are looking at a very powerful technology emerging before our eyes. This is part of a larger process of the "digitization of everything". We are watching the foundation for an entirely new financial system being put in place. Yet people still take the same mindset to it as they do with everything else.

Probably at the top of the list is the idea that governments and other entities are going to stop the progress of digital assets. This is not going to happen. We are watching the Great Race take place, pitting the established system against those developing technology. The problem is that many from the mainstream system are already siding with the development. Thus, the bedfellows keep changing, really making it difficult for governments to figure out what is going on.

Already, we see millions of people who are already in better financial position than they were when they started. This is common in bull markets since most people's accounts are in the green. However, even during the bear, many kept building to put themselves in this situation. This is only going to continue as we move through this decade.

Nevertheless, many people are still awaiting the bust. They are espousing how all of this is going to end. Certainly, markets do up and down but technology keeps moving ahead. There is no stopping the shift to digital assets. This is going to unleash the biggest boom humanity ever saw. As Hester Pierce, the only way to stop this is to turn off the Internet.

In spite of this, we will see many posting online about how this is all going to end. We can expand this point of view out to all technology that is being worked upon today. There will be those espousing the same tired idea of a dystopian future. Of course, many of them are selling some agenda or idea. These people know the power of fear.


The control mechanism is a problem. This is why the push towards decentralized systems is so vital. Humanity benefitted greatly from a hierarchical structure for the last few hundred years. However, that has run its course. Technology put a great deal more knowledge, ability, and power in people's hands. Thus, centralized control is showing itself to be a very flawed system.

People who are in power want to remain there. They are going to do everything they can to operate like nothing is any different. When they feel things slipping away, they only grab on tighter. This is the point we are at now.

We do see, however, the ability to counteract this. The same technology that allows them to control also provides the pathway to freedom. It really only comes down to hundreds of millions of people turning their backs on the centralized entities and opting for something else. Of course, that something else has to exist before people can do that.

It is what is being constructed now.

For all the backlash people have against technology and human advancement, would anyone prefer to live in the 1920s as compared to today? Would you like to go back to the 1970s? Or even the 1870s? For all the whining people do, is there anyone who thinks there was a better time in history to live?

Does that mean our world is perfect? Far from it. We have a lot of issues. However, people have access to a lot more than they did even a few decades ago. This is something often overlooked.

Isn't ironic how those who complain about the plight of the world do so on a mobile device using a communication system that cost billions to establish and do so basically for free?

Yeah things really suck.

We are in the middle of the struggle between the old and the new. This is especially true in finance. The old guard is fighting to remain relevant while new technology is offering more to the masses. This tug-o-war is going to play out for a while yet history shows us that the disruption ends up winning in the end.

The motto is adapt or die. As we witnessed in many other industries, history is filled with entities that did not adapt. In fact, we can surmise that most ended up dying. Adaption is not something we tend to excel at in the short-term.

Nevertheless, the dystopian future that people like to serve up usually comes with an agenda. It is best to ignore those scenarios since they are highly unlikely. As we progress forward, our technological advancements become part of us. We construct the world around us based upon them.

As this spreads throughout the world, we will see continued progress. Many will not believe it, still looking for the saber toothed tiger around the next turn.

It is something that some cannot overcome.

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In answer to your your question I believe there are two primary sources of the dystopia. The first are the loudmouths at either end of the bell curve. This small minority believe that they 'deserve' more or know better what is best for everyone and are always the loudest so tend to get the most attention. The second would be a much larger group who look outside themselves for validation rather than finding it within themselves. Much of the 'doom and gloom' stems from this source, especially because they are often influenced by the loudmouths. The vast majority of people tend to exist somewhere closer to the middle of the curve and just want to live their lives in peace without all the noise and chaos.

Your contention about the inevitability of advancement is entirely correct. I would suggest that it is the majority nearer the center who make it so. The reason, I believe, that the dystopia gets so much presence is that the majority tend to be quiet.

Yet another great post. Always look forward to you work.

Blessed Be.

I would also add that it is the majority in the center who also do not take the time to notice, just going about things. Hence, if they did, they would easily refute the loudmouths as you call them.

Sadly, they simply do not which gives those a platform to keep propagating their doom and gloom scenarios.

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All to true.

A much needed expression of optimism! !BBH

It is a choice that few seem to want to exercise.

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Sadly true. !BEER

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When you talked about fire & electricity in the 2nd paragraph and how technology is neutral, and it’s dependent on the user, it made me think about the nuclear bomb and the discovery of nuclear energy.

We can split atoms over top of densely populated areas and destroy things, or we can split atoms away from large population areas inside of reactors in order to create energy that gives life.

I’m so frustrated with the fact that our national “leaders” walk around with a “nuclear football” just in case they need to retaliate after it’s already too late for us citizens.
Mutually assured distractions is probably one of the big reason that the average citizen is afraid to conduct a meaningful revolution against governments like the U.S. China, Russia, North Korea, Indonesia, Mexico. Almost every corner of this earth is requiring the average citizens to stand up, and take control away from the corrupt democidal “leaders”

Governments are usually the most noticeable users o technology but rarely do they have altruistic intentions.

Look at AI. They are using this amazing technology to spy on people and figure out how to kill more efficiently.

Is this the use cases we really want for this amazing technology? Obviously not but that is what the governments of the world come up with.

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Yea it’s sad.. and the rifles behind every blade of grass, just want them to be a little bit nicer to them and their friends, tax less, put criminals in for-profit jails, keep immigrants away, and force people to identify with what they were labeled at birth.
Keep it simple snowflake.
-the American “patriot”

I think one of the most important experiments in blockchain is with governance. Hopefully we can some up with new models that make what we see with governments completely obsolete.

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I think dystopian futures are more than just technology. They are more a commentary on the failure of governments. There are the Mad Max dystopia in which central government has completely failed. Then there are the Orwellian dystopias where government has taken complete control over the lives of citizens. It’s centralized versus decentralized. Technoloogy in these visions tends to follow the degree of control over society.

I don’t think either type of dystopia is an adequate portrayal. History shows us that when central governments fail, we just create a new one.

Also, we keep an eye on North Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and to some degree the Eurozone, to find out how far people can be pushed before they rid themselves of the yoke of their government. Apparently, people are willing to endure quite a bit. Where these examples don’t follow popular dystopian visions is that none of these, except China, perhaps, are using amazing technology.

That is true yet history is filled with governments that were overthrown or completely collapsed. Look at the Soviet Union 30 years ago. A half century cold war and it died simply by it imploding upon itself.

So governments being at the core of the dystopia could have a part in the problem, but that tends to clear out over time.

Even Cuba is much different than it was a few decades ago. China too. North Korea, not so much. Venezuela-going backwards.

Here we see some ebb and flow.

By the way, I agree about the EU but that is because the model is also about to implode on itself. There are serious issues that cannot be papered over. It is going to be very interesting how they try to keep that taped together.

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I was a teen when the Eurozone was coming around. I vaguely recall that it was meant to be a trade coalition rather than a government. I think they overstepped their bounds. Europe is too diverse to form one people under one government. Although they don't have government power, they exert too much power over member nations.

The problem I see at the moment is that the Internet allows us to have more truths. And this, of course, is exploited by those with the most power. Technology can’t help much here. Unless those who are spreading different truths will disregard and disruption will happen to them.

where is the dystopia?

Well it is just some crazy stuff being spouted as people like the click bait. Personally I think the dystopia fears are possible. Most of the old people can't imagine most of the world being run by robots. It's happening and AI is also improving at a fast rate. It doesn't help me that the big tech companies being the leaders in AR/VR and they are going to be controlling what comes into our brains.

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It doesn't help me that the big tech companies being the leaders in AR/VR and they are going to be controlling what comes into our brains.

Are they?

That is the presumption.

I recall posting about a year ago where someone came into the comments and blasted me. The basic premise of the post" banks were cooked.

Now a year or so later, not an absurd conclusion.

Yet it was something completely incomprehensible to this person. He claimed that banks were not going anywhere.

The reality, is most are going out of business.

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Well I am not sure but its the first thing that pops into my mind. I am hesitant on the AR/VR side because it is precisely the big tech companies making it. As for whether or not they can manipulate what directly goes into my head, I do not know but I would prefer a open source solution.

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I do agree with that. The emergence of Facebook as one of the leading company is an area of major concern for me.

Hopefully we start to see open source developers getting in there. I will have to check out DLUX in greater detail to see what is possible.

At least we have some on here.

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I don't know if you have heard of the Fermi Paradox, its basically saying, where are the aliens? so all civilizations must destroy themselves (or none have never existed except us?) This paints a dim vision for the future of humanity, but I have more hope!

On the decentralised point 100% agree, information is powerful, so to stop the emergence of a concentration of power, what better way than to make information free, open, and incorruptible.

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The answer to the Fermi Paradox might not be in the biological.

What if advanced civilizations are able to eclipse their biological suits and operate in another realm?

Thus the solution might be the aliens are all around us, simply on a dimension that we cannot see at this time.

Perhaps as we advance as a species, we will start to encounter these super "intelligences".

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interesting take on things, its possible in the many world's view of physics, or perhaps we are all just code in one giant simulation ... like in matrix or the 13th floor (both great movies!)

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I see a lot of content lately saying "hive is difficult to adopt" but then I ask are we going to be stuck in the era of centralised medias? Change is imminent and honestly people would have to adapt no matter what. Finance, wealth and tech is becoming better and the lives of a lot of people are getting better by the day as more opportunities suffices

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Hive is difficult to adopt. There is little debate there in my mind. However, it is not impossible to adopt. People can figure it out if they want to.

Let us not forget the internet was very complex in the early days also. Yet, a few decades later, it is a part of life.

We will see how well we do with making life easier for those coming to Hive. Ease of use is something that many developers will have to start working upon.

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It's basically crazy, since it's not impossible to adopt I believe it pays more to even find it plausible to adopt. The internet will get even more complex. People will be involved with blockchain whether they like it or not. Everything doesn't have to be easy. What then is the essence?

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I agree with you. For all the time people spend on other stuff, if they would dedicate the time to Hive, they would not only learn about it, but find enormous financial (and otherwise) benefit to it.

Alas, we know most will not.

So what is the essence? We will have to ask that to people who believe this is too complex.

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I particularly saw one content like that days ago, I mean it's not logical, you spend like 5 years on Facebook simply because you enjoy the simplicity then what's the benefit when others are exploring better opportunities and benefiting themselves.

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The Facebook shareholders and Mark Zuckerberg certainly appreciate it and benefit.

I am not sure about the individual who does that.

Hive is bringing a new model to the table. If we are ever able to kick off the network effect, watch out.

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Hahaha of course I forgot we have a massive beneficiary,

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Let us not forget the internet was very complex in the early days also. Yet, a few decades later, it is a part of life.

This is something people forget or just never knew. Configuring the IP address, the stmp address, the pop mail address, the ftp address, getting those all correct to surf, and check email, was not an easy thing to do in the beginning.

The difficulty of Hive use is getting people to understand the keys, and that can pretty much be done away with the add-ons of hivekeychain and hivesigner.

Posting really is not any more difficult than typing up an email.

Isn't ironic how those who complain about the plight of the world do so on a mobile device using a communication system that cost billions to establish

it's indeed ironic. I guess they never thought about that part before , that shows how inauthentic their plight is.

I believe it's either you suffer the pain in change or remain where you are. Many are aware of what's coming with technology advancement and still chose to ignore

Certainly there will be pain. There always is.

Technology doesnt bring about a dystopia nor will it bring about utopia.

We are much better than we were a few decades ago but far from perfect. There are still a lot of challenges to take on and correct.

That said, there is overall improvement in the lives of many.

Look around you: how many people have mobile phones compared to a couple decades ago? This is a starting point for greater economic activity.

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That said, there is overall improvement in the lives of many

Very true.

how many people have mobile phones compared to a couple decades ago

Probably everyone these days. Even a day older baby has its own small playing device to make him or her happy.

It’s all technology around us and more people are being enlightened more on its advantage To mankind

Without a doubt. We see things changing a great deal due to technology yet many want to wallow in the negativity. We do have problems, that can't be denied. However, there is a lot more stuff taking place that will help to uplift billions.

This is something that cannot be lost on people.

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We do have that looming negativity bias to contend with. Personally, I have never understood the mindset that believes any and every ill wind that blows is a "sign" that the end of the world is at hand.

Maybe part of the problem is that the doomsday sayers who mostly reside in the tails of the bell curve tend to live in their own little echo chambers, while everyone in the central 95% or so are too busy simply getting on with life to pay much heed to either end's version of a dystopic future.

Frankly, I worry less about the end of the world than whether I'll be able to keep up with the speed at which changes are happening...


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It is very true that the squeaky wheels get the grease. The nutjobs on both ends of the spectrum make the most noise and the media, looking for click-bait, cover them. Fear and greed move the needle and the media is no longer made up of news organizations, rather they are a group of for-profit propagandists. Even the "non-profits" media outlets have their agendas. Nothing is two-sided anymore. Facts are doctored, spun one way or the other, or ignored completely in order to support whichever narrative helps them. They are basically nothing more than glorified ad agencies "selling" their message to the masses.

Fortunately, most of the normal population see it for what it is and, for the most part, ignore it. Left and right live in complete harmony when left and right are not part of the conversation. Crypto crosses party lines and national borders. Any dystopia created will be last-ditch efforts by the current power holders to maintain their control.

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Any technological advancement that happened before I was an adult, was fantastic, timely and helpful. Anything that's happened since threatens to upset the status quo, cost jobs and drive millions into poverty.

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Hollywood pushing dystopian scenarios related to technology isn't that surprising, since Hollywood was generally hostile towards new technologies through its histories, especially those technologies that directly or indirectly threatened its bottom line (like television, video games, computers, Internet). But those neo-Luddite attitudes are just continuation of earlier historical trends, like "return to nature" and rejection of modernity.

I'm generally more optimistic than pessimistic about new technology. What I see as the most likely scenario for dystopia is when technology and technology-related economies collapse and governments are forced to rediscover old methods of keeping unruly populations in check.

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The thing with our current technology is that it gives authoritarian governments more tool to keep the people in line, and thus the possibility for a dystopian future increases, but like you said it's up to us how we use technology and if we use it to constantly better our life

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Great to present a positive outlook.
You are right that the technology is there for freedom, more than ever before.

But it depresses me how many people are sheeple and so slow to adopt and clinging to the idea that governments can protect them from everything.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

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Interesting nice ;))

It's funny because I am a sci-fi dystopia writer, but I don't believe technology will be our problem, it is the people that use it. You can't blame a hammer for being what it is, a person can either use it to knock in a nail or knock someone's brains out.

We could use DNA databases to find cures for incurable ailments and diseases, or someone could come along and use it to genetically profile us to work out who gets the cheapest insurance, again you can't blame the database for how it is used.

As far as decentralisation is concerned, again it depends how the actors behave. A lot of people say its the answer to all of our problems, but I'm not so sure. In a lot of ways decentralisation adds a whole tonne of problems.

For instance, the Hive blog itself is a terrible website, it's very slow and seems to be getting slower, and the search function doesn't work. There is no way these two things would carry on being ignored in a centralised organisation.

Anyway, nice article. Thanks.


Great post! You hit the nail on the head! Human ingenuity and perseverance has always found solutions to emerging problems. It is all there in the history books for people to learn from, yet the doomsayers continue to say this time is different. Not that we don’t have a lot of challenges to overcome, but our ancestors problems and lives seem to have been much harder. Good time to be alive!