The Internet Is Taking Over

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We can look back through history and see the ages change from one to another. In hindsight, we see the shift from agriculture to industry. At the same time, we can also see when the Information Age formed.

It is not, however, as easy to see the transition taking place. We are often mired in our daily struggles to notice what is happening.


Over the last 25 years, the Internet became an ever growing part of our lives. With each passing year, more of our activities involved "logging on". Of course, this was something we did in the early days. Once mobile was introduced, we simply were online all the time.

This is only a smidgeon of what is to come. Our entire world is about to be upended as this medium evolves and grows. If you will, the Internet is starting to turn into an adult. With that comes maturity and the ability to really influence things. No longer is the childishness going to be present.

Many find what is going to take place over the next few decades too hard to comprehend. Granted, it is fairly "out there" when we consider the point we started at. However, the pace of this advancement is something that increasing, meaning we will pace a half of century of change in a decade.

Here are some of the things we can expect.

Massive Wealth

The Internet moved discussions into the trillions. Previous to this, the only entities that talked in these terms were governments. Over the last 25 we saw this change to include companies.

Presently, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook all have values that are greater than $1 trillion. The idea, 30 years ago, of a trillion dollar company was beyond most of us. Yet it happened repeatedly in the Internet Era.

All these companies operate in the digital world. While they might have a physical presence, albeit a small one, the bulk of their activity is done over the Internet. A few were companies that transformed while the others (three) were developed during the Age.

The Internet allowed for a company to have a billion or more customers. Again, this was something unheard of at towards the end of the last century. Being online allowed these companies to find people easily while bringing them into their ecosystem. This generated tremendous wealth, something that is not stopping.

We will see this advance to the individual level in the next phase. There will be trillion dollar people in the coming decades. Already some are surmising whether it will be Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. While they could get there, it is likely to come from someone who has not hit our radar at this point. An individual is going to see the new opportunities and create something that generates a fortune never seen before.

In fact, this could be many people.

The Cyber-Economy

This was discussed since the early days of the Internet. It is something that developed yet, like the Internet itself, is still in its childhood phase.

It is about to change with the introduction of things such as cryptocurrency and blockchain. We are going to see a massive economic system that dwarfs our present geography based ones.

What we will see is networks take on an increasing importance in our lives. These will be economies in their own right, made up of sub-economies. People will gravitate towards others based upon likes. No longer are we going to assemble based primarily upon where we physically are. A software developer in San Francisco has more in common with a person in the same field in Tokyo than he or she does with the waiter at the local restaurant.

The ability to monetize just about anything is going to present all individuals with enormous opportunities. However, before we get to that point, the transition from the present economy is not going to be without pain.

Many will find they are "left behind" during the transition. Those with low skills are going to find themselves automated out. This will put enormous pressure on them earning a living. Most cannot make this conversion. Hence, we will see another level of tension arise, those who are sovereign versus those who are not.

The cyber-economy, since it is global, will move some away from the dependence upon governments.

Our Relationship To Government Changes

We are going to see the emergence of "Sovereign Individuals". These are people who embrace the cyber-economy and excel. This will provide more freedom than any country provided in the past. The reason for this is these individuals will not be relegated to any one place.

The work from anywhere idea will apply to these people. Hence, they can opt to live wherever they want in the world. This means other factors besides where one was born are going to be utilized.

Governments are going to have to compete for the best people. Those who are sovereign will opt for those locations that offer the best tax structure, standard of living, and least amount of intrusion.

In other words, governments will have to compete for these individuals. Their approach is going to have to mirror competitive businesses as opposed to tyrannical monopolies.

For those in this position, government is going to mean little. However, to the rest, it will mean a lot. Governments will try to remain relevant by catering to this class. We will see this done through programs such as Universal Basic Income. This might work in those locations that are able to keep the sovereign ones without too much difficulty. Nevertheless, those that get onerous will find this class leaving, taking their money along with them.

On a side note, this is already happening within some countries as local governments have overstepped their bounds. We can look for this to not only to continue, but to grow.

Governments Out Of Their Element

As we forge deeper into the new Cryptoeconomic Era, governments will naturally try to control all they can. However, since we are dealing with a realm that is limitless, no matter which governments step in or how many, they will be overwhelmed.

They simply are not designed to operate in such an arena.

Progress is much swifter in this environment than government can ever dream of operating. This is because we will see a major shift whereby protocols will start to replace platforms.

What makes this so difficult, from the government perspective, is the methods of approach are eliminated. When a protocol is put out there, anyone can adopt it. This is regardless of location. If we combine this with the open-source nature of software, we see how hundreds of applications can pop up, offering the same service. Unlike going after a company, it becomes impossible to eliminate all of them.

Protocols also generate enormous wealth. The present Internet is siloed. Of course, governments will want their cut. This is going to be a problem due to the nature of the sovereign individuals involved. We will see this move happening on a larger scale as the amount of money grows. The entry of cryptocurrency in this arena will cause a massive economic explosion, another thing that is going to sidestep governments. It is akin to the file sharing of music yet with a monetary component built in.

Internet Replacing Governments

The Nation-State is going to slowly be eradicated over the next half century. We can already see how that structure is becoming less relevant. The present push for control is truly a last gasp effort. If they cannot assert total domination, all will be lost for them.

Of course, we are not going to see an overnight disappearance. It will take decades since a lot needs to change. One of the biggest is people are going to have a new mindset. Unfortunately, this often is not possible in the majority of the population that exists. Hence, they need to die off and be replaced with newer generations who have a different viewpoint. Those who were reared in the Internet Age already think differently than their older counterparts.

Also, governance needs to be experimented with and established. Blockchain is allowing people to innovate with different ways to vote. This is all part of the quest to form new governance systems. As code starts to take over, this will be the "law". People who opt to operate on a particular network will be approving that governance system. Of course, if that does not work for the individual, there is always another network to join.

Since we can see already see how government is out of its element with the Internet, the later is only going to eat up the former. A case could be made that some of the trillion dollar companies mentioned above are close to being bigger than any government. While the are attempts to reign them in, it might already be too late. Those entities, and others that are to follow, could have such a lead that governments effectively are powerless to stop them.

Even if that isn't the case, a future wave will come in the form of "non-companies". Whether these are DAOs or some other type of structure, the bottom line is they will not be top down organizations with a physical address to go after them. Instead they will be completely build online with no centralized apparatus whatsoever. This makes it near impossible for governments to attack.


A lot of this might seem far-fetched at this point. However, if one looks closely, we can already see the green sprouts appearing. This will be an evolutionary process so we have to watch the progression more than the collapse. Governments, for example, will adapt the best they can. However, in the end, it will be fruitless. The same is true of many companies that are now in control of things.

The disruption that is going to be caused will be epic. We are heading rapidly towards the Metaverse. This is something that is going to get a lot more attention in coming years. Just like we know the "Information Superhighway" was upon in the 1990s, we see this is our future. Just consider how that, in comparison, archaic idea transformed the world.

That was the start of the Internet taking over. Over the past 3 decades, it only got more powerful. As mentioned, it is quickly growing up. No longer will it take on one industry at a time. Instead, it will start to alter everything at once.

We can already see the foundation being laid. By this time next decade, we will see the process firmly in place (if not sooner).

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I like the idea of blockchain replacing the government I mean that particular technology will decrease corruption and too much control. This means that human government officials can become accountable

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It will take a long time and happen in phases. We are not likely to see the system we have today and something completely different tomorrow. This is what people need to understand. The process is going to have to keep evolving.

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Yeah, I do agree we need to evolve into it, some countries might not even get to see it because those procedural process will cost a lot of money.

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A lot of these things have already happened and yes,I'm going to be the trillion dollars man, so be my friend now 😄.

Anyway, I like the part about interacting with government and how the internet is shaping out interaction with them.

Nowadays, we just interact with governemt officials and call them assholes whenever we like. It's liberating and a lot of fun at the same time.

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Nowadays, we just interact with governemt officials and call them assholes whenever we like.

I rarely interact with them, but I always do it with respect. Even if I do not like their rules and regulations. They are also humans.

I don't know about your country but mine is filled with actual assholes.

The country leaders? Yes, they are assholes. The whole Fidesz political party. Just search for Hungary. Some people call this "the dictatorship of EU".
But most authorities are kind and helpful, as they can be within the legal limit.

...and yes,I'm going to be the trillion dollars man, so be my friend now 😄.

I will. Then I can say "I knew him when".

Just dont change so we can apply this to you:

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Have you read Dan Larimer's book "More Equal Animals" or whatever it is called yet? I started digging into it but some of the stuff was a bit over my head. I wanted to try to understand it as I was looking into the whole EDEN system. It is kind of interesting, especially with how it relates to governments and how the principles can be applied across a wide range of things.

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No I havent read it.

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Well, I think its a long phase. First off all, we must provide an internet access to the people all over the world if we want a whole change.

I'd so wish we have an internet based government system. The current one is so crooked and this damn pandemic with its measures is a pure example of that. As you commented on a post of mine a while back, at some point we will be breathing internet.

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I'd so wish we have an internet based government system.

It is going to be a process. It will not happen overnight. We are going to see a progression that works in that direction.

The first #DAO is now legal in the state of Wyoming. #DeFi keeps getting more expansive with each passing day. The work from anywhere is a major movement.

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the internet is ready for that, the infrastructure is not.
we at least need some kind of backup system for the case of a solar flare or something which will disable every electronic device. and if that happens the whole world stops working?

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Amazing! Its also absolutly insane how fast human kind has advanced. I think I saw a post saying it was 60 years between flight and moon walk

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That is true. I never thought of that but the timeline matches.

Just try to think where things will be by 2081. That is mind-blowing; we cant even imagine.

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As we forge deeper into the new Cryptoeconomic Era*, governments will naturally try to control all they can. However, since we are dealing with a realm that is limitless, no matter which governments step in or how many, they will be overwhelmed.

Reminds me of this image that depicts the attempts at banning the internet phone years ago! Look at where we are now.


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You nailed it. That is always the case. The incumbent system always tries to protect what it has. That is why innovation comes from outside an industry.

In the United States, the fax was illegal for a long time because the Postal System said that only it was allowed to deliver documents.

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Lol wow how do these people not learn from history? It beats me

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Yeah you are right. Internet has actually help alot and it is what really facilitate globalisation. The impact of internat on the world cannot be under emphasis.

Beautifully said and so true. The digital era finally takes over the traditional way of doing business and living and if we are smart we can the the good out of it. And the space will transform so fast, with so many innovations and things that we cannot even grasp for now...

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All you wrote is true. We must remember it will not be smooth and without pain. There is going to be a lot of upheaval in the road to where we are going.

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Anyone who cherishes innovations will be very happy that internet came into existence,the internet have helped alot of lives,though the internet can be used positively same way it can also be used negatively,but anyone who uses it positively will enjoy the maximum benefit that comes with it.@taskmaster4450

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As they say, we havent seen anything yet. The entire #crypto-economic spectrum is going to radically alter everything. It will lead to a major increase in wealth.

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Our Relationship To Government Changes

This is the component of this post that really got me. The internet is helping people like us look less to government while we now see ourselves as government that should provide succor to others.

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It is going to be a tug-o-war. Government will want to stay relevant. Over the next few decades, as more people are sovereign and do not depend upon government, it will lose its power. This is not going to sit kindly with those who benefit from it.

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We are living in astonishing times and Nobody has dealt with that speed of change yet. I really like your idea of „Sovereign Individuals" - the more the better. However, I think the power will ultimately reside in communities of those „Sovereign Individuals" bound by a common interest. For the first time the place on earth where somebody is born, will be of minor interest. Only the stake in a community, earned by work, reputation and involvement may determine the level of influence hence Self-fulfillment (the top of maslows pyramid). I hope that fairness and altruism will guide these communities as otherwise „Sovereign Individuals" will search for better places to spend time and effort. This last point is probably the weakest one as we often see in the social experiment around here.

However, I think the power will ultimately reside in communities of those „Sovereign Individuals" bound by a common interest.

That is true. However, people will be free to move around as they see fit. That is the power of the networked economies. Of course, there is a cost to moving and starting over.

But it will be a much easier transition than what we have now.

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It as really be of help to the generation at large,and I must say here too is an evidence of the help of the structure too,cause it as created alot of means for interaction and bringing of millions of people across the globe 🌎 together

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The internet being here to replace our dependent on government for a lot of things is a good thing.

Just as you said, the world is moving in a pace that most of us may not be able to catch up with

The trillions dollars companies are already giving us signs and hopes that there will be a place for all of us as long as we see the gaps and fill them in

This will reduce government dependency, and yes, the government will try to be relevance to those who will not have the necessary skills to hop into the new wagon with the rest of us

No more will distance contribute to reasons we cannot spend time with our families. The era of having to change location, and environment as a result big promotions and transfers will be off the hook. And that will because the internet boom gives us the choice of working from anywhere around the world.

For a fact, control will be something that the government will have to toil for. And that will be because they will not have a physical presence to attack as everything will be built in a way that is hardly penetrated by them

You said it may seem far fetch, but I can feel it happening already, this era will be one that we have all being waiting for. We just need to be prepared so as to not be left behind

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Internet really help and it was a great thing that makes company, community to grow.

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This does not seem far-fetched at all and is very interesting to see which outcomes will excel.

Will Cardano and the likes takeover or mold governance it the future?
Will privacy and anonymity be available to the average or even above average Joe?

Will governance and governments be more transparent while enabling privacy and freedom for the masses?

We are blessed to be living in exciting times.

We are going to see the emergence of "Sovereign Individuals".

I really hope so. Governemnts are going to fight back. If it's possible I'd say everyone should at least try to move their money away from high tax surveillance governments and move towards low tax regions.

We have to starve the beast! That's gonna make the fight for freedom less difficult.

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