The Exponential Age: Changing The Mindset About Economics

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We see the word exponential thrown around a lot of late and for good reason. This is an era where technology is getting so powerful, as well as moving so quickly, that things change very rapidly.


For example, research at Stamford University found the the capabilities of AI were doubling every 3.5 months. As a comparison, there was a time many believed that Moore's Law peaked at about every 18 months. It is presently estimated that it doubles on a 24 month basis.

This is something that is incomprehensible to most people. For those who understand computing, it makes perfect sense. It also explains the last 40 years of development.

Exponential Economics

To better understand this, let us relate it to money.

Say we had $10. Using the 3.5 month exponential (called compounding), this is what it would look like.

Start $10
3.5 months $20
7 months $40
10.5 months $80
13.5 months $160
17 months $320
20.5 months $640
23.5 months $1,280

As we can see, in under two years we went from $10 to $1,280. How would you like that to happen to your investments?

Let us go a little further.

27 months $2,560
30.5 months $5,120
34 months $10, 240
37.5 months $20,480

From $10 to over $20,000 in a little over 3 years. That is the power of exponential progress. If we carried it out a bit further, we can see how insane it gets.

Now imagine an entire economy replicating that. Perhaps the 3.5 months is a bit excessive. However, even if we take Moore's Law, the numbers can get extreme.

We all know data is money in this era. For much of the last decade it was observed that data creation rate was also doubling about every two years. Doing some simple math, we can see the impact over the course of the next couple decades.

Another key point here is that most of the data created is unanalyzed. It is estimated that only a single percentage of all data is structured and looked at. This is where AI enters the picture. As software programs get more powerful and algorithms more precise, we are going to see the outcome of this data radically change.

Just consider the impact economically when you combine these two factors together considering the rate of growth each are observed to be experiencing.

Where do you think this put us a decade from now?

Exponential Cryptocurrency

We can follow a similar pattern taking place in cryptocurrency. For a moment, let us remove all the scams and garbage projects. Mentally, let us establish a baseline of legitimate projects and tokenization.

That is our starting point. Now let us add in a few factors:

  • More tokens distributed to the existing supply each day
  • New developments that are tokenized, expanding things again
  • Investment from the outside of fiat currency
  • Network effects from increasing number of users
  • Expanding opportunities within individual applications
  • Newer categories such as Defi, NFTs, and DAOs.
  • Different types of tokens such as access, security, and social

All of this falls under the category of "money printing". As we can see, the money supply is greatly expanding. This is a vital point.

In the digital world, we operate in a near infinite state. There is practically no limit on what can be created. This means the use cases can expand to the end of computational and processing power.

Why is this important? Because it brings out an exponential deflationary environment. This means that more money is required to keep funding newer innovations. Since there is no limit to what can be developed, we can just keep going further out.

What this results in is exponential economic growth. It is why cryptocurrency has the ability to fuel much of the progress we make over the next few decades. Since we realize the value that is evident, due mostly to network effects, this will transfer to all of society.

Altering Our Mindsets

People who can embrace this concept will realize that economic explosion, in certain sectors is going to take place. Of course, this was already the case. If we look at companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, we can see what this is like.

There is a reason why these are the most valued companies in the world. With both Apple and Microsoft hitting the $2 trillion market cap, many feel this is a sign of market bubble. While it might be high for the moment, this is not going to be the end. We will see a $10 trillion company emerging in the next few years.

Just look at the rate of change and apply that to companies that understand this exponential concept. There are many who are putting it to work.

One thing that must be mentioned if that more of the economy is coming under this domain. Digitization is expanding throughout all sectors of the economy. Automation is being implemented wherever possible. Over the next decade, this is going to expand.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are going to be vital parts of this process. As the next generation internet develops, we can see how digital money will accelerate things. Since we are not able to capture value through tokenization, most of what was previously lost can be leveraged for other productive purposes. This is a rather novel concept when applied to everyday activities.

In the end, we are going to see the numbers get into the quadrillions. Many feel this is asinine yet the value that these trillion dollar companies provide is unprecedented in history. Facebook, for example, has 2.8 billion users. Name another company that was able to have that many customers.

Blockchains will follow a similar path. Being open, they will allow for massive numbers of users, collectively. With the totality of scaling across the industry, more transactions will take place. This will increase the value of the overall asset base tied to them.

People should not be surprised at the rate of crypto adoption or the massive increase in the value of DeFi. It is all in keeping with the era we are in. This is operating mostly in the digital world where everything moves at a more rapid pace.

This creates outsized results and has enormous impact upon society. We should expect this to continue while looking for those opportunities that are leveraging this. Those will be the successful ventures over the next few years.

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if that happens it will be great and as you said tech improving rapidly so does economics we need to change with it I like the idea of going from 10$ to millions and billions

And that's what the compounding can do to your wealth, it multiplies rapidly.

Interesting, things are not like when we are in dark age anymore the advance of technology make life easy for us, things move in rapid succession are the result of the help of technology.

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Compounding is marvelous :)

This is one of the most important articles I recently stumbled on the web so far. Just wondering how come mainstream financial writers do not write content like this? It makes life boring. Not to mention the incentive given by Hive to “creators of wealth” via posting articles and giving comments. I have been studying the Austrian school of economics since 2009 and I already heard about the concept of compounding though I still didn’t fully comprehend its implications for my own personal finance. Both economics and money are interesting subjects, but most people I know struggle to understand them. When you mention that “data is money,” that is a new concept for me that somehow with my brief stay on Hive platform, I am now beginning to realize its meaning.

Tweeting and sharing this on Facebook.

Money supply in expansion and now we have the opportunity to add 6 million new users to the cryptographic space that will come to swell the ranks, it sounds little but it is a decent number due to the implementation of BTC as legal tender here in our country so good It will be necessary to educate those masses who come hungry for knowledge on how to obtain benefits from this new financial system that is changing the world as we know it.
good to enjoy those exponential returns.
Best regard.

We all know data is money in this era.

This is what people in developing countries do not know.

They think that knowledge is power theoretically.

I will like to say that information has power and once people can understand that crypt is the place that is having the nectar power influx they will tap into it. I just hope its not too late.

I will have to go and check what Moore"s law is.

Thank you for making me feel I still made the right decision to be in the cryptosystem industry

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In the end, we are going to see the numbers get into the quadrillions. Many feel this is asinine yet the value that these trillion dollar companies provide is unprecedented in history

quadrillions is no impossibility, this is because the growth will be continuous,take a look at the numbers done by DeFi in such an amount of time. Imagine DeFi maintaining continuity for like 20 years, there's no limit to the growth that can take place with crypto in general. Just like you have made a huge allusion with companies like Apple.

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An excellent plan, of course, and as I said, in order to be implemented correctly, we must stay away from Shitcoins, but not allow them to engage in the cryptocurrency community.

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Compound interest is one the most amazing things. I am still trying to transition forward to the new mind set as well since its supply and scarcity right now for most things.

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Yea i don't think compounding of interest is going to be that important in the future. I think advances in technology is going to make many things we buy cheaper and cheaper. i think it's going to take alot less money to buy the things we need in the future. So we will end up eventually almost cashless. So we'll use cash but the accumulation of it won't be as necessary as it is now according to many tech experts.

We'll advance with 3d printers and soon people will be sitting home producing many of the parts they need. Cutting out alot of manufacturing. So i don't think cash will be as important as people think in the future. So i expect alot of changes in our economic mindset. It kinda happens now with people massively quitting jobs. Rejecting ceo jobs for simpler jobs. They are saying the accumulation of cash is of less importance to us then it may have been a decade prior.

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Very nice thoughts and I love the way u put down your theory. Economics is an integral part of life, and it's responsible for the growth and development of a nation and with the way it is going there seem to be no improvement so far, So there definitely has to be a change in Economics to be make a positive change.

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Futurist! It's so interesting how I know you understood something even more profound while reading this. A technological future with that kind of exponential progression needs to have a value generating economy of value that can cater for the demands it has. I think Crypto will inevitably do to the four what amazon did to companies like Walmart and Sears, JC Penney, Nordstorm and K-mart etc.