SingularityNet: The Decentralized Crypto World Is Advancing

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I recently put up a video detailing how I feel the "Race is On" between the crypto world and the established system. This stemmed from an interview Ray Dalio did where he stated that, if the price of Bitcoin keeps rising, governments will move to outlaw it.

While we know that eliminating Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency in general) is not possible, governments can make it very uncomfortable for people who hold it. With their guns and jails, they can push the masses into obedience.

This is creating some interesting bedfellows.

It is not a great secret that we are moving towards, if we aren't already there, a technocracy. This is where technology replaces the democratic system. Unfortunately, with the powers that are in place at the moment, we are seeing more of Orwell's 1984 as compared to a new utopia forming.

With the activities of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in the media, we see how this is unfolding. Now, we are getting news that the voting machines were programs to alter votes and/or weight some votes more heavily than others.

At the moment we are seeing a union of the technology companies and governments. However, this could shift as the former become scorpions and turn on the later.

Obviously, we know that finance is at the core of powerbase in our world. Those with means end up in a much better position as compared to those without. The reason many of us are so excited about cryptocurrency is it presents the opportunity to enhance the financial capabilities for all who participate while creating more wealth overall.

This is not something the power structure wants. Hence, we are seeing the resistance, something that is likely to get ratcheted up as time goes by.

Fortunately, there are enough technically advanced people out there who do not want to see a dystopian future. Instead, they want to promote technologies that benefit people.


Ben Goertzel is one of the premier AI minds in the world. A few years ago, he entered the decentralized blockchain world by starting SingularityNet, an AI platform with a token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Part of his vision is the fact that, in his view, AI is only in the hands of about a dozen companies and a handful of governments. Their use case is trying to figure out ways to sell us more stuff, spy on us, and kill more efficiently. This is not a great path for humanity to go down.

For that reason, he decided that AI needed to be decentralized. SingularityNet is a platform that is allowing developers of AI to come together with those individuals and companies that need it. This is enabling any company, no matter how small, to enter the arena.

The platform made an announcement that is likely capture a lot of attention. Since financial means are so important, they decided to set up SingularityDAO. This is meant to offer financial solutions to the masses.

Here is what their website said:

SingularityDAO is a unique layer 2 noncustodial DeFi solution, configured as a DAO that is completely decentralized and democratically governed — it allows members to create and trade ETF-like dynamic token-sets that bundle utility tokens, including tokens with only moderate liquidity, and then enables a yield farming and futures-based hedging ecosystem on top of these token-sets.


One of the key things is that this is not an "ETF-like" product for Bitcoin. That is obviously something the crypto community is waiting on. Instead, this is for alt-coins that lack the liquidity of some of the bigger projects. The idea is to help get these projects financially sound via more trading opportunities. Goertzel realized that tokeneconomics can plat a large role in fostering wealth. His view, however, is not so much about enriching the individual as compared to giving decentralized software projects the means to fund their development.

Of course, for those who are speculating and looking for longer term investments, this could be a great opportunity.

Lacking the time, so far, to go through the White Paper, I am going to presume these funds are "managed" by AI. This is another opportunity that is opening doors to the masses. Some Wall Street funds are set up this way but, of course, most of us are excluded from that.

Another powerful aspect to this is the fact that it is a DAO. There is no controlling entity, no KYC/AML, and not regulatory body. It is taking DeFi to another level. This certainly is something to monitor.

Powerful decentralized tools are what is going to allow for this industry to stand up to the existing system. As more people become outcast from the "inner circle", they are going to look for other means. It is up to us to ensure they are available.

If this does not get the juices flowing, how about a new offering called: the initial data offering. Here a users dataset can be associated with a token and traded on a DEX. Ocean Protocol is already putting this together.

It is important to note that there are some advanced things happening in the crypto world. Decentralization is something that many highly talented people are committed to and they are making outstanding progress.

The next couple years are going to be very interesting.

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The way I see it, AI might be the biggest undoing of people if remains centralised and I guess Ben Goertzel understood this. I believe the future needs to be liberal and the government might truly try to kill crypto by making unnecessary regulations and trying to distress its use Case but then I believe the masses are more powerful than the government and technological advancement is fast rising and might be difficult for government to catch up to.

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Governments bureaucracy and inefficiency can work to our advantage. We simply need to be faster than they are.

Development can come from all over the world. Plus, with open source software, every new project is not starting from scratch. It will take a number of years for it all to unfold but pushing the tools now is a major step forward.

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Yeah being faster than they are will do just food because when there's development and advancement at a high rate then we'll be difficult to keep up with.

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Another key is to be as decentralized as possible. Keep moving the ball so they have a tough time keeping up.

If one things gets zapped, make sure two more pop up.

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The race is really on! I read about singularity a while ago but completely forgot. Thanks for the reminder. Decentralzing the internet is the next big step!

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There are projects that are looking into decentralizing the internet.

However, that is a big proposition, one that I believe the technology people are up for. That said, it will take some time.

I guess we could say that we are all helping in our own way by being on here.

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I'd like to think so too! We're doing it with small steps every single day!

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Looks intriguing.

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Powerful decentralized tools are what is going to allow for this industry to stand up to the existing system. As more people become outcast from the "inner circle", they are going to look for other means. It is up to us to ensure they are available.

That's the mighty truth.

For now though I believe the movie Elisyum is destiny.


Fight for good..


Fight for evil...


Either way, it's a violent future.


Existence ruled by technology.


Human fragility the vulnerability.

Singularity Net is a great project and Ben Goertzel is a fantastic human being. I listened to his stories on how he had to create financial tools because he couldn't get funding for more important projects otherwise. It's a shame great minds have to jump through so many hoops because us chimpanzee's always need something shiny to look at. We spend more money on making chocolate taste more chocolately every year and peanut butter taste more peanut buttery than focusing on economic prosperity, life extension and creating a safer world through decentralized ai. You know like things that really matter?

Of course,, the type of fatalistic approaches we have to many things are ridiculous Ben Goertzel recognizes the importance of decentralized ai. In 2025 it is estimated due to the large amount of data collection China will be further ahead and improving ai systems that any other country. This is of course not only a national security threat but it is important we keep a balance on ai from as you mentioned also the government and corporations themselves.

I am yet still a great deal more optimistic than us being in the novel 1984. The signs are certainly there. Yet and still i'm an optimist. I really like this project. It's like 1 of 3 i actually think we need. So i'm looking forward to it's progress.

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