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RE: The End Of Capitalism

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Money is a tool for collaboration, thus, unless you are heading back to a barter system, some type of currency exchange is needed.

We have to have workers...

You use to need them to operate elevators, make copies, and manage video stores.

Within a decade, you wont need them to operate vehicles, fulfill online orders, manufacture much, or manage people.

It seems your claim about workers is declining.

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some type of currency exchange is needed.

This is false.
We only need money if you are trying to keep score.

Some people exceed the normal production, they deserve more, yes, but they don't deserve to rule over us as lords because their great great grandpa ripped off his neighbor and turned it into a fortune by ripping off the suckers as the came along.

Money enables more bad than good.

Better we work on social credit, your neighbors will know if you are a bum, and it will all be exposed by the panopticon, anyway.

Do you want your secret knowledge known only to the few that use it to extract time from your life, or do you want to live honestly amongst your neighbors?

Why do you think banking 'tries' to be secret?
Because if your neighbors knew what a cuck you were, they wouldn't talk to you.

You know selling your soul for silver is bad, but selling it for crypto is good?

You can't know what you don't know, nor that you don't know it,...

I can point you to the books, buy you would have to read them.