The Network Effects Of Technology Especially Cruptocurrency

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We often talk about Network Effects for systems. However, what about the concept of the network effects of technology in general. This is something many overlook when it comes to have fast things are changing.

In this video we discuss how technologies such as hyperloop or quantum cpnputing can have tremendous effects. We also see how cryptocurrency can have a similar impact.

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Hi @taskmaster4450, another great insight from your vlog 👍 Thank you for always making crypto easier to understand. I see your point that in a crypto project/network, the community is incentived to market it for their own gain (cause the coin/token will increase in value with more users). The thing is--the crypto network should have really solid projects, systems, and goals. Or else, everyone would just be in it for the moolah. I don't think that's sustainable as we can see with the crypto projects that have come and gone in the past.

On another note, I think it's just of matter of time that efficient marketing can be done by anyone. So many AI tools these days that you don’t need a marketing degree to be an effective marketer.

Anyway, Cheers and Happy Weekend 😊

hyperloop? come on, you can give a better example than that. It's a proven scam at this point

Certainly technology is ethically neutral force...

Just unother fucking hellish upgrade to corporate consumer capitalism. Won't that fully eliminate any trust in people's words credibility?

Thank you, I'll stick to Hive.