Elon Musk: City Of The Future

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Love him or hate him, Elon Musk certainly operates with a grand vision.

His numerous companies are working to create a brand new way that we live, perhaps within a decade.

While everyone is aware of the rise of Tesla, this is just one puzzle to an ever increasing puzzle. Musk is looking to take on some of the biggest problems humanity faces.


The launch of astronauts over the weekend was just the start. Through the Starlink program, SpaceX intends to blanket the planet with satellite internet. This means we will see more than 7 billion people online in the next half decade or so. This is an increase of more than 40% from where we are now.

That is not the only endeavor that Musk and SpaceX are planning. Through their latest rocket, the idea is to be able to transport both people and cargo around the world in under an hour. This means something ordered in Paris in the morning could be in New York by the afternoon.

What we are seeing is the start of a new industry similar to how the airline industry began. It all can be traced back to one flight which everything was built upon.

Not only will we see connection to other cities, the ones we are living in will change drastically. One of Musk's projects is the Boring Company. When you consider the fact we construct our buildings in an upward fashion yet our roads are basically on the 2D plane. Boring will change this by drilling underneath cities. By establishing a tunnel network, even 50 layers deep, traffic congestion can be seriously reduced, if not eliminated.

Then we have Neuralink which is working on a brain-to-computer interface. This will certainly change our relationship with the Internet and expand the digital world around us. No longer will we be subject to the "slowness" of human interact with machines. Instead, we will be able to operate in a manner that puts us on par with the computers.

This is also, according to Musk, our defense against Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over and becoming our overlords.

Cities are going to change as we are able to interact with the world around us directly from our brains. Everything around us will be connected to each other. We are going to see numerous digital layers laid upon our physical world.

Of course, city life will be altered by the introduction of autonomous vehicles. This will allows the transporting of both people and products without the need of humans. Robotic deliveries will reduce the cost structure. Couple this with vertical and climate controlled farming, and we can see how our food supply can be made locally.

One of the drawbacks to this, if one considers it that way, is the fact that many jobs will be lost. Musk is such a believer in automation that he feels a Universal Basic Income will be necessary. Just the elimination of drivers means tens of millions of jobs will disappear.

He believes that many of these promises are not a matter of if but, rather, when.

Society changed so much over the past 30 years with the introduction of the personal computer, internet, in home gaming systems, smartphones, and the World Wide Web. Yet, this is likely just the tip of the iceberg as we see further advancements as it pertains to genome sequencing, full immersion virtual reality, 3D printing, 5G capability, and DNA editing.

The race into space also opens up a lot of doors for industries such as space marketing, films, tourism, and zero gravity manufacturing. In the quest to get to the moon or Mars means we could see many improvements here on Earth.

We are going to see an entirely new economic paradigm resulting too. The economics of technology dictate that we are going to see an approach that is radically different than most believe. We are going to see a 4x-6x increase in spending in the 2020s compared to the 2010s.

This is where we could see cryptocurrency becoming a major factor. Quite simply, the wealth generated by crypto is going to be needed to keep our technological advancements moving forward.

New paradigms are going to obliterate many old beliefs. What people were "certain" was true will be disproved, much by the middle of this decade.

Musk is probably the best known innovator but he is far from the only one. There are millions of people around the world with grand ideas and working towards their implementation.

It is this combined effort that causes change to happen at a quicker pace than before.

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RosCosmos hates Musk so much (

Elon Musk and his team are just too "crazy" with their crave for tech advancement. I hope it continues to support humanity, else...

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Fortunately, the future doesn't look anything like this.

The cities, for the most part, will be abandoned.

Agreed. Between working from home and these riots; I think we're seeing the end of the large city. Coastal/beachfront property is going to boom, and the Seasteaders are just getting started off the coast of Panama, with floating cities. oceanbuilders.com