Cryptocurrency And The Technological Revolution

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The technological progress we are seeing is a done deal. This is the basis for a lot of my theory into cryptocurrency and where things are going. Whether we call it a revolution, system expansion, or a new world, all of it points to the same thing.


There is a fundamental reason as to why this is taking place. We are in a positive feedback loop of technology that ensures it will keep mounting. Since it is only growing with the passage of time, the impact will evolve on a greater scale.

In short, the pace we are moving it in accelerating and cannot be stopped.

This is great for cryptocurrency holders along with those looking to build in this arena. We truly are seeing a digitized world that is unfolding in a manner that does indeed make the Metaverse part of our future.

In this article we will explore the 4 basic components including how they interact with each other. Essentially, this is ensuring the Internet keeps developing, providing a much larger mecca for cryptocurrency.


The foundation for all of this is computing. It is no secret this keeps growing at a rapid pace. While many question the future of Moore's law, there is no denying that we are still seeing advancements.

There might be dispute about how we are going to keep increasing computational power but there is little debate that it is going to happen. With newer areas of pursuit, we are bound to find a paradigm shift. At the same time, software architecture is being designed to maximize the output of existing chips. This is continuing the process forward.

Processors are not the only things improving. We see storage on its own exponential growth curve. That is good because the amount of data, discussed in a few moments, is at enormous levels.


This can also be termed "communication systems".

The last couple decades saw massive progress in this area. We started with 2G mobile and are now embarking upon 5G. Starlink is in the process of establishing a global system to bring higher speeds (with lower latency) to users.

Throughout the 2010s, we saw the shift from IPV4 to IPV6, which increasing the number of nodes that can be connected, moving it from the billions to, potentially, trillions.

We are also seeing a new WiFi protocol rolling out.

Big Data

Big is actually too small a word.

We are producing an incredible amount of data on a daily basis. It is growing at a pace that is basically to hard for the human brain to comprehend. The amount that is generated over a year's time is so large that most do not even understand the names (zetta?).

Everything we do with a device is generating data. While this creates enormous privacy concerns, the raw numbers just keep growing. Presently, most of this data is not organized, simply existing out there on the Internet. That is changing.

Artificial Intelligence

For the sake of this article, in discussing AI, we simply mean algorithms. This eliminates the debate of where we are at and what is happening in that field.

Algorithms are getting more powerful with each passing year. At the same time, more are developed on a daily basis. We can see this in our lives simply by watching the amount of options we have for automating. Each time we turn on a new feature from Google, Apple, Facebook, or Microsoft, there is an algorithm somewhere driving that.


The Feedback Loop

It is very easy to see how this builds upon itself.

Enhancements in computing is what allows us to develop better connectivity. This is what enables us to have more nodes joining the Internet which, in turn, generates more data. As we feed more data into algorithms, they improve while becoming more effective. Of course, the fact that we are running them on more powerful computers enhances them.

We can see how an increase in any of the variables impacts the others. For example, further improvements in AI help with the problem of creating more powerful computing systems. This is done by getting more data and better correlating it. Once again, with more nodes (machines and people), the amount of data skyrockets.

All of this creates better, more concise algorithms which further feeds the entire system.

This is something that is followed to higher levels.


This is the growing foundation upon which blockchain and cryptocurrency is built upon. As the system expands and increases in capability, both these technologies are positively affected. At the same time, we are seeing how they are both being interwoven with all that is being created.

As we proceed down the path of this massive technological expansion (revolution), new data structures will be required. Thus far, blockchain looks like one that is being favored by many.

At the same time, the idea of commerce is being pushed forward. This is something that was omitted from the original Internet protocols. Hence we witnessed the creation of PayPal, Amazon, and eBay. Progression towards the Metaverse means that outside entities like that are not required.

Here is where cryptocurrency, in its many different forms applies. We are going to see crypto not only be the monetary units but also providing access, ownership, and a host of other innovations we haven't thought of yet. The money is programmable so that the creators can have it serve whatever purpose desired. This means tokens will be contoured to its use cases.

More powerful computing is going to bring this closer to home. Edge computing is the idea that more processing is done nearer the end user. This is only possible due to the increase in computational power in things such as smartphones. The next generation connectivity devices, whatever that might be, will take this to another level altogether. As we embark upon a 3-D Internet, we are going to see the ability to run more algorithms at the edge, while the cloud handles the "heavy lifting".

As this basic technological revolution takes place, cryptocurrency cannot help but to grow. It will be part of the fabric of all that is taking place on the Internet. We are going to see more of the existing system converted to digital. Thus, they will essentially become crypto-assets.

The progress of cryptocurrency is not found on the crypto sites but, rather, the technology and computer pages. That is what will revealing the pace of growth that is before us.

It is impossible to separate the technologies from each other.

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They is hope for the living, crypto currency will get to the peak again, don't panic hold still and watch the magic happen in few days 🏋️

I am not sure if it will take place in a few days but it will happen at some point.

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True! In a few months, or a few years, but we'll definitely be back there!

Many people tend to forget that blockchains and cryptos aren't mainly a new kind of asset or investment, they're designed to be disruptive tools, literally ticking timebombs in the heart of speculative finance and the "Too big to fail" banking system narrative.

To fulfill that mission takes time, not 10 years only. Probably closer to 25 years.


You are right, Thanks ☺️

Connectivity has been such a huge focus this past year working in the education sector and dealing with the pandemic. It has really brought to light just how lacking a lot of areas still are. I think that will eventually have a small impact on the ability of blockchain and crypto to become more widespread. It will be hard for locations to move to it that have little or no access to the Internet. Since those businesses are mostly in what is called the "last mile", it shouldn't have a huge impact, but it will likely have some.

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That is true but there is a big push to get more people connected. We are over 5 billion people globally who are online. That is not bad when you consider there are just shy of 8 billion people on the planet.

Over the next few years, we will likely see another billion added to the mix as more is rolled out, especially across the continent of Africa and Southeast Asia.

It is taking place, albeit at a pace most do not want.

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I know it is happening, but I don't think it will really mean much to me until I start seeing carries putting towers up or prices being a reasonable level for the families in our district. A lot of that likely won't happen until they finally break up the monopolies.

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I wish that I didn't have to use cox cable to connect to the internet. Every time I get my bill I wish for some thing different. I could use AT&T am afraid they will end up being just as costly.

Yeah, I am stuck with Spectrum and there isn't much I can do because no one else can touch the speeds. Until I can get fiber right to my house, I am pretty much stuck with what I have. At $80 per month, it isn't cheap!

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To be honest it's hard to concentrate on the distant future with all that is going on in crypto currently. We need some good news about Hive, or at least I do to cheer me up

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So Hive determines your emotional state. Try meditation, it might help.

By the way, isn't HIVE up more than 4x since the start of the year? So you are unhappy with something on pace to go up 8x for the year?

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Hive helps my emotional states, it can cheer me up. And like I told one of my other Hive friends: x4 or x8 of very little is still very little. I consider $1 to be the bottom for Hive anything below that is a crypto crime :)

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Presently, most of this data is not organized

Neither the people's behavior. Especially on the Hive blockchain. Most of them are selfish and greedy. There is big data (thousands of posts published every day), but almost no one is there to read them.

We can see this in our lives simply by watching the amount of options we have for automating.

Yes, most people have automated upvoting, and they do not even see this post. Mostly this (and the above mentioned thing) is the Hive blockchain is ruined by its own users.

Technology is good, but most of the people are not grown up to it.

Paradigm change is hard.

users need to be incentivized to do things, maybe some people think that commenting and posting isn't worth their time currently. Our job is to find out how to incentivize those people.

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users need to be incentivized to do things

Interactions are a natural part of a normal social network.
For example how YouTube incentivizes people to comment?
Or how YouTube comments worth people's time.
There is no money in it, yet people still comment, even on the smallest YouTube channels. And they are often funny.
The "there is no money in it" part can applied to many YouTubers as well. I know YouTubers, who could have partnership and advertisements on their videos, but they are intentionally choose not have those. And they are making quality, entertaining, funny and informative contents.
People use YouTube as it is supposed to be used. As a social network. Without being incentivized.

Youtube had a hard time getting going as do most social networks, but you only focus on the successful ones. How many people comment on MySpace or Hi5 these days? The real question is what makes those people socialize on youtube and not on other platforms like Hive, what is missing here? Blaming people will get you nowhere.

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Maybe that is why you are struggling. Going around and calling people selfish and greedy is not going to get you what you seek. Perhaps you should focus upon what you are doing and the aspects of the chain where people are "not selfish and greedy".

Are you leaving 700 comments a week to foster engagement?

Maybe you are seeing what is reflected back to you.

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Maybe that is why you are struggling. Going around and calling people selfish and greedy is not going to get you what you seek.

Maybe you should take a look at my comments before judging first. I support others with meaningful comments. I also give them tokens, like !PIZZA.

Are you leaving 700 comments a week to foster engagement?

All I know is that I am in the top 10 in the engagement league this week. That is probably enough to foster engagement.
Sorry for not being the first in the top list.

Maybe you are seeing what is reflected back to you.

I see this in general on the Hive blockchain. Not just/only under my posts. Look around, and you will see it too.



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Excelente post

Which would deserve a little bit more meaningful comment. Do not you think?

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Well said. Thanks for sharing

As things look, the digital world will gradually displace obsolete systems, this including the economy and the financial world. Interesting information, thank you very much.

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Could you give a few practical use cases for programmable money? My foggy brain has a difficult time seeing beyond a built in bot that trades based on value in contrast with other assets, but a btc that trades for eth and back, then from eth to ltc as prices move favorably is small potatoes even to my tiny mind.

new WiFi protocol

Care to elaborate?

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this isn't exactly "rolling out" but coming, with definite ramifications:

IEEE 802.11bf will enable stations to inform other stations of their WLAN sensing capabilities and request and set up transmissions that allow for WLAN sensing measurements to be performed, among other features. WLAN sensing makes use of received WLAN signals to detect features of an intended target in a given environment. The technology can measure range, velocity, and angular information; detect motion, presence, or proximity; detect objects, people, and animals; and be used in rooms, houses, cars, and enterprise environments.

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Thanks. I'll bookmark it to read about later

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excellent post...

When you think back on what computers could do 10 years ago and now today it's crazy. Even more so now that it seems like quantum computers might actually become a reality soon.
Do you feel these new computers will impact how cryptocurrency operates soon?

Hey ya , we flew to the moon - in the 69's. But computers did evolve now it is more like it - instead of astronauts we can soon send "normal" people to space (billioniars).

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