Could Stemgeeks Be The Next Hive Tribe To Excel?

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With the success of Leofinance, and the run in the LEO token, many are seeking the next tribe that is going to take off. Leofinance provided validation regarding the worthiness of Layer 2 solutions on Hive, something that is kickstarting interest in some of the other tribes.


Stemgeeks is a very interesting project that I believe parallels Leofinance in many ways.

Part of the success of Leofinance is that it was able to develop a loyal group of users by being focused in their content. The fact that they deal with financial matters makes it very clear what the community is about.

At the same time, we can see how most who are involved in cryptocurrency are engaging upon financial matters. So far, much of what is written regarding crypto deals with the financial aspect. Hence, we see the ability to cater to a large number of users.

Stemgeeks follows a similar pattern. It is focused in that it is dedicated to content pertaining to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Traditionally this would appeal to a very targeted number of users. However, things are expanding in this area.

Our daily lives are affected greatly by all of these categories, especially technology. Whether one is dealing in academia research like what appears on sites such as or looking at matters regarding businesses or industries, there is little debate about the impact technology is having on all of our live.

At the same time, we see advancements happening in the sciences that are affecting medicine, construction, and drug discovery. No longer do these categories operate in a vacuum. Ultimately, they are all inter-related.

Thus, the number of people who are going to be interested in this type of content is going to expand as we progress forward into this decade. I am a firm believer that if one is not considering the technological angle of things, and all that affects it, then a large part of the picture is missing.


Another area that Leofinance was able to excel was due to the fact that the token distribution was rather tight. In fact, what happened with that token was liquidity started to become an issue. This is a matter that team will have to keep in mind as development takes place on that platform.

Stemgeeks also has a very tight number of tokens. To start, we see there are miners that help with the delivery of the STEM token. However, as we can see, 1.9 million of the miners were burned. This leaves a little over 5,000 of them out there.

As for the token itself, there are roughly 3 million already produced and distributed. Once again, we see a nice burn rate of about 3%. This shows there is attention to the token although this, too, could run into liquidity problems depending upon how the platform grows and expands.

What Is The Potential?

This is a hard question to answer since there are so many directions this could go and I have no idea what those behind the project are planning.

That said, academia is a large part of the STEM society and a natural fit. There are organizations all over the Internet that cater to this type of content. Just like IT, people who are adept in these fields tend to gravitate to each other to compare ideas and discuss different research they are doing.

We also can see this expanding into some areas of mainstream interest. As mentioned, a site like is very popular with not only people with science backgrounds but also futurists and technologists. Couple this with the sites such as Wired, Techcrunch, and Engadget, and we see a rather large audience to target.

There is little doubt that STEM is becoming a bigger part of the global economy. Many of the breakthroughs we realize are due to the progress being made in these areas. Often, if you want to know what is possible in 5 or 10 years, start looking at what these categories are doing. They are what provide the building blocks for other research and experimentation.

Thus, I can make the case that Stemgeeks has the potential to follow in Leofinance's shoes and become a project that makes major strides forward. It could be the next one to excel on the Hive blockchain.

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stemgeeks is good and community with some support and I think the topic that stem focused on are very important in life

What are their plan on making the token available on more exchanges like Leo ? Or its just being traded on hive engine ?

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 9 months ago 

I have been considering wrapping STEM, but it isn't as simple as it seems. There are a lot of pro and cons about doing it.

At this point, Leo is really only traded on H-E since wLEO went down.

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I was asking about the STEM token, is it traded on only H-E ?

Yes as far as I know.

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Excited to see how this Tribe turns out for sure.

I'm not sure, I think it was a thing on steem, glad to see it's sufficed, I'll look into steemgeek as it were

It seems that the layer-two tokens who have the most success are those with active, driven owners.

STEM is @themarkymark's, right?

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Cheers boss.

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@themarkymark good luck with this project, @taskmaster4450 is right it's got potential. One thing I made point of elsewhere is that an untapped way of gaining interest on this Hive platform would be by rewarding SHARING (or simply implementing it as a feature). To rely solely on ORIGINAL CONTENT limits the growth so much.

Obviously plagiarism has existed as a big no no so I don't mean rip off someone's work and post it here. What I mean is discovery of content outside of this platform that is then shared on a type of 'NOTICE BOARD' could really drive attention. Because even though it's out there on the internet, it's not like we can automatically become aware of it. That's why SHARE is a fundamental of social platforms. The collective acts as ONE set of eyes.

So by creating a cache of those finds you deliver more to your READERS (users) and build a greater DATABASE of knowledge that your users can then essentially expand on with: opinion pieces, extra research, inspiration, etc. THEN... by having those external works on here, you can attract those outside authors by granting them "GUEST" status where they can contribute to the platform and receive rewards.

The long game would then be a symbiotic system where discovery generates audience and then that audience influences greater amount of contributors which see value in posting on this platform. The negative of Hive is that I see it as a niche, which then creates smaller niches. To simply want to grown from that means you limit yourself greatly. It's like purposefully handicapping yourself. So even if it exists as a GEM of knowledge, it remains relatively hidden, which ultimately ends up needing it's users to become the marketing slash shilling team.

Anyway that's my view.
I see great ideas here on Hive..
But the system... it's so limited.

I for one would be keen for wSTEM and growth in this tribe. I'm just not sure the numbers are here yet.

I would use STEM more often for my silly arduino projects and electronics fiddling, but I feel it's better suited to the much less popular DIY community. Maybe I need to play with crossposting a bit more.

Or maybe I'm doing the right thing by not putting my low-tech trash in STEM.

Interesting community for sure!

Progress is not solely dependent on the content it caters but also on the community overall ,how they project themselves and bring more users on their platform.

I never visited stemgeeks as such but Marky looks committed and active so may be efforts can pay big time.

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The STEM community gathering subjects from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics brings an elite writer and reader that should revolute around innovation and social growth. It might have the key factors to grow into a monster if it has the right mechanics behind it, but the core domains are there!

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Greetings friends, I think it's an excellent idea, to have a second layer, where we can share academic knowledge and research in different areas of knowledge, I would be one of those who would write, it sounds great idea, I hope it can materialize.

See you later and success !

Guau another time to see other possibilities to grown in our lovely hive

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I for one would be keen for wSTEM and growth in this tribe. I'm just not sure the numbers are here yet.