Alex Jones Shows The Future: Avatar Broadcasting

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Much like Kayne West and JP Morgan, sometimes we need the most outrageous among us to show us where things are going.

There is no doubt that Alex Jones is the epitome of controversial. He makes Howard Stern look almost tame. That said, the guy is a rating extravaganza with a core group of loyal followers. His verbal bomb throwing finally caught up with him as a court ruled against him. Jones is now on the hook for $965 million. Hopefully, he has some good insurance since he is worth nowhere near that.

Nevertheless, Jones aside, this is starting to show us how technology and the future will come together. With so much being targeted, how do people get their message out without personally being in the crosshairs?

This is where avatar broadcasting enters. We could see this become the norm especially as decentralized systems expand.


The Power of Anonymity

Anyone who is involved in cryptocurrency for any length of time understands this concept. The entire industry was started from this premise.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? This is a question that still cannot be answer a dozen years after the Bitcoin blockchain went live. Whoever this person (or group) is, a large amount of money is awaiting. However, it is likely this never gets claimed.

A large part of Satoshi's power stems from the fact nobody is aware of the true identity. Over the years, we saw a lot of speculation yet no validation. With the reins of regulation tightening along with government attacks increasing, the anonymous state of Bitcoin's founder is an advantage.

We saw the same thing with the hacker group Anonymous. They even took the power into their name. In spite of countless agencies searching for the members, thus far it is mostly a fruitless exercise. It appears they are a decentralized, faceless group of hackers who insist on social change via their impact in the digital world.

Is this something that we see become commonplace in the future?

Do We Really Need A Person?

There are many successful projects that are feeding into this idea. The field of anime enjoyed a large following. Blockbuster films such as Toy Story and Cars were basically cartoons. Many have online personalities that are contoured and constructed. In fact, do we not often see people on Twitter such as "TheCarGuy" cited?

Adding to this discussion is the concept of AI generated "people". Here is where we can have faces and personas created by software. As the technology advances, there is little doubt the capabilities in this area will expand.

The point is that we do not need personalities that we follow to be human. In fact, with each generational shift, it becomes more likely that people are accepting of non-human forms of interaction.

Many are studying the emotional connection that people are forming to robots. Here is another example where people put human traits on something non-human.

All of this could be leading up to a time where the "face" of something isn't a face. Instead, we have someone (or a group of people) who are basically anonymous yet people associate with the character based upon the avatar or some identifying characteristic.

This can be expanded to remove one's true name along with identity.

With some sunglasses, this dude has some potential.


Of course, people are now able to create videos with nothing but avatars as the "people". This is where things are going.

Immutability Tied To Anonymity

On Hive, we often talk about immutability of data. The ability to freely express ourselves is being stifled. We know the major platforms are promoting their ideas, agenda if you will. For this reason, many find themselves isolated. This is the goal.

Decentralized infrastructure is paving the way for an entirely new model. When applications are built, people will be able to do many of the same things as they do on the centralized platforms. The difference is they cannot have their accounts closed.

That said, even if their accounts are safe, targeting could take place. In many parts of the world, speaking out could lead to one being physically accosted or imprisoned. Here is where avatar broadcasting enters.

If one builds a persona on a decentralized platform, using an avatar and a username, the ability to safely operate increases dramatically.

Even for those who are not targeted, we will likely see this moving forward. There are already signs, especially within cryptocurrency. Isn't it true that we interact daily with people who are nothing more than a username and profile pic on a screen? Yet, over time, we see the personalities of these individuals come through.

This is just another piece that can chip away at the existing system. On its own, it does not mean much. However, as we connect it to other things outside the reach of governments and corporate control, the basis which we are operating from only expands.

It is going to be an interesting battle over the next few years. To me, decentralization and distribution is key in all this. We need to keep working upon the foundation whereby developers can build the applications that people will use.

By the end of the decade, it will not be surprising if some of the biggest known stars are not even people but, rather, "living" images on our screens (if we are still using them).

If this happens, we are opening up an entirely new world.

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This has been happening in Korea and Japan for so long... and there are lots of YouTubers that have never shown their face... but I'm not sure how you'd have avatar broadcasting without a money trail just yet. Alex Jones might have his own website, but his constant requests for donations would still need to accept PayPal, Venmo, etc. Until privacy coins become the norm I guess...

Certainly there are other layers that need to be added. The centralization of payment systems is obviously a challenge. But then cryptocurrency solves this.

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When I first started on, well steemit at the time, there were very few people who put their actual names and personal photos out there. There was something to be said for associating people with their chosen avatar rather than a picture of them. And with few personal details of where they live, their age, etc. it truly put everyone in the same boat. I used to say Facebook claims it's a global platform, steemit actually is one. With people interacting and becoming friends from every corner of the earth, all based on conversations without pre conceived notions. That's the positive side of this potential future :)

Hive solves this.

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Oh, I'm not criticizing, steemit was great in the beginning but failed in the end. Hive is making great strides:)

By the end of the decade, it will not be surprising if some of the biggest known stars are not even people but, rather, "living" images on our screens . . .

Very interesting idea.

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All for Face NFTs, why not

An interesting idea that supports it. The possibilities really expand.

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I'm not really sure how I feel about this. There needs to be a point where there are repercussions for what you say. Similar to free speech. You have the right to say what you want, but you also have to deal with the repercussions of saying whatever you want. I shudder to think of a world where people are even more enabled to spread their messages of hate and ignorance.

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Totally agree with you "@bozz", we confuse freedom of expression with libertinism. It is one thing to express our ideas, our concerns, our desires, and quite another to use the medium to abuse others, to instigate, to coerce… This freedom to say what you want must have a parallel legal responsibility that regulates the potential damage to third parties. These regulations are already being implemented by other social networks.

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It's a hard one for me because I am very much a proponent of free speech. I guess I am honestly more disappointed in humanity than anything. Viewpoints which should have no place in a rational persons mind are endorsed and supported by so many people. We are traveling down an ugly path.

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I am also an advocate of freedom of expression, but of a responsible freedom, we cannot go around shouting whatever we want without control, hence a moderating digital authority must be created, not a corrupt one. We dream of a better world, but we walk on dark and uncertain paths. Unfortunately, it is difficult to live in peace. Thank you for your kindness in responding to my intervention. Let us hope that the winds will change direction.

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Yes, I hope so. The problem with authorities is they usually abuse that title. I think some kind of community driven moderation would be great. Very similar to what we have here. However, I think there is still room for improvement.

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There needs to be a point where there are repercussions for what you say.

To what end? I was having this discussion yesterday about Ye being sued over some comments he made. It feels like dangerous territory we're entering. I don't know the answer. On one hand, I feel what you're saying, but on the other hand, something doesn't feel right about it.

I don't think suing is the answer. I am also not saying I agree with cancel culture, but in some cases, it has some merit. If done correctly which 90% of the time the world doesn't. I don't know the answer. I just know there is a whole lot more public ugliness in the world than there used to be.

The ugliness definitely seems to be amplified.

I shudder to think of a world where people are even more enabled to spread their messages of hate and ignorance.

Hate to tell you but you already have that as long as the hate and ignorance is part of the approved agenda.

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I liked the world better when people kept their opinions to themselves.

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It looks like in some years world will be totally diferente as we know now.

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Too late for me. I have already revealed myself and I also stand by the crap I'm putting out through my blog. I doubt anyone will come after my ass for anything I wrote on my blog, though...


Really enjoyed this episode 👍

You still need a person to do the investigative research behind it, and in most cases, people tend to visually respond better to human faces, that's how we've been wired as a specie, that's how we develop social habits, that's how we recognize our parents for the first time when out of the womb, that's how we mate, etc...You get the point.

Now; if Alex Jones didn't physically go to Bohemian Grove 25 years ago, and took a video of the owl, the burning fire, the mock-sacrifice to Molloch that the elite worships, and most importantly the voices (human) of the people involved, all of this couldn't have been translated anonymously, and would have had very little impact as the reason it has such an impact on people, it's beacuse it has been recorded on camera, it's a tangible proof.

All this goes away in a world where there's no proof and everything become virtual, anonymous, unpalpable.

In other word, you need characters that people can relate to, "as if we were there with them" during their investigations, this why someone like Alex Jones, Andrew Tates, Jordan Petterson, are attractive to many. Because they don't hide, and inspire people to tell the truth (or at least a version of their truth, which is a different conversation).

Just keeping thinking if Satoshi Nakamato wakes up and has direct access to all BTC wallet how would the world of cryptocurrency look like.

I wouldn't know anything about this...


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I think it's very well possible. With the lockdowns, a bunch of VTubers ended up catching a lot of attention and following. From what I know, even things like the anime expo and other things like that have specific sections for them now and I do think that a real face isn't exactly needed.

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While web3, AI's, and VR are certainly new to the landscape, isn't web anonymity actually a return to the internet's roots? Back in the day, you didn't always know who was behind a website. Identity became more of a marketing and branding thing. How do you think this a new push to be anonymous will affect branding and marketing?