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What we are seeing now on Twitter is a mainstream pushback against the platform itself and once it begins, there will be no going back.


No, a new platform isn't needed - many platforms are needed. But it doesn't matter what that platform says it will do, if it is not decentralized, it is going to fail to provide true free speech, as it is going to be subject to the pressures on that centralized organization and its ability to be influenced by public or government opinion. We have seen this time and time again, where something is meant to offer a better way, but as soon as there is strong enough resistance, even if that is from an outspoken minority, it will change its ways - because it still has to make money, it still has to provide a place that attracts users and offer them something of value.

Centralized medias are going to fail because they are too rigid in their structure to be able to cater for all of their audience, so what they end up doing is catering to the ones that earn them the most which is why, freedom of speech suffers so heavily.

But, decentralized media the likes of Hive is able to provide the best of both worlds as while it is able to be brought together under the "platform" umbrella at the code level, the second-layer can be segmented endlessly to provide all kinds of different experiences, including places that are tailored to earn and places that are tailored for open freedom of speech - because of the decentralized nature of it, both are able to live and thrive simultaneously, without encroaching on the other and, both are protected "from each other" through the same mechanism.

What this means is that a game like Splinterlands can co-exist and even benefit heavily from a Twitter-like application on the same platform, including overlapping user base, whilst catering specifically for its target audience through tailored value propositions for them. The Twitter-esque site can do the same, offering a completely different experience, right down to the tokenization model (if they choose to have one) without encroachment on Splinterlands.

The shared accounts and the ability for "synergistic" (compounding) usecases and leverages is highly valuable and actually acts as a further protection, as it means that even if a specific layer-two application becomes abusive in some way or shuts down, its userbase isn't tied to the application alone, as there is the base-layer of the blockchain that protects them and the application can essentially be copied and restarted, with minimal disruption to the user or audience.


If musk is truly serious about setting up a new social media platform to rival Twitter and values opensource technology, he should start right and begin with Hive and build a team that can leverage the current tech and add insight and resources into future development also. The reason is, that it is already proven, already decentralized, already crypto-enabled and has years of track record under its belt, including an "origin story" that should resonate with anyone who values freedom of speech.

Is Hive ready?

It would be tight at this point, however, after the next HF that is tentatively scheduled by @blocktrades for the end of April, there should be a lot more framework for application development to build upon, as well as scalability improvements. But even without this, there is plenty of opportunity to build tailored communities and there is plenty of opensource code and solution experts who can help for example, a "Musk development team" get up and running in the matter of days, not weeks, months or years - without having to leverage centralized platforms, nor rely on centralized tech - everything opensource and available.

The other value of doing it this way for Musk is, he and his organizations are going to increasingly come under fire as they are able to attract more support that can start to threaten the establishment. Building on Hive means while they do the dev work, the platform isn't actually theirs (if they design it to be decentralized) and if freedom of speech is important, it can be propagated endlessly, globally and immutably, meaning it is highly resistant to censorship - as it has always been.

This is the thing that needs to happen, as while people seem to think for example downvotes are censorship because they take value away, the value of censorship resistance is a standalone affair - it has value in and of itself, if that is what you value. Someone who understands the value of censorship resistance is @theycallmedan, who was also commenting on the Musk tweet and mentioning hiveblocks as a solution. Freedom of speech isn't in the tokenization layer, it is in the fundamental technology layer - it is just that most people focus on the "money" aspect of the blockchain, so assume that it is the only value there is.

I will say it again and keep saying it, the future war is between centralization and decentralization and that means that what is considered valuable in the future is changing also, including the concept of what is money and, who can control and back it. Part of this battle is in the understanding that in order for people to control their own financial destiny, they have to be part of systems that allow them to control their own informational activity too. The reason why the centralized platforms don't opensource their algorithms is because it is their competitive advantage and what they use to make money. If everyone can do it, they lose the ability to sell that data to third parties to target, including targeting for suppression of speech.

I don't believe that Elon Musk would ever consider actually leveraging the available tech of Hive to build a social platform, but it goes to show how important this technology is and, how mainstream the conversation is becoming. Eventually, people will look for alternatives and, people will look this way. Hive might always be niche and fringe, but we are part of the narrative.

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I also don't believe that Elon Musk would take HIVE as an example for their so-called open source social platform. This mentality work for themselves, with the control in their hands.

I really wonder how they would let anybody to control and take part of the platform which, if ever, they would build as decentralized.

Dog does not eat dog...

Hive couldnt handle the attention Musk would bring. No way we would get enough accounts for all that follow him. He would bring 5 million people in over a week or two.

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I would totally love to see that though. Ways to cope with that will be eventually found

It is a business opportunity for the board to decide, unless he wants to do it himself, for himself.

I put my two cents but no one saw it haha


yeah, unless somebody or lucky - there is far too much traffic.

I had to do it anyways...

Sry for not being around but you must have figured it out yet, I'm at full capcity with no time.

Best wishes for the new week!

I saw the back and forth between you and another hive user on Twitter, and as he rightly said people like Musk would most likely not build on hive. Hive, I believe is and should be a grassroots blockchain. It grows from the ground up. These technocrats aren't looking to build, they have their hands in other pies already. they would rather leverage existing platforms like Twitter or try to force their agenda like our dear Mr.Musk is doing.

Decentralization will be as successful as the masses are willing to move towards it. The systems we currently have aren't perfect and certainly will not please everyone (thankfully people can fork away), but it is workable. I do not appreciate acting like the fight for decentralization is a lost course. This is quite dishonest on their part.

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Yes, he probably wouldn't actually decentralize it, would he? That tells something ;)

The fight is just beginning and more and more, people will start to see why it is so important to be involved. It takes time though, and enough pain to start to wakeup.

He's definitely considered a blockchain powered social platform in my view, hence the tweet. It is likely he wants to be the hero and build it by himself though, rather than leveraging on existing ones

I am pretty sure that they have been "working on the problem" at Twitter too, but everyone seems to ignore that the problem already has multiple solutions.

The 'it is only a solution if I bring it mentality'. It is a common issue in Today's World

I get your point, Musk may have something under his short sleeves..

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It is very strange and funny, there are international organizations that defend human rights only in words that don't have ability to confront consequences of those centralized media that depend on the system of exploitation and benefit unlike the equitable system of decentralized media. The unfortunate thing is that we found words and promises on paper without application

For most that happens in the world economy, words are enough to silence the majority - because no one wants to tackle the problem themselves, let alone do the work it requires to accomplish.

The reality is starting to hit people. Musk is a disruptive force. I have no idea what he will do with this. However, the fact he is giving it attention is a win in itself.

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Yes and IU agree with the account sentiment above - it would be pandemonium however... RC delegation pools and "soft accounts" and that scalability issue is at least manageable. We have to start getting organized :)

These are all good questions in theory, but the problem is the people with the influence asking them have absolutely ZERO understanding of what decentralized truly means. They might think they do, but the reality is they have spent their whole lives building (extremely successfully, I might add) with them being the ultimate authority on what's happening and the direction it will go.

While I can appreciate the fact that he's putting it out there to be talked about, I'd love to see him take part in a real interview with people from crypto who understand what decentralized truly means. They are probably the only people with enough technical expertise to actually open his eyes to the true importance of the word.

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Most people don't actually understand decentralization, you are right. I have met a few recently who haven't "got it" but they are trying - better than nothing. Success is easier when you can control most of the factors in play :)

Agreed. That's why HIVE has the chance to be such a monumental success. We went through the fire of centralization and have come out the other side with a true appreciation for what decentralized really is. And better yet, the whales and devs at the top of the food chain understand it's importance even better than the average HIVE user so the development continues with that being a high priority in design.

This truly could be a revolutionary blockchain down the road. We just need to figure out a way to handle all the traffic it could eventually bring in. Throw in HBD as a truly decentralized stablecoin and the sky is literally the limit.

No, a new platform isn't needed - many platforms are needed.


Jesus Christ Elon.

Around and around and around and around and around in circles we go.

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Yes - it is going to end up in the same place - but at least some people might start looking a little further afield than what Musk says :)

I actually do like Elon.

He does seem to have good intentions about doing what is right for humanity and not just towing the corporate line.

But obviously getting his money in the corporate game puts him in a no-win position.

Wouldn't it be something if he latched onto Hive and started building.

A true next level test for our blockchain.

Ah, we can dream...

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He might IFF he actually wants something open souce and whatnot.

I am not so sure he wants all that mess :)

What mess? Open source teams can be organised if they want to be XD

I think Elon can get a crowd moving for sure. I would love for people to start waking up to the fact that we can no longer question the main stream narrative without being routed an extremist and conspiracy theorist.

Why can Hive not handle 2 million account creations in 2 weeks?

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Because, they take resources to create them, so it is unlikely there are enough available. Splinterlands last year was struggling to get enough for new onboards. There are potential ways around this, but it requires thought and work.

Thanks, yeah I never quite understood where the resources come from... but yes it makes sense now. It takes resources for votes and do other things, So why not creating accounts.

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I don't understand the mechanics of Hive but I do appreciate them

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Shitcoin already pops up :D

The marketing material will be interesting!!


Sounds unique and a cool usecase :D

Indeed! To the moon!

I had seen the tweet and wondered why of all people he was the one asking.

Did you also notice his response when he indicated a 💯 for a Doge coin tip jar.?

Apparently, he seem to have an incentivised, decentralized or maybe DOA in mind.

Like you said, people often confuse these things, but the fact the Musk is bringing it up means it's becoming an issue, as we all saw coming.
Thanks for this post.

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Doge is a doge... Long-term, the hype will die and there will be very little left of it.

Very true.
Doge is Doge.. lol

can we all give him a gentle wink towards Hive :P

I think a few have tried - including myself :)

Hopefully he does something more helpful than shilling dogecoin this time around :P

But, it is his favorite position!

Just don't mention the war.

I hope that was a reference to Fawlty Towers.

If musk is truly serious about setting up a new social media platform to rival Twitter and values opensource technology, he should start right and begin with Hive and build a team that can leverage the current tech and add insight and resources into future development also

Alright, you convinced us! We are going to help Elon Musk a little so that he makes the right decision. :)

Project Blank Baby !

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is that still alive? :D

I think it is in the pipeline - but the Leo team a re a little premature with some of their ANNs :)

I keep hearing about it in chat and that it's coming soon™ :)

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The whole point of using a blockchain is to let people in particular, people who don't trust one another share valuable data in a secure, tamperproof way.

Blockchain technology is most simply defined and best suited when decentralized. Assets when decentralized, allows full real-time access and transparency to the public.

Not so sure Musk will consider on-boarding on hive though , I don’t really see him as a decentralization proponent. My opinion though!!

The odds are slim he would even acknowledge Hive but it doesn't hurt to spam him on Twitter lol

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Decentralization isn't just the future, it is now. Musk must have been seeing how things are moving and the great possibilities that abide in the Web 3 space. He tweeted "a platform is needed" , he must have said that with a monopoly mindset. But hey! this is web3, no monopoly holds here, so we don't just need another Twitter on the blockchain, we need as many as possible decentralized social platforms.

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Musk always talk,let him put it in action let see.

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What an interesting post, I like this content!

We already have https://next.d.buzz on Hive. Has anyone tried shilling @d.buzz in the thread. I'm not on Twitter :)

PS: We've also got Twitter alternative in the works from LeoFinance!

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Elon Musk gives impression of someone adept at providing diagnosis (at least in this case), but not so much when it comes to proscribing proper therapy.

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