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RE: Not Another Voyeur

in LeoFinance4 months ago

I find myself skimming some posts or even dropping a vote on something without reading them just because of who the authors are and what I have seen them doing for the community here.

I think this happens a lot and it is something that I am conscious of personally. I want to ensure that if anyone does read, there is some value for the community in he post and comments section, at least most of the time. I will not take support of any kind for granted.

I also find myself skipping through a busy feed filled with people I have connected with over the years, and the ones who rehive a dozen posts at a time.

Exactly. The "too many shares" is an issue. Having said that, I should share more :)

I find it not distracting but social and thoughtful in meaningful conversation.

Meaingful is a good word for it. @manoldonchev used the same word the other day too - which was part of the comment stream that led to this post.

Anyhow, I am wondering whether the strict consumers would like it here as the topics can be deeper.

I don't think so (at the moment). But, does that matter? Most people don't enjoy the ballet or an opera, but some people will support them endlessly with copious amounts of money. We can be niche, and valuable. But the mass content with low value, is only valuable because of scale. if that interest dies away, they collapse very fast.


Yeah, well, niche is what makes it meaningful for us who look for exactly that kind of knowledge. And stuff related.

Thinking of Economics as a field I grew increasingly interested in since joining the blockchain social platform Hive once Steem... Imagine me completing a master's degree in Social Psychology through a curriculum that included nothing about Economics. Because that's how it was. It's a field better left alone, right?

Ah right on you have both been a part of my feed and coveted network for years. The things I have learned about market cycles, adoption cycles and the perspectives from people across the planet in their personal editorials is incalculable. Not bad for joining with the sole objective of making 1000 of this token too.