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RE: Community communication of the code

in LeoFinance2 months ago

This HF is entirely directed at fixing errors that resulted from the HF that created Hive.

Not quite. There is the discussion about the conversion of the mine into HBD which has a large impact on the platform. I am not sure if it is included in this HF, but I thought it was.

I would expect the discussion about the next HF to start early and go on. That one will undoubtedly have changes that DO affect everyday users such as voting and rewards.

Yeah - it is going to be an interesting one for sure. Would love to see a little bit of passion creeping bck into the community - I don't need the drama, but I do like people who care.

I think I'll quit here. I'll save my vitriol and angst for the next fork.



Yep. Sometimes you just have to piss people off to get the passions stirring. A job I am very qualified for :)

Use it for good, not evil.