Opting into Slavery

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I was in another interesting conversation about AI searches and generated content with a colleague today, who uses ChatGPT to develop his skillset. For example, he uses it in combination with a voice-to-text plugin, creating a chat partner for himself as he learns new languages. He speaks several already and is currently learning Spanish. I think that this is a good way to use these kinds of services, rather than have them augment skillsets.


However, he also acknowledged that most people are not going to be using the AIs in the way he is and in the future, there is going to be an increasing gap between the skilled and the skill-poor. Also, he mentioned that one of the skills with using these systems is being able to develop prompts that result in a unique (has to be useful too) result, and then adding personal touches to improve it.

Yet, as I have explained before in various non-AI posts also, personality matters - but where does that personality come from? He is an individual who speaks several languages and has travelled the world, living in different countries, having a multitude of jobs and is considered a proven subject matter expert in his role. When he adds his own touches to the AI output to differentiate it from others, how does it compare to someone who has been raised on a screen using AIs to fill in the skill blanks?

And, the other thing he isn't considering is what many people seem to forget. Sure, put in a decent prompt and get an output that can be used straight or improved, but every prompt and adjustment and that goes in, gets logged and adds to the AI capabilities. Cross-reference this with other behavioral information that is available from all the clicks on other APIs, and that data is not only going to be able to predict what we want, but also how we think. Grouping this information by individual and user group, creates a massive matrix of data points that will identify exactly who we are, how we behave, how we think and our skillset, as well as what is missing.

Yes, there is a fear from many that it will put them out of a job and I hold that fear for humanity itself in terms of future AI capabilities (so be it, we might not deserve to continue as a species anyway), but it is also another highly detailed layer of control paths, similar to what has been happening through the social media APIs to influence us to spend more money and behave in the ways that an interest group wants us to behave.

Once the data scientists and behavioral economists have this thick strip of data to add to our digital Cupie Doll avatars, they have a near complete set and are able to replicate us in ways that we are not yet to realize. This means that people like my intelligent colleague, also becomes irrelevant, because a replication of a large enough data set of similar user, he doesn't stand far enough outside of the norm. He becomes average, even if far better than all the humans around him.

When we went from farming into the industrial revolution, society and culture shifted dramatically and we had to learn a host of new skills, and a massive amount of new jobs were created. And then when the Information Revolution arrived, the same thing happened again and we went from physical work into mental work. Many seem to think that the AI revolution will be the same, but tend to forget, that we don't have another set of skill areas to build - unless we are going to have the "Spiritual Revolution" and monetize our journey to enlightenment.

Which doesn't sound all that enlightened.

The World Economic Forum a couple years ago outlined the job growth areas for the future and unsurprisingly, they are in information processing and data analysis and research. So, there will be new jobs created. In all seriousness though, how many people have the mental capabilities to be in that field and out of the billions of people in work, what percentage can reskill into those types of roles.

When self driving transport is ubiquitous and puts 8 million drivers and associated workers out of jobs in the US alone, how many are able to reskill into IT? And then, these were 8 million local roles that disappeared, but IT roles are generally able to be performed globally, so how many of the available jobs are going to go to people who are reskilled taxi drivers, and how many are going to be filled by people who have been training in the field since they were kids, from somewhere else?

Who would you hire for your data research company?

It is not that there won't be exceptions coming out of the professional driver fields, but on average, we can probably predict that if they were truck drivers or taxi drivers, they weren't necessarily geared toward becoming a coder for mobile applications. And then, when the low-level coding can already be done by AIs with a high degree of efficiency and can then be built upon by experienced coders, will the ex-drivers be able to compete?

So - what do we do?

What do you do?

And your kids?

Are they going to have marketable skills or is the best they can hope for is getting a following on OnlyFans to pay the bills, an area that AI itself is already encroaching upon through deepfakes and 3-D models that more and more people are accepting as "attractive" enough. In ten or twenty years from now?

Approaching Bladerunner.

Dystopia ensues, because in our quest for convenience and efficiency, we have squeezed ourselves out of the marketplace because humans are messy. We are messy as fuck and that messiness creates opportunities for us that we can learn from and also build upon. Because we are ineffective and flawed, there is always a market to develop, but once we are not able to fill that market ourselves, there is no wealth generation, no incentive to create and we become a completely consumer class only.

So, who has many to pay for goods and services?

"You'll Own Nothing and You'll Be Happy"

At least the first part of that is quickly becoming a reality.
Unless we are going to live in a moneyless Star Trek utopia, I think we are shit out of luck on the last part.

Technological slavery.

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As we discussed in your previous post, the next generation has to be more skilled as they will face difficulities more different than that of today. If they will be dependant on technology, technology will have to feed them somehow 🤷‍♂️

And the owners of that technology aren't going to be charitable.

Where will our children be in this world, serving a matrix or being enslaved by one like SKYNET in the terminator, which is what I see being created right now, and once we all enter we will be mapped and there will be nothing we can do, I have Seeing that Google is developing AI since it is seeing that its business is going down the drain if it does not hurry to enter soon it will be outdated that is very sure.

And then it is useless to send children to school to waste time before a technology that is revolutionizing everything.

Greetings my friend

Google will have their fingers in the pie regardless. I suspect that at least for a while, the AI will be leveraging google APIs and then there will be a battle about who owns the data of the data they collect from us.

And then it is useless to send children to school to waste time before a technology that is revolutionizing everything.

It is almost useless now. Most companies won't hire them unless they are brilliant.

there are no poor creatures will have it difficult or maybe not
well good luck to them we are already lucky.

I agree with everything here and short of a massive EMP going off and snuffing out all the tech stuff, we will become irrelevant, we already are and the WEF are rubbing their hands together because the majority are sheep. I saw a shocking statistic a few days ago about how fast chatGPT has grown its user base. Lemmings.


It is very much a race to the bottom (like your gif) and everyone thinks they are smart enough not to slide down the slippery slope - while they are digitally greasing themselves up.

And we call ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet 🤣

I rode 150 km in a taxi today, I missed the train. And paid the taxi driver good money.
Now I read your post and thought - who will I pay the money to when the taxis are unmanned. I will not give some family a few tens of dollars of earnings, I will give this money to the self-driving car concern.

And this is the thing. Who is going to take that payment? Some shareholder on the other side of the world.

I think, you see it in the wrong way. It's already happened in the past, who knows how many times. For example, the industrial revulotion was something similar.

And that had a pandemic side-show (and wars), too. So they obviously don't want to provide slavery-jobs for those who fall out from a disappearing sector.

On the other side, they will create some 'fake' new sector. Another paralel to prison, just give the prisoners something to do, keep them in squirrel wheel.

Like health sector. 10% of USA works in that, the biggest industry + if you count the other connected, dependent sectors, it is somewhere between 15-20%. And definitely not all part of it totally unnecessary, but most of that are, and plenty things cause more damage than advantage. It created to keep people busy. I suppose, they will come up with something similar 'new sector'. Like in 1984 or The Island movie...

By the way, the smartphone insanity was pretty much the same, 95%+ of people don't need, and they use it anyway, not just use, but they are addicted to that like hell.

Funny, you mentioned the data analysis jobs. Several years ago I wanted to go to that direction, it wouldn't be so hard, as i learnt few program languages (anyway, it is nothing special - of course, if you need 'smartphone' to add 2 digits numbers, yes it is... :) and most of the people need it to do that). You can't imagine what insanity was going around me by the system slave groups from all direction to keep me down in the bottom in their slavery circles...

the solution is: disconnect the system, most of the people, much better!

For example, the industrial revulotion was something similar.

Not similar, because we have nowhere left to run in terms of skillset.

I do agree that for a time, there will be some fake sector, but "happy" doesn't factor into the future much. I am putting my money on some kind of dystopia :)

I still think, it was similar, as that was the event what's driven people to live in together in small places, move to cities. I still don't really understand how it happened in reality.

The people lived on the countryside, the industrialization's driven them into the cities, they didn't have any other place to run, and obviously they did not have the necessary 'skillsets', what were not really skillsets, how it is not really skillset nowadays. Anyway, they 'learnt'. Yes, the 'skillsets' are different nowadays, but generally the process, not that much.

I see nowadays the same. They can't kill them all, even if they want, so they create them new 'jobs', yes, their dystopia will make people even more dependant, but it is not the only way. Still 30%+ of people live in the countryside, they simply can't do it everywhere - maybe in the west by all kind of blackmail, force.

So, even if it is harder, the option is given - how it was given in the industrial revolution time. If people do not opt-in, they still can live life, a different one, probably a better one. (And obviously dumb masses compliance is a must for the dystopia, it is a choice, again, most of the time it is there, they just try to sell the illusion of impossible, and make it harder, anyway. Meantime, they simply can't do anything, without mass compliance. Generally, the plandemic, and injection forcing is a perfect example how they do things like this nowadays. And funny, but even with their full effort, they never can force, fool more than 60-70% of people, so it is not that distopian, how it looks like. They also want, that you think like that.)

Anyway, their 'dreams' about the new-Ukraine, after depopulation's done, shows what they want. And even in Ukraine, it won't work...

I just had a thought - if we lose the skills to produce content, because we've let AI produce all our content, then we will also lose the skills to understand that content, rendering it all meaningless to us and we will have no need for the AI generated content. Relying on AI could do much worse than just make us redundant, It could make us downright dumb. Without the joy of producing, of creating, we will perish. So stay away from those things! As you say, we are training AI, fortifying it, when we use it. Although, using it to learn a language, as your friend is doing, is dope.

I agree with you and have written about it before. Look at how streaming content has narrowed consumption range globally for both music and movies/TV. It has also become more average with less variation, less personality. The hype is built on bad behavior of stars, not their skills.

Wait until the AI start to self improve… will it become SkyNet? Will human in the near future have to deal with terminators?

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With the advent of Chat GPT, the value of Google has gone down a lot and people are now flocking to AI . Now recently chat gpt has asked to update their system if they do it right then many users will move to chat gpt. Chat GPT is a very simple AI with the help of which many tasks can be done easily And with the speed these people are updating their system, I think this is the only thing that will come in the market in the coming days.

Do you use it?

Of course I have used it. Its not only for our normal life work. we also use this for coding making , Excel sheets or writing. its also write a whole programming for us.

When I first looked into chat GPT, I assumed it would be a very dangerous tool for students. My reasoning is that most students use this tool to answer assignments and other research tasks for them rather than conducting background research on the work. Only a few will follow up to understand the explanation of the solution. They end up answering the question without knowing any explanation behind the answer which is a very dangerous thing to their skill development because they will be lacking the WHY aspect of the solution

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I've always said being able to ask Google the right questions in the right way is a skill in itself.

unless we are going to have the "Spiritual Revolution" and monetize our journey to enlightenment.

I chuckled when I read that and then gave it some thought and now I think that perhaps you might be right. If we look at things from the examples you listed of an agrarian/farming society to the industrial revolution to the tech/information/internet revolution to now the AI revolution, it doesn't seem so far fetched to think the next phase would be spiritual in nature.

Especially considering how we have gone from manual to mental labor. Why wouldn't the spiritual aspect of ourselves be the next big frontier?

It's tough but I don't think we will be able to stop the AI train. I have seen some game companies think about using AI to generate parts of their game such as NPC dialogue. I do think we will be moving in that direction of people owning nothing and you'll be happy. I wonder if we will fine so long as we continue to own assets.

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AI is upon us so quickly and there are no guardrails that I know of right now. It can be a little unnerving sometimes when I think about it too much.

I like to imagine all the ways I interact with people who are serving me, and consider which of them I'd prefer not be replaced by bots.

They're the jobs that'll last longest.

Massage is the only one that really springs to mind.

Maybe just keeping people company.
Like a Hang out with me and play darts
Or running interference on the surveillance panopticon.
Take my phone, drive my car and use my credit card for a week, while I vanish and have some privacy

Whatever jobs there end up being, they'll go to the creative and industrious, as always.

My plan is to be an asset owner, and fall more in the employer category; but plans aren't outcomes.

That sounds like such a fun way to learn a language XD

and yet another thing I will probably never do but totally should

I don't think I'd mind a little software friend that could cover my skill gaps. Can you please maths this for me? Thanks! Need a winged bipedal humanoid rig please. Thanks! XD

I think it will be the younger part of our generation (or maybe mine as I think we might be different generations based on birth year) and the older part of the next one (the one that my kids are in but that are older) that are or will be feeling the most pain from shifting industries.

If we head into dystopian nightmare territory I reckon we'll make a robot uprising and it will be really horrible and hilarious while it's happening and definitely hilarious afterwards.

The key to the equation is UBI, but the ruling class doesn't want to have that discussion. If labor can be done by machines and increase the profit margin, it should be shared by humanity instead of being hoarded by only a few.