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I haven't had a good chance to dig into it yet, but it seems that LEO is booming, with the current value exceeding that of HIVE token for token. This is pretty exciting and something that I hope people start to recognize as an opportunity on Hive. I accidentally powered up what I was going to use for taking part in the pools, so I am in the process of powering down again...

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I do not know if SMTs are ever going to be released, but LEO is demonstrating exactly why the second layer tokenization should have been prioritized and should be a focus for the near term. The base layer is the level of infrastructure and support for the second layers to be built upon, but there is nothing stopping any one of the second layer tokens exceeding the value of HIVE itself - as they act independently as tokens, even though they leverage the infra below.

What this means is that there can not only be an ecosystem of applications and experiences that are supported, but an ecosystem of economies that are still tied to the "global" foundation to create the "Hive Universe".

Since second layer tokens are owned and essentially centralized, it means that they are able to run with far more precision and far less drama, as the governance is completely controlled by a small group. Or, more decentralized, but in the hands of people who are there for a narrower experience and are therefore more likely to have a tighter preference grouping for direction. Reaching consensus for decision making becomes faster and more agile.

This means that the second layer tokenized experiences run far more like startup businesses than Hive does, where founders start the company and then look to attract investors and users. LEO has managed this successfully by jumping onto the DeFi bandwagon, which in itself should be a huge opportunity for secondary tokens, as they are able to cross chains and potentially tap into new markets of users.

Now, while a secondary token could outperform HIVE price ways token for token or potentially in total market cap, the more that are able to get a purchase on the market availability, the better it is for Hive as a whole and price will eventually follow, as it underpins more and more applications.

The beauty of Hive (if we could get more of our ducks in a row) is that it not only can technically service all of the applications and support the growth of communities, those applications and communities will become highly valuable as separate entities, meaning that there could be an enormous amount of wealth being transacted across the Hive blockchain. The more economic mass Hive conveys, the more value it will have and, the more demand there will be to be part of the supporting function.

Successful Hive projects are good for all HIVE holders, even if they don't use or even know about the projects that are out there. As I have envisaged it before, owning HIVE and especially staking HIVE, is like investing into an index fund where the risk of failure is mitigated across multiple points, which is the main reason to participate in a decentralized environment anyway - to spread risk.

What is brilliant is that not only are we hitching our wagons to many applications, those many applications will be working as independent businesses looking to make their mark on the world - we support their success, they support ours and, we as a community are also very likely to have a position as owners in many of the projects directly. This creates a lattice work of ownership models that are both independent and intimately connected, where they can operate on their own, or leverage the greater community for support.

When it comes to building a strong global community in this day and age, it is vital to have a working economic model that is attractive to participate in. While always imperfect, a decentralized economy will look to improve and strengthen through broader participation, not broader extraction of resources from the many and due to the potential to both be a lone wolf and community member simultaneously, Hive is very attractive.

What I personally like about participation on Hive is the direct engagement I can have with so many aspects of it, where sometimes I am a user, sometimes an investor, sometimes a support for developers. Many might not want the responsibility of all opportunities, but the great thing on Hive is that opting into Hive allows a person to pick and choose exactly how they decide to live their Hive.

I feel that with the way the world is turning, the value of this experience and opportunity is going to be far more than financial return - as it is for many users, such as myself.

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It is booming. I have been hearing good things about the project for a while. Yesterday bought 4000 LEOM which currently pays about 36 Leo/day. They are out of miner from the official source hours after I bought. Now you can only buy them at secondary market.


That is a pretty decent return on the Miners!

Hopefully it keeps on building strong :)


lol.. So many miners out there. It explains why my 767 LEOM and 12LEOMM aren't really cutting it. I wish I had bought more from official.

It’s awesome to see what khal and the team are doing and I wish them well! I think this is such a trail blazing strategy for the ecosystem and having an ERC-20 now opens you up to a whole new world in ETH from exchanges to dApps and investors

It also shows what a cock up never having SMTS was and why It could have been such a winner! Like if we could wrap ETH as an SMT and ETH communities could do their their thing on HIVE but trade in their token that would be nuts

I’m looking forward to ETH pairs on HIVE Engine so we can do the reverse liquidity poop too

I think this is such a trail blazing strategy for the ecosystem

One of the best things is that they seem to actually be running it as independents - not relying on the Hive reward pool - or at least, less and less.

It also shows what a cock up never having SMTS was and why It could have been such a winner!

shortsighted and lacking vision - even though everyone was "pushing" for it.

Well scripted. The earlier everyone on Hive see how to make the most of the second layer, the better. LEO has shown the way and I'm seeing other second layer projects also leap out to the cryptosphere. All these are for the grand good of HIVE.

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It is going to be an interesting next couple years if the projects keep building and evolving themselves :)

Absolutely agree man.

What started with a blogging for money platform for me certainly turned into so much more as I peeled back the layers. I love how it can be used for proper charity (cut out the middle man/expense,) commerce, artist platform, investment, and all the great stuff it does for my digital marketing business in terms of exposure and Search Engine Optimization.

HAving been friends with Khaleel so long, it is also awesome to see Hive as a spring board for the innovators and progressive thinkers.

You never know where the next development will come and I am sure each of us who run our blog like a business, don't even know what our business and portfolio will look like in 2025.

I love how it can be used for proper charity

Just imagine if some charities start to really leverage the capabilities - is there a better way to get support to precisely where it is needed?

You never know where the next development will come and I am sure each of us who run our blog like a business, don't even know what our business and portfolio will look like in 2025.

It is a definitely something I think about often- generally with excitement added with a healthy dose of reality due to the uncertainty - but, something to look forward to after a lot of hard work. :)

Well we certainly need some charity minded Hive second layer experts to guide us methinks!


Hive is the foundation of a whole economic ecosystem of dApps. As more and more of them succeed, we may start seeing DeFi services inside Hive the same way they are pumping in other platforms. It is just a matter of time.

I am hoping we see far more than defi on Hive build - I really hope we become a central hub connected to everything :)

Hopefully with the success of LEO, the investors and developers after Hard Fork 24 start to take a good solid look and think about the SMT/HMT issues. I know there are some that do not think highly of it, but it is a path to secondary layer rewards.

A second solid project showing what the backbone of Hive can help accomplish. (Splinterlands being I think the first).

I think the people who don't think they will work are expecting them to work off the bat, which just isn't likely to happen at all.

Yep, I count this as the second so far and I hope they can keep the momentum going strong and attract eyes on the whole ecosystem in time.


Those pesky ducks just can't seem to stay in line. :)

I hate to admit this, but I have darn near 1000 LEO staked and have never even visited the place. I might be missing out a little, huh?

It's the name you see. Leo finance. What do I know about finance. I'm way more likely to know something about the STEM community...

Early on I took a position that I wanted to add some liquidity, so staked most and sold some. I don't have that much, but enough to play with :) You might want to look at it now though :)

Stay tuned for STEM - I would say that there is room for movement there too.


At $25 Leo, they are worth $25,000. That is couple of long trips for you across the country. Just don't loose your key! ;)

No worries. My Connie has a proximity key.

Ohhhh. You are talking about the LEO key.

I join you in the finance noob division Sir Tom @bigtom13
Years ago when they renamed money as finances I lost the track and nowadays they are talking about fiat, so I don't know what an Italian car has to do with finances 🤣

Ps. Maybe they use the Fiat to cart the sparse finances (nowadays) around lol.

Maybe it's called Fiat because reverse is where 2nd gear ought to be?

Hahaha, yes man.
And then they talk about stake. Now I have seen a few wooden stakes in my time on the farm and I have even been on a stake out at a local drug house, but if one combines all of these new terms, I think a good post can be done lol.

Something like; A guy drove to draw some finances from a machine and mistakenly put his Fiat in reverse. A stake punctured his wheel and he powereddown the motor to investigate the break point.

Ahahahahahaha. I believe you are on to something. He couldn't find his spare and his windows fogged up so he turned on the DeFi. All in all he felt fortunate to have not hit the tipping point while trying to drive home on 3 wheels.

Hahaha, a great answer and you see what I meant about a post that others can add to with @crypto language?

yeah leo is bloming and leo coomunty make lots of good content
I also staked around 35 leo token

Hopefully it pays off for you :)

You make several good points about second layer coins. Now It wish I was a Whale for one of the hive coins and I could create a trading pair for it. Hmmm any PAL whales out there? That strikes me as a potential candidate or SCT for wrapping and use on Uniswap.

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