Fitting the floor of crypto

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There are wooden floors in this house and because we removed walls to open up the attics that had previously been cold, we had to replace the wood in the attic and add wood where the walls had been. Not too hard except there was just one problem, Age ain't nothing but a number, but that number might no longer be available to buy. The width of the flooring used originally is no longer made, which means fitting two different gauge beams together and this was my solution.


The grey floor will be sanded back and everything will be painted white, which will mean that the crossbeam won't be that noticeable, but I think it looks pretty sweet and adds a nice little architectural detail to the flooring. Most won't notice this, but I will. the other rooms don't require this solution, as the beams were running the same way in one and we had to replace the entire floor in the other, so it is all new.

I have enjoyed the little pieces of problem solving as we have gone through the renovation and I think that some of the tradespeople have enjoyed it too, as they have had to think a little outside the box and they are "owning" their work and feel pride in some of the solutions. One was the beam that holds up the roof in three rooms, where normally they would have put in support columns, ours now has none, even though it spans six meters in one room.

We had told our main renovation guy we wanted it as wide as possible and one night he called quite late saying, "I have been thinking about this for two days now and I have a pretty cool solution" - as a result - he has vowed to only do it this way in the future - considering he is in his sixties and semi-retired, that might not be too many times, but since he has literally worked on hundreds of homes like this over his career, it goes to show that old dogs can no only change their ways, but enjoy the process immensely.

I think this speaks of curiosity and how valuable it is for personal satisfaction - it also indicates the importance of being able to generate curiosity in others, to challenge them to think outside of their comfort zones a little. Not everyone is willing of course, but small things like this have added a little quality of life satisfaction to both us and our renovation guys. It does feel more like we are collaborating on a project in some way, not just having a customer and supplier relationship.

I think that this is important and I was thinking about how Hive is much the same in many diverse ways, as while we are all participating at various levels, we tend to intertwine our thoughts and tie ourselves somewhat to the outcomes of others. I like that quite a few of my relationships with Hive users are personal as well as they type that has a common goal, whether it be to build a place that is valuable for all, or to get some personal benefit out of the energy and work put in.

While we often focus on price, the value of building a place where people from all over the world can get curious and problem solve for economic and social improvement, shouldn't be discounted. I think that this is what is going to drive the second layer solutions the most, in quite a unique way, as not only will the applications generally be made up of decentralized teams, they will also start earning and paying using the tokens themselves. This is a huge part of the economic use case and will prove vital in the mainstreaming of blockchain.

Currently, most people are trying to earn from it and there isn't a huge amount of ways to actually utilize the tokens as is, it is more earn, convert to fiat and spend in the traditional economy. But, once the businesses start building and paying their staff in tokens, this creates a different kind of flow as it will create a space to introduce more goods and services to cater to earners of crypto, not just buyers of crypto.

A lot of people in crypto now have bought their position, not earned it, buying tokens at what they think is low, in the hope it will climb, converting it back into fiat and spending it. Hive is one of the blockchains at the forefront of people getting into crypto without buying into crypto, earning it through social activity. What this means is that unlike the tokens that go on sale, Hive is actually generating value, not just raising it by attracting fiat investment. Don't get me wrong, fiat investment is vital as it starts to undermine the traditional economy, but it is also vital to have social and economic networks that lay outside of that traditional economy, as that will encourage more businesses to be built outside too.

Businesses are designed to be profit seeking and that requires being able to find, serve and access the wealth of others. Once there is significant enough wealth that is laying in crypto pools, businesses will chase it. While currently this is quite risky to build a business around due to the small amount of users and small market capacity, as more crypto applications start generating their own wealth and paying in crypto, it begins to become more appealing for business to take part.

We saw this in the last bullrun of Bitcoin to some degree, but the market capacity of a pump is not enough, it requires a more stable floor. That floor comes through more participation which in turn encourages more crypto businesses. More businesses means more people getting paid in crypto and more gateways into crypto for average people - who start to earn and use the infrastructure and applications much more broadly, which keeps ramping up the usage. Once there is a critical mass of activity between supply and demand, a relatively stable floor forms, which brings a little security to new businesses entering, meaning it seems a little less risky.

At the moment, like my wooden floor, we are trying to fit pieces that seemingly don't match too well between the old and the new, web 2.0 and web 3.0, faltering traditional economy and the new decentralized economies that will pervade our future - it isn't easy to match up the pieces, but that is where we come in - Hive is like the crossbeam between the differently sized pieces, a bridge that connects the old and the new, a place where people will be able to walk across the divide, barely noticing the transition, if they notice at all.

Eventually, all of this technology becomes ubiquitous to the point it is uninteresting - except for those who are curious enough to find the gaps and shape a new piece that fits. While we are making a solid floor, the ceiling height it can support is still very much an unknown. I am looking forward to finding out.

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You tied that all together beautifully.

Thanks. I didn't know where it would end when I began and I want even sure what kind of post it was going to be. Probably what keeps me from writing a book.

If you would write a book... It would be about what?

A love story.


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Very good analogy. As in real life, the solutions are presented as the problems arise. As the cryptographic world is relatively new, we do not have the experience of foreseeing changes on a large scale, perhaps anticipating some variables. However, as in the case of the floor, I trust that the experts will be able not only to generate changes to solve the problems, but that those changes will be positive and not too traumatic or costly for everyone. Nice Saturday, @tarazkp

The age if crypto is an issue as people jeep comparing it to the past, but I think there is a fundamental difference in scalability with it.

Funny thing is there aren't many experts out there as a result, which gives us a huge opportunity to fill that space.


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I do see Hive as having a lot of Localized growth. When big Box stores moved into many neighborhoods of Middle America, (sams club, walmart, home depot, etc), a lot of the local niche businesses pretty much had to close up shop. Now there is a desire for those specialty shops to come back, people are recognizing what made their hometown unique before the big stores. Right now Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, seem to be in the role of big box store, choice from them, like variety in any big box store is becoming more limited as they bring in their brand name items.

It was not that long ago that web home pages existed, now not so many, there was healthy compaction for people. ICQ, AngeleFire, Geocities, pow-wow, and a host of others I can no longer remember. Hive is not bringing us back to those days, it is however opening up potential and possible challenges to the big box boys club.

Right now Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, seem to be in the role of big box store, choice from them, like variety in any big box store is becoming more limited as they bring in their brand name items.

I am glad you are paying attention. Netflix and HBO are good at this - as they push their own content very hard, and people consume it. Slowly, they will own it all too.

Webpages have become largely useless for most businesses even - as they use the social platforms instead. I like that we are starting to return to more "mom and pop" stores :)


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Shadow lines. A lesson I learned cleaning floors. Find the shadow lines to make your seams. Most times you can't do more than one room at a time so you need shadow lines to hide where two come together. Is there a shadow line for crypto and fiat? Is that what we are building?

I think maybe in the near to mid term it is. An interface between two distinct rooms that aren't really a divided floor.

What do you mean by the shadow lines?

I think maybe in the near to mid term it is. An interface between two distinct rooms that aren't really a divided floor.

People see the technological split, but the core is identical - we all have needs, supply and demand, society progresses.


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Any building is only as good as the foundation that it stands on and so it stands to reason that the deeper one digs the foundation excavations, the bigger and stronger the foundations will become.
Hive was once none existent, but many here did the digging at that other site. So the contractor at the other site was fired and the communities decided to do the work themselves, armed with the experiences that they gathered to complete the foundations.
Yes, the site has undergone a name change and now the actual building on the foundation has started.
Let's hope that Hive will be listed as the tallest building in the world.

It is an interesting way to put it - the contractor got fired. :)

While there are many obstacles ahead, I do hope there would be more collaboration to grow and diversify. I was really disappointed in the LEO hack. I didn't lose anything, but it is another "short-sell" where some assholes immediate benefit likely cost thousands of people building a huge amount more value together in the future.

Wow! Now if you had gone in there investing big time and lost everything, can you imagine how those that did must feel? That Leo hack was terrible news and much damage was caused methinks.
Do they know who did it and is there no chance of recoveries?
Or are they now closing the door after the horse has bolted?


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I think the crossbeam looks cool XP

Is that a type of floor that needs to be painted or would polishing work? You're pretty game having white floors with child and dog XD

After we sand it all back, we could polish it, but we wil paint it white. It is surprisingly hard-wearing paint, but it requires a fresh coat every ten years or so.

The dog is old, Smallsteps will eventually move out ;D


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