Fill gaps now to skill gaps later

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I have spent the last few weeks casually priming a colleague for their future career, one they have never considered, probably because it hasn't really been created yet. There is a skills gap arriving and it is one that is going to be lucrative for those who can fill the roles - and that is in the continued digitalization of work, especially in relation to blockchain. There is more than coding involved, there is also data analysis and bridging the gap between the technical aspects and the enduser experience.

With the rise of every new industry, new jobs are created and while the technology sector is less labor intensive than for example manufacturing, new advancements and changing processes requires new skills, new approaches, new people - as while some might have the technical understanding, not everyone is able to carry the mindset to enable the transfer from old to new.

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I am prepping my colleague, as he has become interested in the investing side of crypto, but I am trying to get him to expand his understanding and digging deeper. While everyone has heard of Bitcoin and many of Ethereum, most see it purely as something to do with currency and investing, with the majority having very little visibility into the other aspects, such as how a social media platform can be built atop a blockchain to create value.

The company I work for is actually what I will call "blockchain adjacent" even though most people in the company would have no understanding of what I mean, as they have no understanding of how a blockchain works. Yet, they are developing a long a similar pathway and essentially building blockchains for corporate customers, without knowing it.

The similarity and potential future of the company is the core reason I joined two years ago and with the current and likely continued push by corporations into Bitcoin, will drive the need to close the gap quite rapidly, as many of our clients are going to be the kinds of companies that are not only going to make the move, but manage many of the services of those who are already making that move, as professional service providers.

What this means, is that like it or not, blockchain technology is going to touch companies in ways that they haven't thought of yet and they will be increasingly forced to navigate the industry through the drive of their customers. For many, they are going to be well and truly behind the eight ball, trapped and chasing to develop products and services for their clientele, meaning that they will need to ramp up fast, requiring knowledgeable people.

At some point, some of the largest companies and potentially governments are likely to support the shift, by demanding internal processes be immutably blockchained, either for supply chain management and auditing, or tax auditing. This spurns a host of jobs to build private blockchains or copy and alter existing, as well as the data management for collection and processing. these blockchains don't need to be public or decentralized, but they do need to be developed and maintained, and there aren't that many currently out there with the experience.

I suspect that it won't be too long until there are businesses developing blockchains exclusively for corporate use, using a range between turnkey to fully tailored solutions to meet the needs of businesses big and small. And yes, small will have to get on board too, if they want to do business wit the large.

For example, something similar happened about twenty years ago in Australia, where a large mining company told its suppliers that they have to be able to do certain tasks online, otherwise they cannot be considered as a supplier. It didn't matter if the supplier was large or small, all complied, as supplying the mining industry during a boom is highly lucrative. This created a lot of IT spinoff work as it required a lot of work.

I see the same thing happening in regard to blockchain, but I also see that once this work starts, the potential of tokenization starts to get more attention, where companies will be able to use it for both internal and external processes. For an internal example, tokenization would allow for the precise tracking of all kinds of KPIs to be established, where points are awarded certain activities automatically. Externally, companies could offer loyalty points and scoring metrics in an endless array of configurations.

For instance, with Tesla's push into Bitcoin and all the data their cars create and collect, they would be able to issue a token based on user activity, rewarding some behaviors more than others through a process of mining tokens while driving. Reduce average energy expenditure, gain more tokens and perhaps if you earn enough, you can get a free charge or there is a discount or an upgrade available on the next Tesla bought, or like a game, it unlocks some special ability for the car.

The world of data collection isn't going away, it is going to increase, whether we like it or not. However, because of increased access to data streams, there will be and expanding innovation of use cases and applications being developed. Some will replace what we know today, some will be all new, as digital real estate opens up with tools never before seen or used.

In my opinion, many people in crypto are selling themselves short by only focusing on the potential earnings on the financial aspects of blockchain and crypto, without seeing how they can skill or reskill to be able to take advantage of the future gaps in the employment marketplace. While many get into crypto so they can earn and not have to work, the real value is going to be created on the blockchains once the businesses start to be built upon them, as this will increasingly capture and transfer wealth from the legacy systems onto the new economic tools available.

Having understanding and skills, whether as a coder or someone who is able to help work out the best way to tokenize a community of employees, is going to be valuable, especially since most people do not understand incentivization through tokenization at all.

Like always, the potential is enormous for early adopters, but the greater value comes from being able to leverage what is learned and be part of taking it mainstream and integrating it into daily lives. This will require a massive amount of work and create opportunity for many. In my view, it is part of the decentralization of ownership and distribution of wealth models, and it will include those who invested themselves into owning more than a token, but also usable knowledge that can be applied to bring value to others.

I think that my colleague as a lot of potential to be an early mover into several of the new careers that will be created - which one he chooses or whether he will have the opportunity at all, will depend a lot on what he is willing to learn now. This is the same for millions out there who have adopted the tech early - yet many likely spend their day looking at charts, doing nothing to improve their skills.

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Food for thought here methinks.
We are starting with the free coding training project for disadvantaged children soon and there will be sure to be some top performers that has a natural technical ability.
So I think that the next step up for them is that I should start seaching for blockchain beginners courses.
Not only can it empower them personally, but also their communities.
Just an idea.

When I was talking to my colleague today (not a coder - but can do a bit) he was saying that what he has looked at that is "official" is more coder orientated, but I think there is stuff online that can help people understand. I suggest asking some of the devs where a kid would start if their goal was to work on blockchains eventually.

@gtg or @pharesim might be able to drop a line as to what would be a decent language to begin with perhaps

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These power shut downs are killing us my friend.

We are starting the kids in a great coding program and it's the next step that I want to look at.
Once that they understand Java, python etcetera, they need to do something with it and there is nothing better than the blockchain.

Thank you for the contacts and I will approach them for some advice.

You mentioned this when you were mulling over the job offer saying you saw this happening. You are the ideal person to do this role as you don't think normally (in a good way). As a trainer you have a mind that sees the possibilities so they should be very fortunate to have you as you yourself should be sought after as a rare commodity. There are not many people like you out there who understand all of this.

who knows maybe head hunters will start looking around places like hive over the coming years as it will be a specialized field. I will volunteer and be your assistant.

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You mentioned this when you were mulling over the job offer saying you saw this happening.

And it is blockchained :)
Surprising to me, I am pretty consistent.

I am hoping that when they eventually put a team together to explore this, I will be able to influence the direction a little and perhaps have a few plants in the team myself :)

who knows maybe head hunters will start looking around places like hive over the coming years as it will be a specialized field.

This wouldn't surprise me, as there is going to be a shortage of skills pretty soon.

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I have been saying for quite some time that even if cryptocurrency doesn't take hold (I think that is a moot point now) blockchain is here to stay. It has so many uses on so many levels that businesses are really starting to see and take advantage of the benefits. Add to that now the more mass adoption of crypto and I think the only thing that could stop this is technology that improves on it and makes it obsolete.

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I think that along supply chains, blockchain will be invaluable for optimization - but the double edged sword is that they will attract the interest of authorities. I wonder what the world would look like if companies had their full tax taken out before they got paid, like their employees do.

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Pretty much anything that requires a transparent immutable ledger is going to benefit. Shipping, inventory, even expenses and deposits.

like a game, it unlocks some special ability for the car.

Congratuations. You've unlocked AR windscreen Pacman.

Heads up display, AR games on the streets :D

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If the car's driving itself...

Having played racing games before I'm a bit nervous about the idea of unlocking special abilities for a car but the idea sounds really cool XD

I know a few people who (if they haven't changed their minds in the interim) would be pretty annoyed if your blockchain predictions came true.

It could be access to a sensor or just reduced charging costs/ rebates of some kind too. But it would be nice if you could earn discounts on future cars based on behavior.

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Seeing as they'll have all that behaviour data what would be a more useful unlock would be better insurance premiums if you're a good/safe driver XD

Yeah for sure. I also think that this data will be used by the insurance companies to increase profits too :D

Of course it will XD

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Tesla did a great move and many will follow. It is useful to think longterm and think of crypto/blockchain tech as something more than money.

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