Custom interfaces for custom content?

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Out of curiosity...

Caveat: I am not a coder.

There is a Twitter campaign being driven by @theycallmedan trying to take advantage of the technical shortcomings of Gab and Parler. Now, both of these platforms are geared toward one extreme of the public discourse and as such, have a polarizing userbase. While not everyone would want this kind of position to dominate on Hive, I also think that if we are going to defend freedom of speech, we have to defend everyone's freedom of speech.

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Having said that, there is what I see as an opportunity embedded in an opportunity to further enhance the user experience of all on Hive. One of the problems with the Hive experience is that because everything is stored on the same blockchain, we see a lot of what we don't want to see. However, as far as I know, this doesn't have to be the case, as content of transactions could be hidden through Custom JSONs in the same way that Splinterlands does it.

This would mean that an entire interface could be built that broadcasts its contents in custom JSONs so that it only appears in full form in its own interface, allowing for all other interfaces the opportunity to hide or show it, if they choose. This would mean that an independent interface could be built that interacts with the Hive blockchain for its immutability as it could be possible to recall these transactions later, even if the original interface stops serving it.

This would also allow for a far more granular separation of content, where for example, an interface could create custom communities within its borders, so that they are communities on Hive, but they only appear where an interface calls on them. This means that users can populate an interface with tailored content niches that do not encroach on other interfaces. This would allow for customized interfaces that still allow for enduser control over how they experience it.

Plus of course, future (or current using Hive-Engine) secondary tokenization can happen that allows for a community to be on Hive but build itself with a far greater degree of independence, where if they can generate value, that value can be used to maintain the platform as well as be distributed throughout the community in a similar model to Hive.

If this setup was built into a white label template that could be customized and reskinned, it would allow for very fast setup and implementation of any number of communities to be built on the second layer of Hive. This means that every time there is the opportunity presented to onboard a web 2.0 community, we are ready. Doing this allows for more sensitive content buckets to be built, bringing in more privacy and market segmentation, whilst still maintaining the core benefits of creating on the Hive blockchain.

While nothing will stop the same people from posting on the main feeds, through the usage of stake, it will be organized over time based on incentive and support, where people will generally spend their time where their time is appreciated and valued. In time, this will start to sift content creation and experience increasingly onto the second layer of the Hive blockchain as has been proposed by various groups, but in an organic way through the development of strong communities, rather than a hard shift into a contentious change.

As said, I am not a coder and I do not know all of the pros and cons of doing this, but if we are focusing on developing the second layer of Hive, we also have to build the tools to enable them to form, build and be maintained. We are a highly diverse blockchain already and there is value in building the profile to be more inclusive, but still sensitive to the user experience of individuals and expectations.

While there will always be opinions of others we don't agree with, we have to remember that not everyone is going to agree with us either. The only way for us to really be able to change the opinions of others, is open up to the risk of change ourselves.

Any thoughts on any of this?

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hidden through Custom JSONs

That's how my website works. I'm also planning of open-sourcing it in the future.

Is this running on Hive already?

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It's been using #HIVE since day 1. I just never publicized it. It's sort of like an Easter egg for Hivers to find. But, now that #ThePurge has begun I've been more vocal about it.

please contact me on discord. we need to talk about your project and security.
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Thank you!!!

Good to hear and it is nice to have you developing on Hive once again.

Excellent 😁

My thoughts on this are there is something to be said for relative ambiguity. Right now we are pretty free to do what we want. If we started getting some of the extreme views in here it is also going to bring more eyes and in the end more regulation or regulators trying to shut us down. That is something I definitely don't want. Separate interfaces would be awesome. I personally don't want to see any of that Alt one way or the other stuff.

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Let them bring us down them, if they can. I don’t walk on eggshells for the legacy system we can either stand on our own two feet or not. We have had whistleblowers on Hive. Front ends are free to do what they want. But so are the users. It comes down to personal responsibility. If you don’t want any controversial content in your front end or community, don’t show it, it’s that simple. Hive isn’t one website. It’s a protcol like the internet. You don’t ban people from the internet.

Hive isn’t one website. It’s a protcol like the internet.

Due to the way most people interact with Hive, they don't fully recognize this yet. It will become more apparent soon I hope.

With every challenge, there is the possibility to meet and overcome it.

Trust me, I understand what you are saying. I see someone mentioned it though, most people don't understand that (especially politicians), so when/if they start coming against "us", it is going to be Hive as a whole. I don't typically post controversial stuff, so it doesn't impact me too much. I know you have first hand experience in this realm however :). Aren't there some countries that ban people from the Internet? I wasn't saying I am against it, I was just saying that becoming a haven for free speech won't be without its headaches.

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If they come after us I welcome it. If we can't withstand the attacks of politicians then we have no place on web 3. I will rather be pushed to the breaking point and we either make it or not, then try to play to the whims of regulators. That isn't what Hive is about.

Btw, any politician that attacks Hive would send us viral overnight. Parler is so famous because they are being attacked. The difference is, when Hive is attacked, it won't go down. So it would be the single best advertisement in the history of Hive.

Parler cannot find a new host but do they really need it? They can start Hive-engine tribe on If someone told them...

Good points. The fact that you have significantly more to lose than I do if Hive were to somehow be banned or regulated and you still have the opinion you do is very insightful.

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At the very least, there will be a choice, and additional attention to HIVE, which is never enough.

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I think there is a difference between good attention and bad attention though.

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Bad attention is not always categorically bad. In all the bad, the leash is a part (dominant) part of the bad.

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Yep. the eyes on is a sword that cuts both ways and it doesn't really matter which gateway it comes through, once there is attention, there will also be negative attention.

I don't want to consume any of that stuff either and I do not go near it since I am not on other platforms at all, but, if positive attention comes to Hive on its capabilities, then all kinds of groups are going to leverage it anyway. Because of this, it is wise to build the required tools before they are needed.

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Yes, I agree. Building the framework would be smart!

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Great idea. You don't have to be a programmer to submit ideas, I'll go read how people reacted to this idea.

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Been pretty quiet around here today. Guess people are buying the dip.

Perhaps everyone is getting on with their work together after a long weekend and can't find time to read.

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Do any people work here? :D

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Should work fine, it's possible to make interfaces to include or exclude whatever you like (as far as I can tell the interfaces that do it are mostly tag-based, I assume for no other reason that logic that it should be possible to do it based on communities too XD). and peakd are deliberately catchalls to show everything otherwise we'd have to be blockchain diving which is only fun for a very specific subset of people XD

Yes. This is possible now, the difference the JSONs would use is to allow for more granularity in the filtering. The catchall has limited usecase and doesn't scale. Plus, it doesn't allow for various things like paywalls. In the next HF (I think) they are talking about including subscriptions - pair that with the ability to show/hide content and it is possible to create monetized subscriber communities or even things like serve learning courses to users on a payment service.

I agree that having a polarized aggressive bunch here would be detrimental, not to mention the flag wars which could erupt.

I think utilizing communities can help hide stuff your not interested in and having the community moderator mute bad actors doesn’t censor their content, it just makes it invisible in the community feed.

Always a thoughtful post from you.

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No large social community is without its segmentation, otherwise it just gets far too messy, let alone confrontational. The beauty of Hive is that anyone can make a community for themselves and with a few more tools, could help it thrive, without having to worry about others in the network.

As I described in my post I would have actually an idea for a politics themed Frontend and Token.

My goal is to accumulate a bunch of political extremists and have them lead faction-wars against each other, just so that after some Bloodshed, they realize that the real enemy is the center and the thing we call democracy :3

Not sure why you would want to hide the posts from Hive...

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A game would be good for the battle too. Po-L-a-R-ized.

It isn't just about politics though, is it? The capabilities to hide and show content is needed for all kinds of use cases.

I dont really know why you would hide posts unless they are nsfw

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For example, a children-centric interface would need granular control. Also, it will soon be possible to subscribe to account content, which means paywalling. There is no point in building a paywall if it is all available for free.

oh yeah sure. For those Use-Cases it makes sense, but I wouldn't want to censor my dear politics ;)

Greetings tarazkp I find very refreshing this content, it is true that although we are a community that has been fun, we can do even more using the privacy of that layer 2.0 of which you speak, it would be interesting to know the point of view of a programmer and tell us all the other benefits that this can bring us, I remember that I stopped using Steemit because it lost that special perception that had from the beginning where the developers neglected the product, perhaps because they knew they were going to sell to the highest bidder.

But fortunately I have returned to write in Hive and with the support of the community on different topics that I touch, I have again perceived that good vibe that represents the decentralized blog communities like this and therefore motivates us to make this a truly sustainable activity especially for those of us who like to write and read about cutting-edge issues.

Arriba por mejoras en Hive


And this is how censorship begins ...

Who decides what should be allowed on HIVE - you ?

So let's find a brilliant coder who can create a DAPP that IMMEDIATELY removes all posts @tarazkp disagrees with, so no-one else gets a chance to see it before making up their own mind on how they should react to it.

If you don't like

  • porn/gore/news/country music/etc/etc ... don't watch it!
  • a person on HIVE, don't follow!
  • a post, down vote it!
  • if you use peakD, you can hide all posts from a person in that community!
  • this platform, LEAVE!

This is the true freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

What you are proposing here is extremely selfish

Quote "The only way for us to really be able to change the opinions of others, is open up to the risk of change ourselves."

My opinion will forever be mine to change!

lol. You obviously do not understand what this post proposes.

I am throwing your words right back you ... another bad statement of yours!

"these platforms are geared toward one extreme of the public discourse and as such, have a polarizing userbase."

Just to be clear, I joined GAB and MINDS long before I got involved with STEEM. HIVE wasn't a thing, Trump was not a thing! So what is this polarizing thing you are talking about ?

BTW, I like this post, I enjoy engaging on interesting points of view.

"bad" statement. lols.

So what is this polarizing thing you are talking about ?

Perhaps you should have a look at what polarization means in terms of public discourse.

I enjoy engaging on interesting points of view.

You aren't engaging with the post. I am still interested to hear how this amounts to censorship.

Your proposal is basically a branch of censorship shy of its smaller dick than the legacy socmed suppressors.

Seems we have another person who doesn't understand Hive as a protocol.